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The Healthy Families Program is a state and federal program to provide health insurance for low income families. Once you are signed up, you will be able to choose your own pediatrician. Information about this program (and a toll-free number) can be found at the website:

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Affordable medical insurance for kids

Oct 2012

Dear BPN, We live in SF right now but planning to move to East Bay (Oakland or Berkeley) in near future. My 4 month old is eligible for Healthy Kids program, which is part of San Francisco Health Plan. Do you recommend any affordable insurance program that is similar to Healthy Kids? Thank you! Miko

If your 4 month old qualifies for Healthy Kids, s/he'll probably qualify for Healthy Families, the statewide program: L

I am in Oakland. The insurance I have is Healthy Families. I have Alameda Alliance for Health through Healthy Families. There are $10 copays for doctor's visits and prescriptions and my son's premium is $20/month. The premium is based on income and I'm not sure how that changes between income brackets. Vision and dental are also covered. The number listed on my son's bill is 1-888-439-4741. Affordable health insurance for my child

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(from Seeking Affordable Pediatrician (No Health Insurance )

There are alternatives to Medi-Cal in CA - There are over 50 health care plans available through the Healthy Families program and all are very low cost for low-income families. Ask the Health Dept about enrollment information.

Please call Healthy Families at 1-888-439-4741 immediately! This is a wonderful state and federally-funded program aimed at getting low-income kids all the health insurance they need. They target children from families who are low income - but not low income enough to be eligible for Medi-Cal. If you're eligible for the program, you get to pick your pediatrician, and your kids also get dental and optical insurance. My kids are far better insured than I am. This program has been a lifesaver for us while my husband's in grad school. Good luck Julie

From this very Listserv I found information about Healthy Families, an amazingly under promoted program in California that so many families with uninsured children qualify for. It provides health coverage (you choose the company) for children at very low, sliding scale rates. It is aimed at families that make too much for Medical, and are within 200% of poverty level (used to be 150%). I believe that this, in addition to Medical, would cover so many grad students still paying for Blue Cross or the even more expensive coverage the University offers. The application is tedious, but well worth it if you meet qualifications. Check the website. Eric

There are many sites and individuals certified to register kids for the Healthy Families program throughout Alameda County. A contact person for the Healthy Families program at UC Berkeley is Natalie Robinson. She is certified to help people get registered for Healthy Families and can assist generally in going through the process, answer questions, etc. Lea

One place that you can obtain more information/sign-up for the healthy families initiative is at the:


Bay Area Black Consortium for Quality Health Care
1440 Broadway, Suite 209
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 763-1872