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Alameda Alliance for Health is a local, public, not-for-profit managed care health plan committed to making high quality health care services accessible and affordable to Alameda County residents.

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  • I recently got health coverage through Alameda Alliance (the Medi-cal version). I am having trouble finding a doctor (adult primary care physician) that accepts Alameda Alliance. The only place I can find is Life Long Medical clinic, which is very overburdened--it takes forever to get an appointment and then you spend hours in the waiting room even with an appointment. I'm currently nursing an infant, which makes dedicating hours for to sitting in a waiting very challenging.

    Alameda Alliance's website and booklet lists plenty of providers. But when I call to make an appointment they inform me they aren't taking new medi-cal patients. 

    Can anyone recommend a physician for adults that accepts alameda alliance and is accepting new patients? 

    Side note-- I do not qualify for Kaiser medi-cal, otherwise I would just do that :(

    thank you!!

    Hi I had the same problem. After researching pretty much every doctor on the list, I figured out that my only real option was Highland Hospital, in Oakland. There is a long waiting list to make an appointment (maybe a month or so), but they also have a same-day clinic where you call in the morning and they schedule an appointment for the same day. Once you arrive, they see you right away -- there is no wait, which is way better than Lifelong, where (from what I've heard) you have to sit there and wait for hours before you can see someone.

    There are tons of doctors at Highland Hospital that you can choose as your primary care physician, but it doesn't really matter which one you choose, because Alameda Alliance will let you see anyone there, and you can't really request a particular doctor when you make an appointment.

    Best of luck!

  • I am new to Medi-Cal and I need to decide between Alameda Alliance and the medi-cal version of athem blue cross. Does anyone have an experience with these two health care options? On paper they seem very similar, but I imagine in practice they have so pros and cons.

    I am also looking for a primary care provider who takes one of these versions of Medi-Cal. I've been to Lifelong Medical, which is the main medi-cal provider in my area. They are clearly over burdened, and it is hard to get an appointment, and once I got an appointment I still waited hours (literally) in the waiting room. I know there are other providers that take medi-cal but it's hard to find out who they are! If anyone has advice I'd be grateful!


    **for anyone reading this post looking for prenatal care or an ob/gyn who takes medi-cal, Sutter East Bay on 2500 milvia takes pregnancy Medi-cal (their primary care physicians do not take it, or at least that is my understanding)**^

    If you've been a Kaiser member in the past 6 months (or have a family member living in the same household as you who's a current Kaiser member), you can request Kaiser through Alameda Alliance.

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