Praj Kamat, DDS & Ruhi Sangha, DDS have taken over the practice from Dr Fred Pockrass.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2011

Re: Anyone have a great dentist?
I love my dentist: Fred Pockrass DDS on Ashby Ave in Berkeley. You can learn more about him at His office staff is super friendly as is he; he does most excellent work. Rosie

June 2011

Re: Dental misery
Your post made me think of The Transcendentist. I went to a bunch of dentists..comparing & contrasting. You would like Dr. Fred I think. I don't have insurance and it cost about the same there as everywhere else. He has great amenities for getting your teeth cleaned. There are colored safety classes, ear phones with chanty music you can breath with, a pretty video on the ceiling, someone massaging your feet, pretty office furnishings, a hot towel that smells like heaven at the end...blooming flowers..he's gentle.

If you want hard fast & ugly, no frills, straight talk, fast oh I already said that and really clean teeth, I love Robin Whitley. She would never hurt you but she gets in there with her elbow on your forhead & gets it done right. Those 2 are my favorites.

Oct 2010

Re: Conscious AND good dentist?
Check out Dr. Fred Pockrass at Trancendentist in Berkeley (near Ashby/Claremont). It's not the cheapest, but it's wonderful. It's one of the few certified green dental practices. Very conscientious, careful, considerate, skilled, just what you're looking for. They also give foot massages while they clean your teeth. Seriously! Sara

I go to Dr Fred Pockrass at the He's a wonderful dentist, very kind, very gentle, and does great work. He very much understands and appreciates the body-mind connection. Please visit his website to find out more about him. Rosie

It sounds like the ''Transcendentist'' would be perfect for you. Dr. Fred Pockrass is a great dentist, and he and his staff are highly sensitive to consciousness, awareness, energy, etc. Near the Claremont Hotel. Ann in Berkeley

Jan 2010

Re: Dentist with Gentle Hygientists (Oakland)
I have found the hygienists at Transcendentist to all be very gentle while being thorough with the cleaning. Check out the website: I can highly recommend the hygienists as well as Dr Fred Pockrass. Rosie

Jan 2010

Re: Gentle dentist for fearful adult
Going to the dentist is my very least favorite thing to do. Having the most gentle dentist is therefore key for me. I found Dr Fred Pockrass at to be the best there is. Not just gentle, but excellent workmanship as well. Rosie

Sept 2008

Re: Fabulous Dentist
Fabulous Dentist Found in Berkeley! is the website! My new dentist is what I would consider fabulous and outstanding, someone who's whole office shines with the intention and effort, and who is deliberate, talented, warm and focused on building ongoing relationships with his patients. The best thing I can say about Dr. Fred is that we heard of him by a friend's recommendation, who had heard of him through their friend, who heard of them through a coworker, etc. I really love their newest hygienist as well. Its a dental spa, and you'll see what I mean after your first long appointment when you've had a wonderful foot massage while resting under a soft blanket listening to a soothing CD on noise-canceling headphones. Tell them you found them on BPN, they love hearing about their next referrals! As a bonus, they are green certified but also completely up-to-date on the latest dental technology. Alexis

August 2008

Re: Dentist involved in community or social change organizations?
Dr Fred Pockgrass is the dentist ypu are looking for... Dr. Fred Pockrass, DDS 3030 Ashby Ave., Suite 101 Berkeley, CA 94705 510.841.3040 He is socially and environmentally'll also get an amazing foot massage while getting your teeth cleaned. I actually look forward to going to the dentist! Kim

August 2006

Re: Holistic dentist who is also skilled
I am really hesitating about steering you away from Dr. Fred Pockrass for removing mercury fillings. He is truly nice and his office staff is great. Everything you could complain about is not there. OK, the BUT: he really doesn't know what he is doing. I mean, he does it with style and I can not say enough about that great style. They provide a hot herb towel afterward that smells like HEAVEN. They provide a massage therapist during the drilling. They have gorgeous orchids at the peak of bloom goes on & on....lovely distractions. I adored the various dental hygenists there....but Dr. Pockrass doesn't know if you need a root canal or not. He re-does his own work without blinking. He, well, no one in the practice can operate an Xray machine. There is an awfull lot of ''how would you like to handle this?'' I loved his style and his luxurious approach to dental office decor and ammenities.

Here is how shallow I am; I went there for 2 years and had 4 mercury filled teeth replaced. I developed gum boils and suffered a lot before I finaly self referred myself to a gum specialist and discovered this: the work he did was good, but the diagnosis was incorrect accross the board. I got a referal from the gum specialist & you know? A squarezenheimer dental office fixed things that had been driving me crazy for 2 years. This in 2 short visits and a fraction of the cost.

I was so smitten with the style and prettiness of the Transcendental tm office, that I paid a fortune and suffered A LOT needlessly I am sorry to say it, but it is true.

March 2006

For those of you looking for a great dentist in Berkeley, N Oakland, or near WC, etc. I can't recommend Dr. Pockrass of Transcendentist highly enough. He is very thorough and attentitive as is everyone who works there. And, as someone who truly hates shots, I can also say that he is very good with my fear and in making sure that there is as little pain as possible. The one drawback is that he doesn't take insurance, but his office will submit the paperwork to your insurance. The office is also set up more like a spa than a medical office, you get a foot massage during your teeth cleaning, and it is a certified green business.

Aug 2005

I am getting toothache from an old mercury filling, and need to have it replaced. I'm looking for a dentist who can do this, and is careful about exposure to the mercury toxicity during the treatment. Someone who is good at avoiding letting a filling turn into a root canal. (How often does this happen?) I looked at the website, and Dr. Fred Pockrass seems to have a great philosophy, that might fit what I need. But has anyone actually gone to him? What is treatment like? I need a dentist with that kind of philosophy who is also highly skilled (for more complicated stuff than this urgent filling). I've also thought about going to one of the dental schools in San Francisco, to one of the faculty clinics there. Has anyone any experience of (complicated) dental work either with Dr. Pockrass or in SF? Any help much appreciated, dentally panicking

I've been going to Dr. Fred Pockrass since he opened his practice and he is the best! He is very aware and careful about dealing with mercury fillings and will advise the best way to replace them. I have had several fillings replaced and will be going back next week for more work. He's very personable, listens to your concerns and does great work. The office is a pleasure to be in and could be a place for a spritual retreat! They make your time there as comfortable as possible. It's also the best place for a dental cleaning because it includes a foot massage! Feel free to email with any quetions. Good luck. Marissa

I have been going to Dr. Fred since he opened his practice in Berkeley. I recommend him unequivocably. He is very skilled and professional (he once put a filling in with no anesthesia and no pain!) His office is the greenest I have ever been to, they have truly thought out all of the processes and impacts of the work they do on the environment. Fortunately, I do not have any mercury fillings so I have never had them removed but on my new patient tour, Dr. Fred showed me the special containment equipment they have for that procedure. His office is so relaxing, with quiet music, tea, slippers, beautiful furnishings, foot massages - it is the closest thing to going to the spa! Happy and healthy teeth!

With the ''hype'' around Transcendentist and Dr. Fred Pockrass, I can see why you might be asking if he's the real deal.

I've been going to Transcendentist since they opened and it is a wonderful, high integrity, high quality operation. I also know a lot of other people who go there and absolutely love it. I've never actually heard a complaint.

Recently, I found out that many dental offices don't actually dispose of mercury fillings in eco friendly ways and they are not mandated to. Transcendentist voluntarily installed an expensive mercury separator so that mercury fillings would be disposed of properly. The office is basically a spa-- you can listerally book a massage before or after your appointment. And during most procedures, they have someone come to give you a foot massage.

The office also uses other eco-friendly techinques like digital xrays that have far less radiation than the standard dental office xrays, and they use non toxic cleaning and sterilization materials.

And Dr. Fred is fantastic- extremely detailed in his approach, committed to high quality, low pain work, and almost acts like a ''dental counselor'', especially for people who are afraid of the dentist.

So I recommend them with the highest marks and hope you get a chance to go... it is a dental experience like none other. Good luck. Alissa

Re: Dentists who don't use mercury (Sept 2004)

My dentist is totally mercury-free. Dr. Fred Pockrass in Berkeley at 841-3040.

I recently switched to Dr Fred Pockrass of Transcendentist, and he and the whole office are great. Very environmentally aware, great atmosphere, very relaxing with a foot massage! also, holistic practice, very thorough and high tech (no xrays, digital imaging), and great personalized care. they are a bit pricey, but i think worth it! They are on Ashby near Claremont, and their phone is 841-3040. Lucia

Transcendentist, right across from the Claremont Hotel, does 100% mercury free work. They are also the first eco- friendly dental office in the country (they are green certified with the county of alameda) and act more like a dental spa than a regular old dental office. The whole staff is amazing and you really feel like family when you are there. I've never seen a dental office quite like it.

Other stuff that keeps me going there: They do digital xrays, and use a mercury separator to ensure that old mercury fillings that they remove don't enter the waterstream (most dentists don't invest in this expensive system and basically flush the mercury-- it is always worth asking a dentist what they do with old mercury fillings!!) They also use eco friendly cleaners, cloth bibs, etc. and give foot massages during your teeth cleaning.

The only bad news is they don't take insurance but can help you get reimbursed. Their number is 510-841-3040. Alissa

July 2003

RE: Dentist who doesn't push x-rays
I highly recommend Dr. Fred Pockrass on Ashby - 841.3040- He doesn't use x-rays at all, but rather digital imaging. Very patient, holistic practice, specializes in replacement of mercury fillings. hhspiel

May 2003

Re: Removing Amalgam Fillings
The very best place for amalgam removal is transcendentist - Dr Fred Pockrass on Ashby in Berkeley. Any dentist can remove your mercury laden fillings and replace them with non reactive composite material, what makes Dr Fred unique is his whole body, wellness centered approach. He well known in the alternative health community and is up to date on the latest detoxification research. Be sure to ask for a foot massage! His phone number is 510.841.3040. cheryl

March 2003

Re: Dentists Favorable to Breastfeeding
I have a great dentist recommendation to pass on - he should be listed in the ''holistic dentist'' category, but would also be an excellent family dentist and, I assume, would respond with somewhat more understanding to the subject of breastfed children. Dr. Fred Pockrass, 3030 Ashby - 841.3040- Spent a significant amount of time with me making sure that I understood and felt comfortable with options and procedures.

Accupunture available on-site. Office is ecologically friendly, from the organic cotton futon to the wall-paper, etc. and the amount of thought that went into designing the office comes through in how they handle their patients. I actually left me visit with a supply of Arcina. Highly recommended... hhspiel