Seeking a Pediatrician Who Accepts Healthy Families Insurance

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Pediatrician in Oakland who accepts Healthy Families

Sept 2012

It's been awhile since someone asked for recommendations for pediatricians who accept Healthy Families. Right now my infant has Kaiser and none of the Oakland Kaiser peds who come highly recommended on BPN are currently accepting new patients. I chose one who is and didn't really like her. So, does anyone have a recommendation for a good pediatrician in Oakland (either Kaiser or not)? I'd be particularly happy to find someone to advise me about sleep issues. thanks!

I love my pediatrician, Dr. Janet Perlman at Bayside Pediatrics . They accept MediCal so I'm assuming that includes Healthy Families. She helped me with sleep issues with my 5 month old as well. L

We are very happy with Kiwi Pediatrics . My son has been going there since infancy, and we have actually turned down Kaiser insurance for him so we can continue there! All the docs are good and the nurses are very helpful too. We go to their location that is on Alcatraz, not sure if it's south Berkeley of north Oakland. Like Kiwis

I like the doctors at Bayside Medical in Berkeley. Janet Perlman accepts Healthy Families; you could call their offices to find out what other pediatricians there also accept Healthy Families. There is also an office in Oakland, though I am not sure if the same doctors practice out of that office. My son has been seen by several doctors at the Berkeley Office and I have been happy with all of their care. anon

2007 & Earlier

Need to switch to Healthy Families; can you recommend a doctor?

May 2003

Hi, I am in need of switching my high cost insurance as I'm having another baby and my husband is also going to provide insurance for his other 2 children...this makes insuring 4 children very very expensive but....I love my pediatrician at East BAy PEdiatrics and will need to switch if I utilize the Healthy Families program...can someone reccomend an office in Oakland/Berkeley area that accepts this program? Other feedbac/expereince welcome too...thanks, Angela

My daughter is with Healthy Families, on their Blue Cross HMO ( I think) program - she's goes to Berkeley Pediatrics on Walnut - as far as I understand it's often not that docs do or do not take Healthy Families at all - it is that there are certain insurers who have contracted with Healthy families and the docs then contract to take those specific plans- so my daughter could not choose HealthNet within the Healthy Families program and be covered at Berkeley Pediatrics, but if we went with Blue Cross she was fine. - The best thing is to ask in detail at your docs' office and find out specifically which Healthy Family plans (if any) they accept - good luck! Gabriela

Bayside Pediatrics (offices in Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Pinole, Alameda, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton) accepts all insurance including Healthy families. anon

Recommendations received:

Philip Rush Pleasant Hill

Pediatrician for Student Family with Healthy Families


We're attempting to survive on a GSI-ship with two kids; our CaliforniaCare insurance just increased to $468/mo. for me and the two kids (husband is covered through SHIP). This and the rent in UC Village just about equals the monthly GSI-ship.

Up until now, we've bit the bullet and paid for the insurance because of the absolute faith I have in the kids' pediatrician, Richard Oken of East Bay Pediatrics. I HATE to think of changing, but we'll be faced with taking out yet another student loan just to cover about $5,000 worth of insurance for the next 10 months.

I've checked the web page, and there are wonderful recommendations for many of the pediatricians participating in the Healthy Families program -- but many of them are over 2 years old. Does anyone have any experience with the Healthy Families program in general, or comments (positive or negative) about the following MDs? Bean, Enz, Granberg, Kittams and Winokur?

This is a wrenching decision -- thanks for any input you can give.

Replies: see the following recommendations

We were in the same situation as you: living on one GSI and paying for SHIP for 2 kids, not wanting to give up our current pediatrician. When I applied for Healthy Families we were given No-cost Medi-Cal instead. Our pediatrician accepts Medi-Cal for continuing patients (I think they all do) and we now pay nothing. Are you sure you don't qualify for Medi-Cal? If your income is less than around $1940/month for a family of 4 and your children are under 6 yrs old, you do. I don't know about other situations. It takes a couple of months to get into the system and you need to mail in proof of income every 3 months, but I believe it's worth the trouble.