Medi-Cal: Alameda Alliance or Anthem Blue Cross?

I am new to Medi-Cal and I need to decide between Alameda Alliance and the medi-cal version of athem blue cross. Does anyone have an experience with these two health care options? On paper they seem very similar, but I imagine in practice they have so pros and cons.

I am also looking for a primary care provider who takes one of these versions of Medi-Cal. I've been to Lifelong Medical, which is the main medi-cal provider in my area. They are clearly over burdened, and it is hard to get an appointment, and once I got an appointment I still waited hours (literally) in the waiting room. I know there are other providers that take medi-cal but it's hard to find out who they are! If anyone has advice I'd be grateful!


**for anyone reading this post looking for prenatal care or an ob/gyn who takes medi-cal, Sutter East Bay on 2500 milvia takes pregnancy Medi-cal (their primary care physicians do not take it, or at least that is my understanding)**^

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If you've been a Kaiser member in the past 6 months (or have a family member living in the same household as you who's a current Kaiser member), you can request Kaiser through Alameda Alliance.