Jill Martenson, DDS (Oakland, CA)

Oakland, CA
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Nov 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist
Jill Martenson, DDS on Grand Ave in Piedmont Happy Patient

May 2006

Re: Need a veneer on my front tooth, last resort before implant
Jill Martenson at Piedmont Dental by Design did a great job on my front teeth. She was very knowledgeable and came up with a plan that preserved as much of my natural tooth structure as possible. She took her time and did an amazing job. She was more expensive than regular dentists, but totally worth it in my opinion. Her number is 510-652-2911. can smile again

Jan 2006

Re: Oral Surgeon that accepts Denti-Cal
Not sure about accepting Denti-Cal, but my husband and I have been going to Dr. Jill Martenson's office in Piedmont. She has been nothing short of excellent! We have had significant issues with previous dental work (done in recent months), that need to be re-worked entirely (involving implantation and bone grafting). After consulting with my orthodontist, Dr. EG Righellis in Claremont/Oakland, she seems to be one of the best in her field. (Dr. Righellis came highly recommended by my ortho from New York City, who is also renowned in his field) 510.652.2911 1331 Grand Ave., Piedmont