Dentist for someone with bad experiences?

Hi all, my last couple dental experiences were pretty painful - I have always needed A LOT of anaesthesia and, yikes, had crown replacements with two different dentists who didn't really give me enough. Now I am pretty nervous! I would love a recommendation for dentists who are thoughtful and attentive about minimizing pain. Yes, I am a redhead! Ideally in network with Delta Dental PPO. Thanks in advance! 

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I've gone to Piedmont Dental By Design for years and love them. Not in network for delta, but a really kind staff there. 

Our family goes to Melinda Chan DDS on College Avenue. I have never experienced any pain from her, unlike from the previous dentist.

One valuable thing I learned years ago from Susan Fisher DDS (wishing her happiness in her retirement):  When they sedate one side of your mouth for e.g. a crown on a molar, there may be nerve fibers randomly twined around that are onlyt numbed by sedating the OPPOSiTE side of the mouth as well. 

There are ways that the dentist can explore to find out that this is the case.  They may need to sedate your entire mouth (or just the top/bottom) rather than assuming they only need to sedate one quarter.