Primary Care Physicians Who Accept Medi-Cal

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  • Hello community,

    We have Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal. I have a great pediatrician already for my kids, but am hoping to find a PCP for myself and for my husband who takes this insurance. I am long overdue for a gynecological exam, breast exam, etc.!

    We are also now enrolled in Denti-Cal and need to switch dentists (for both my husband and I and the kids) as a result. We are currently seeing dentists that do not push flouride or use mercury fillings. Ideally, we would find a like-minded practitioner. Any ideas? Thank you! Rachel

    Asian Health Services in downtown(chinatown) is quite good. they are professional and I found them reliable. 

    very convenient close to Bart. 

    they accept alameda alliance, not sure if anthem blue also works.

    LifeLong Medical Care! They also have dental, but I have no  first hand knowledge of how it is. I prefer the Ashby campus at the EdRoberts Center right above Ashby BART.  There are drop-in slots, a Wellness Center with acupuncture, aPCP for drop-ins 1 morning a week and llots of  additional group offerings. There is also s Quest lab right there. The OBGYNs are also good. There is  an urgent care on Dwight as well. And they take Medi-Cal!