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  • OB/GYN who accepts Medi-Cal near Albany

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    Hi Parents, I'm moving to Albany next week, I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and I'm in need of a dr! Does any have any recommendations for an OB/GYN who accepts medi-cal, and even better, delivers at Alta Bates? Thanks so much!

    When I gave birth almost ten years ago, I was with Lifelong Medical Care- they accept and actually signed me up for Medi-Cal. I delivered at Alta Bates. Check them out- they are at 7th and University in West Berkeley. I still go there and use Carolyn Hand who I believe is a OBGYN Nurse Practicioner. I've always like the folks there and the new facility is great. Alta Bates was amazing. Lifelong sent over a Pediatrician to Alta Bates to check on my son after the birth. It was really a great experience overall.

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OB in the Berkeley/Oakland area who accepts Medi-Cal

April 2010

I'm 32 weeks now and I just got a confirmation that my Medi-Cal application will go through. I won't get cards for a couple weeks still but would like to make a Dr Appt now rather than wait. Can you recommend an OB in the Berkeley/Oakland area that accepts medi-cal.

Hi, congrats on your pregnancy!

Once you get Medi-Cal you will be asked to choose a Medi-cal managed care plan (the only exception to this is people who have a disability). Your choices in Alameda county are Alameda Alliance and Blue Cross. I would highly recommend looking thru both of their provider directories online before you choose. Alameda Alliance is the non-profit county run option, and they tend to have a better track record than Blue Cross Medi-Cal (spend more on patient care, less on admin). But you can't pick a doctor till you know which one you choose. (if you don't make a choice, they will assign you). Certain clinics like La Clinica de Raza, and Lifelong take both types of Medi-Cal.

Alameda County Medical Center (formerly Highland) is the main Medi-Cal hospital in Alameda county. If you can't find a private OB who takes your Medi-cal managed care plan, then that is where you will end up. So I would look for a private OB who delivers at either Summit or Alta Bates.

If you happen to live in Contra Costa county, I would highly recommend their Medical Managed care plan called Contra Costa Health Plan. There are a lot of great doctors you can go to, one being Veda Bhatt, MD who works at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (she was my doctor and is fantastic). You might want to see if Contra Costa Regional takes Alameda Alliance as well good luck