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Need handyman Aug 31, 2020 (2 responses below)
Handy person to replace wood trim Aug 20, 2020 (1 responses below)
Handyman / woman; small, random, fixit issues. Small jobs Oct 6, 2019 (2 responses below)
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Handy-person May 29, 2019 (4 responses below)
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Deck restoration Sep 7, 2016 (1 responses below)
  • Handyman/carpenter needed.

    (2 replies)

    We have a relatively small job: replace a counter top and install a new sink in the kitchen.  We would like to hire someone with the necessary skills who will finish the job promptly as it will entail moving out while the work is being done.

    Any recommendations much appreciated.

    RE: Handyman/carpenter needed. ()

    My friend, Juan Suarez just installed a new small kitchen for me and did a great job. Call and see if he has time now! He may. (510) 302-8733.

    RE: Handyman/carpenter needed. ()

    I highly recommend my handyman who's experienced with plumbing and carpentry:  Frank Say.  510 827 7841   franksay61 [at] gmail.com.  He has a lot of skills and his rates are reasonable.

  • Need handyman

    (2 replies)

    Anyone have a good handyman or woman they can share?  I'm hoping for someone who is reliable, available, trustworthy, and who does good quality work.  Thanks!

    Anne M.

    RE: Need handyman ()

    Good experiences with Ordway's Building and Repair.  He built us a fence and is currently replacing some rotten stair treads.  Good problem solver and listens to what you need.    dustinordway.com  

    Good luck!

    RE: Need handyman ()

    We used Thumbtack and worked with Taras. http://www.lodestarnhm.com/  He and his crew were very professional and did good work. 

  • Handy person to replace wood trim

    (1 reply)

    I am looking for recommendations for a handy person to replace and paint the rotted wood used as trim on 6-10 Milgard windows. 

    Thanks, Kathy

    Mauro Muro did similar work for me: 360-846-5576

  • Hi, can anyone recommend a handyman or handy woman who can do a variety of very small tasks around the house - none of which entail a particular set of skills per se (hang some curtain rods, remove a desk from a wall & fix that wall,  fix a deck chair, attach waterproofing edges to shed doors, etc.). The prior recommendations seem to be mostly quite skilled workers / carpenters; we are looking for someone who is willing to do a fairly random set of small tasks, rather than any kind of big job.  Does anyone know a person willing to do this kind of work?  Appreciate any recommendations you can give, thanks.  

    Larry Price is the best! He worked on my houses for over 10 years, from hanging curtain rods to building custom bookshelves. All his clients have been with him for long time.

    Larry Price (510) 258-8854

    We have used TaskRabbit.com for small jobs. They do charge a surcharge so per hour it’s more expensive than a regular handyman but I like how the people come with reviews and they are willing to come for very small jobs. I had a bathtub re-caulked and some shelves put up and both times I chose a woman and both women were awesome. They texted ahead of time, let me know when traffic made them late, and did the job very well. I would definitely use Taskrabbit again for small jobs. 

  • need a handy man

    (1 reply)

    Hi There,

    Do you have a good handy man? I have a deck needs to be repaint. Could you please recommend me one? Many thanks.


    RE: need a handy man ()

    Lazslo Tarzoly painted the deck and outside of my building.  He also redid the tile in my bathroom.  He is very handy.510-798-7715

  • Handy-person

    (4 replies)

    Hi there, I am in need of a handy person. Ideally someone who can do a variety of things, is reliable, skilled and trustworthy. I am a recent widow and have as assortment of things around my house that need tending to. I am in Berkeley, Thanks.

    RE: Handy-person ()

    Dan the Happy Handyman - 


    He has a few employees but is a small business - can do all the basics, super ethical and responsive. I use him on my listings as a realtor.

    I hope you like him!


    RE: Handy-person ()

    Oren Leiman is a great handyman & carpenter. He has done numerous projects, both large and small, at my family's house since 2013. His website is www.myworkshed.net. His number is 415-577-9050. He's also a lovely person and very kind.

    RE: Handy-person ()

    Have you used TaskRabbit? It's a website where you request anyone--handyman, home cleaner, plumber, odd jobs person--to come to your house for just one job. You can read reviews on taskers before you hire them. I've used them for small jobs like caulking my bathtub, putting up shelves, and have been very happy with them. Slightly more expensive than a regular guy because TaskRabbit adds a surcharge, but if you really like someone, you can often get their card and then call them directly for future projects.

  • Hi.  We are looking for someone to do a relatively small fix-up and repair job in our garage.  It will involve fixing a leak, installing insulation, plywood sheeting, and drywall.  Ideally, I would like to hire a licensed contractor, but I am having trouble finding one who does small jobs, returns calls, is interested, etc.  Open to hiring handyperson with the necessary skills.  Any recent recommendations?  I've checked past recommendations and struck out so far. 

    We are in N. Berkeley. 


    Alan Romano, North Berkeley Handyman, is licensed but only does small jobs, under $20k I think?  He's come out and priced a few things for me and I've never ended up going with him (went with people who were unlicensed!) but I liked him and would use him in the future.  http://allenromano.com/constructionservices/

    As an experienced homeowning "Handy Ma'am" I understand the frustration with finding a contractor for a small job, especially in this era of mega-building projects. For the roof leak, I would call a roofing company. There is one on San Pablo in Berkeley that I have used recently.  Your garage project is a different species which involves a carpenter. You could apply for the permit yourself as an owner, builder, and use a handyman/carpenter. 

  • Handyman to help with DIY projects

    (1 reply)

    Hi hive!

    I am looking for a handyman or contractor type to install a new window in our bathroom. We are in the process of a light DIY remodel but this is one task we don't feel equipped to undertake ourselves. We are trying to keep the costs down but want to make sure its done right. Any referrals would be most appreciated. 

    We also have a few other projects such as converting a wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace. 

    Hi there, I used Jose Alberto Martinez (JAM construction), but I don't recommend him. Despite being very nice, reasonably priced, available, and professional, he stained our fence and got stain all over the siding of the house, and he did a plumbing job for us that works fine but looks terrible. I can't be sure whether this was a result of his own work or his assistant's. When we called his attention to the stain on the siding, he came out and tried to fix it, but it's still visible. I still have yet to find a good handyman. However, for construction, I recommend Berkeley Craftsmen. For electric, I recommend Garcia Electric. 



  • hello,

    i just moved into a new rental that requires my dryer to be stacked on top of my washing machine. They are currently hooked up and functioning but the washer makes a terrible racket when spinning. I tried adjusting the feet on the w machine but it didn’t really help. I also have the “stacking kit” hardware that needs to be put on which will require unhooking things and then rebooking things. Can anyone recommend a washing machine stacking expert? Thanks!

    I have used David Henneman at 925-339-3311 several times for issues like this as well as to install various appliances. He is thorough and does a good job.

  • Looking for handyman(people) help

    (2 replies)

    I need to find a couple of guys to hire who could help paint a few inside rooms and move some items and boxes in order for my disabled daughter to move to another apt in her Berkeley complex. Does anyone know some reliable folks who could help a few days the week of August 14 -18th? 

    Not sure who to recommend for the moving part but can recommend Jackie for the painting. I have hired her many times in the past and she has always done a very fine job. She is honest, reliable and trustworthy plus her rates are very reasonable. Her number is 510-910-2953.

    We just had the pleasure of hiring Jose Alberto Martinez to build us a 9 x 10 shed in our backyard. I found his referral on the BPN and can highly recommend his work and his reliability. It's rare these days to find workers that keep their word and appointments. Jose was great at both. He also is a high-energy person who loves seeking solutions to whatever problems a customer might present. And he loves recycling materials, imaginatively incorporating things that he's collected from other jobs. For example, we didn't want to pile our fireplace wood inside the new shed, so he created an overhang and backdrop that protects the wood from rain, etc., and he did it inexpensively with materials he had on hand. He also takes great pride in his craftmanship and is skilled at a variety of tasks from fencing to cleaning gutters to painting to whatever you might need help with. He'll come up with a solution, I'm sure. And his rates are reasonable. His email is <jamconstruction81 [at] yahoo.com> and his phone number is (510) 978-0550.

  • Hi, I'm seeking a recommendation for a handyman who can install a dishwasher, including building the cabinet and counter to go around it, doing the electrical connections, and installing the plumbing for it. I'm in Oakland. Please let me know if you have anyone you liked working with. Thanks! Rae

    I can highly recommend Patrick Gregoire, The Handy Frenchman,
    thehandyfrenchman [at] gmail.com
    Patrick does pretty much everything and he does it well.
    If he can't do it he'll tell you.
    I've been absolutely thrilled with the work he did for me.

  • Handy person/Fix it gal or guy

    (2 replies)


     I'm looking for recommendations for someone who is available for a variety of projects: Installing a fence, painting, fixing toilets, etc. Anyone know of someone who is efficient, skilled, available last minute for a multitude of small projects? Thanks!

    We recommend James Bronson.  He is an all around amazing man: talented, dependable, artistic, trustworthy.  He does great work.  He is an amazing gardener, but has done a variety of projects for us (building fences, a deck, installed doors, built a platform floor) etc.  his number is 510 544 9729 and email is jbronsonIII [at] yahoo.com.   My highest recommendation!

    I highly recommend Jimthebrit handyman services.  He's fast, reliable, absolutely competent, and trustworthy.  He has repaired all sort of things in my home, installed a beautiful fence in my backyard, fixed my icemaker, laid tile, etc.  He can be contacted at jimthebrit [at] gmail.com or (510) 205-6529.  I think that he has a website too which is jimthebrit.com.  Great guy, fun to talk to, beautiful work.  

  • I have an ugly metal manual gate in front of my property and driveway that is rusting off it's hinges and needs desperately to be replaced.  I would like to replace it with an automated gate, ideally made of wood or some other more attractive material.  Can anyone recommend someone who is trustworthy, affordable, and who has knowledge of gates and automated gate requirements?  Thanks!

    I highly recommend Jim Larkins who runs JimtheBrit Handyman Services.  He's fast, reliable, quite skilled and affordable.  (510) 205-6529.  jimthebrit [at] gmail.com

    The house at 699 Creston recently installed a gate that looks to be exactly the sort of thing you want.  Drive by, and, if you like it, I expect you could write them and ask who installed it. 

  • Desperately seeking a handyman

    (5 replies)

    I need a handyman to repair a shower door and surround and replace badly worn porch steps. I have tried a couple of other venues, but every recommended handyman was actually a contractor and would not take "small" jobs. Can anyone recommend someone who would consider two days work at a time? I really am feeling pressed for solid leads. I live in South Berkeley area. Thanks everyone.

    This is in reply to the request for a handyman for house maintenance and repair. We would like to recommend Antonio Medrano. His number for calls or texting is 510 677 3950. His e-mail address is tonymedrano25 [at] gmail.com. We have been Kensington residents since the 1970s and have known Antonio for many years. Antonio has been our handyman for many years and has replaced steps and decking for us.

    He is thoughtful, sincere, polite, an excellent hard worker and a person of impeccable integrity. We have relied on Antonio for many years to do all of our internal and external home repair and maintenance. Everything that Antonio has ever done for our home has been of the highest quality and attention.

    As examples, Antonio prepped and painted the inside and outside of our home in Kensington, and repaired and painted the moulding on our house's windows, removing soft wood and then patching and painting.  In addition he has done the following work for us: flooring, fencing, deck repair and construction, stonework, tilework, garden work, retaining walls. We recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.

    Not sure if he could could work on the shower door but Gene Wiens could definitely fix or repair you steps. I have hired him for many years to undertake many diverse projects and he always does a thorough, good job. 510-845-3516.

    Reason you can't find a handyman is because of the law.  California law requires any home repairs costing over (I think $1,200) for materials and labor to be conducted by a licensed contractor.  My bad, Just looked it up, it's now only $500 for materials and labor.  Alameda county DA's office regularly conducts sting operations to bust "handymen".  Fines are steep and there can be jail time.

  • Deck restoration

    (1 reply)

    Hello parents,

    I know few months ago, someone posted a recommendation for a handyman person that paint and fixed a deck... but I can't find it.

    We need to repaint or maybe restore our deck.

    Thank you!

    RE: Deck restoration ()

    Give Gene Wiens a call at 510-845-3516 as he should be able to help you. Good quality carpenter who takes pride in his work and does it right. I have hired him many times.

Parent Reviews

Our handyman is a very good carpenter, his name is Roger Hammar, his email is carpentryandsuch [at] gmail.com. He built the gate to our backyard, did a great job. Tell him Rebecca on Chestnut in Berkeley recommended him. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Need good, Reliable Handyman/Indoor Painter

Feb 2015

Does anyone have some good references for a good handyman & indoor painter for us to contact to start getting our home 'in perfect shape' to put on the market ? We have our list already made, and are anxious to get started on getting things done. If you have had a good experience and can recommend anyone, we would most appreciate it. Thank you, judy

I am very happy to recommend Marco Florian, for any project around your home. He has completed numerous jobs for me over the last few years including painting, plumbing, tile work and general handyman services . Marco is keenly devoted to his work, however he is also a pleasure to be around. I have needed his services sometimes over the weekend and he never hesitated to help. He is detailed oriented and has great ideas. I recommend him wholeheartedly as a handyman jack of all trades. You will not be disappointed! You can contact Marco directly at 510-301-5629 or marco.a.florian [at] gmail.com Ana B

Painter, electrician and plumber wanted!

Dec 2013

Hi there, We need recommendations for followings: Plumber, to install sink faucet, garbage disposal and dishwasher. Electrician, to install our electric cooktop. Painter, to paint kitchen cabinets, walls and baseboards. Please email me your recommendations if you are a homeowner who has worked with any of above or a contractor with any of these specialties. Thanks, Sam

Hello Sam: I just saw your request in BPN for a 'painter, plumber, electrician.' We recommend you contact Antonio Medrano.His number for calls or texting is 510 776 7233. His e-mail address is tonymedrano25 [at] gmail.com We have relied on Antonio for many years to do all of our internal and external home repair and maintenance. Most recently, Antonio prepped and painted the inside of our home in Kensington, and repaired and painted the moulding on our house's windows, removing soft wood and then patching and painting. Everything that Antonio has ever done for our home has been of the highest quality and attention. In addition to the painting that he has done for us, he has done flooring, fencing, deck repair and construction, stonework, tilework, minor electrical, minor plumbing, and garden work. We have been Kensington residents since the 1970s and have known Antonio for many years. He is thoughtful, sincere, polite, an excellent hard worker and a person of impeccable integrity. We recommend him without any reservation whatsoever. jb

Handyman for a list of tasks

Jan 2013

Hello all, I am hoping to get a recommendation of a responsive and reliable handyman or contractor to bid and complete the following list in my north berkeley home. Thank you! Install a Water heater, Install Ventilate screens on sides of house, Install a Dog door, Install 2 three prong plugs, Install a Shed, Install a chimney flue, Patch roof

Call Jaime Fletcher. He is an awesome, knowledgeable and helpful handyman. He is a trained carpenter and worked for a construction company for years. He has a solid reputation throughout the east bay and I know that his business has taken off lately. He's been doing his own thing ever since his daughter was born a few years ago. He's a skilled craftsman who is also very nice. He works through out the East Bay and I've seen his name pop up on BPN a number of times through various people. He has worked on a number of projects for me and my family, including: deck work, patch work, roofing, building custom shelving, putting together annoying Ikea furniture, fixes bathroom appliances and fixtures, etc. He also can do landscaping and small electrical. He really can do everything. He also offers cost effective solutions and alternatives. Lastly, he's one of the nicest people I've ever had working on my home before. I trust him with my keys and let him have entry to my home within a day of meeting him. Just a very solid and skilled person. Always on time, very clean and solid work, and cleans up after himself. His number is: 510-418-3128. Or, email: fletcher.jaime [at] gmail.com Oakland Home owner

I highly recommend Peter Petricka. He has done a lot of work in the Laurel district, Berkeley, Piedmont, Sequoyah Hills and Marin. I know he has photos and references. He does all types of Handy work. I have had him help with gardening (building beds), fencing, electrical, pond, painting and cabinetry work. He is fairly priced, does a great job, is knowledgable, friendly and trustworthy. Not sure if he is available as this is a busy time of year, but thought I would forward you his info. 510-290-3839 Ppetricka [at] hotmail.com Hope that helps Brandy

Handyman - with license and insurance?

Nov 2012

I'm looking for a handyman with experience in repairing a leaky skylight. I think the roof seal needs attention, and we may need some new wallboard in the light well. (Skylight is approx. 24' x 48' with relatively easy access; I can do the interior repainting.) I also need someone to clean the gutters. The hitch is that I need to hire someone with their own license and insurance - and who does great work! We live near the Dimond District/Oakland. Thanks

I have used Thomas Banks on several occasions. Recently he replaced nearly all the fluorescent lights in my store. He repaired an exterior wood structure and he has performed minor repairs. He has a contractors license; ask him about insurance. Here is his info Thomas Banks BanksTown Builders 510 978 5679 stu

I needed to respond to the person who recommended Thomas Banks. DO NOT let him do more than change your lightbulbs. I can not even express the mess he made of our deck, and it's our fault--we read a nice review on BPN, he was cheap and available. I doubt he's licensed. He demolished our deck and then didn't come back for weeks. Then he did come back, but it was clearly after his day job (I'm sure my neighbors loved him working from 4-8pm). He ran out of money (spent it on other jobs, so couldn't buy materials for our job) and then instead of buying the correct lumber, he bought cheap stuff and tried to cover it by PAINTING. We should've sued him, but honestly, we just wanted him out of our lives. Won't Get Screwed Again

Handyman Needed

Oct 2012

We need a good handyman who can do a variety of things both inside and outside. We have a number of mostly smaller repair jobs. anon

Jeremy (Final Fix Handyman) did an excellent job for us hanging several items. We will call him again for the next job. He's on Yelp. Don T.

I love my handyman Greg Hubbard, phone is 415-225-6802. He is capable of small remodels such as kitchen/bath, as well as plumbing and electrical stuff. He has done all of the above for me, as well as replaced water heater, hung shelves, regrouted shower, and is dependable and very reasonable. Anon

Margarito has worked on our house since 2007. We first met him when he was with our contractor's crew, to re-do one of our rooms, roof to floor. Since then, we have hired him for simpler jobs such as painting (outdoors and indoors), caulking, bamboo floor installation, etc. He will tell you how long a job might last and charges a very reasonable hourly rate. If it's a bigger job, he will have his partner work with him, so double the rate but still VERY reasonable with two. Margarito, 510-334- 7502. Maria

I have used Thomas Banks on several occasions for my office and home. He is a licensed contractor but is happy to perform small jobs. Thomas Banks BanksTown Builders 510 978 5679 stu

In response to anyone in the Bay Area needing a fantastic handyman, I would like to recommend Billy Service. Billy is extremely talented and honest. He has a wealth of knowledge from plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc. and is quite the perfectionist. My husband and I are real estate investors and have used Billy on numerous houses that we needed to rehab for rentals and for resale. His work is impeccable and his rates are very reasonable. Please email me for a personal reference or contact Billy at: Service Enterprises Billy Service, pres. 510-407-6115 bservice [at] sbcglobal.net Eva

Handyman Recommendation near Dublin

Oct 2012

Hi, I just bought a house in Dublin and need to get some home and landscaping work done. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced handyman in this area? Thanks. r.

Try Grage Realty in San Ramon. www.gragerealty.com . They do Property Management as well as handyman services. Good luck! anon

Handyman for a simple bathroom caulk job?

Oct 2012

Looking for a handyman/person for a simple bathroom caulking job - unfortunately, not so simple that either me or my husband can manage to do it. I've noticed that most referrals on this list are for carpentry-related jobs, so wondering if anyone has someone in mind who has experience with caulking or tiling. Thanks! Jen

My handyman is Rene Granados, 510-334-0354, renegran1 [at] netzero.com, he can fix anything and is very reasonably priced. Tell him Rebecca on Chestnut St. in Berkeley recommended him. Rebecca

Seeking good handyman referral

Oct 2012

I am looking for a handyman who is affordable and has good quality. I need someone to put house address numbers up and install a custom wooden screen door. I live in North Oakland (Temescal) Mike W

I have used Marcus as a handyman, and he has done a variety of jobs around my house at a good price and with good results. He was recommended by a friend who is a building contractor. marcus.kryshka [at] gmail.com Carrie

I love my handyman Greg Hubbard Creative Home Repair, phone is 415-225-6802. He rides a bike everywhere, has every tool needed, and is QUICK and DEPENDABLE, as well as reasonable. He is does small jobs all the way up to remodels such as kitchen/bath, as well as plumbing and electrical stuff. He has done all of the above for me, as well as replaced water heater, hung shelves, regrouted shower. emilyc

Handyman to install a new dryer vent

Oct 2012

Seeking recommendations for a handyman who can install a new metal dryer vent. Thanks. rosie

We searched for a good handyman since moving here and found Gabriel Ramos recently, 473-2235. He was the most responsive and communicate of everyone we tried to contact, also has very reasonable rates and did a great job for the little things we needed. Very highly recommended. Wendy

Handyman Reco in Walnut Creek

Sept 2012

Hi- We just moved near downtown Walnut Creek and have a few handy man items that needs to be worked on namely: Install curtain rods, assembly of small furnitures and the like. Pls forward any recommendations you may have. LatteBreak

I have been using an outstanding handyman for 2 years. He can do most anything that requires fixing . My house was built in the 1920's so there's been a lot of maintenance to be done. His name is Ken Norris, geapman [at] gmail.com, 925-882--5805. He is also a great guy and has very reasonable rates. Joyce Appelbaum joyce

Handyman recommendation needed

Sept 2012

I'm looking for a good handyman. Many of the older posts are no longer current. Thank you.

I highly recommend Al Hugon as a really outstanding and honest handyman. He has been a miracle worker at times coming up with clever solutions for difficult problems. His rates are lower than average for his high level of competence. He will call you back and he cleans up after himself. I would almost prefer to keep him a secret because he is already very busy and he might get even busier. He is also a very kind person. Contact Al at 510-917-6415 Nancy

Handy man to fix door

Sept 2012

Hi there, looking for a Handy(person) to do a job on our swing door that needs a new top bolt, and also look into doing a pocket door. I am guessing a Carpenter is what I am after, but what do I know. Thanks JJ

Abraham Lubaton, 510.715.0448, is a very reasonable and reliable general contractor who does handyman and larger jobs including remodeling and window replacement in Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and Marin Counties. You can contact him at 510.715.0448 or by e-mail at abelubaton [at] gmail.com

I have used Thomas Banks, Honey Be Handy, 978-5679 on several occasions. He installed new lighting in my office, he re-built an exterior sign and he has performed other jobs. He has always been reliable and skilled. He made suggestions to use particular materials that were durable, and he even found a store in east Oakland to purchase materials at a discount. stu

Jaime Fletcher is an amazing handyman that I use. I have referred him to several friends who would be happy to give him a recommendation as well. He is a trained carpenter and has worked for remodeling companies for a very long time. He started his own handyman business when his daughter was born a few years ago and has been doing it ever since.

He provides solid carpentry and handyman skills, offers creative and affordable solutions, and does solid work. He will do both small and large tasks and he genuinely seems to know his trade. If you are looking for a kind, knowledgeable, and skilled person for your household needs, give him a call. Jaime Fletcher @ 510-418-3128. Or fletcher.jaime [at] gmail.com Beth

Hi, I'd like to recommend the handyman I just used to install two different types of patio areas in my back yard. Alberto Martinez is friendly and reliable, works quickly, and has very reasonable rates. He seems to have a variety of skills. He has excellent references. His phone number is (510) 978-0550. His email is jamconstruction81 [at] yahoo.com. Nanu

Looking for a handyman

Aug 2012

Hi- We're looking for a handyman to do a few jobs around our house, including, repairing a door frame and some holes in walls, painting a small room, etc I've tried calling a few people, but haven't had much luck getting anyone to call me back. We're hoping to have the work done in the next month or so. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

I highly recommend Marco FLorian. He is an excellent painter and handyman.He is reliable, honest and his prices are very reasonable. He is creative and goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are satisfied. He is also willing to work on weekends if needed. You can contact him directly at 510- 301-5629

Handyman to do childproofing

Aug 2012

I need a simple handyman to do a couple child proofing things around my apt. Specifically, I need someone to child proof some windows, possible a balcony and maybe a couple of other small things. I'm looking to get these things done pretty quickly. Looking for someone reasonably priced and dependable. Thanks for any help.

I know an excellent handyman, Peter Carpentieri. Please email me for his information.

I highly recommend Stephen Faulk as a handyman. He just installed some security cameras for us. Very kind, reliable, and knowledgable. Charges ~$60/hr. stephen.faulk [at] gmail.com Katrina

My handyman, Monte Johansen, seems like he can do just about anything! (Although he won't do electrical work.) He's done all sorts of things around my house from laying tile and Pergo flooring, to building walls, and garden irrigation. His pricing seems fair to me, but then I'd happily pay extra for someone as honest and dependable as Monte. He can be reached at (510)333-1007 Andrea

Handyman to put up curtain rods, assemble cabinet

June 2012

I am moving, and need to hire someone to put up curtain rods, and to assemble a bathroom cabinet for me. I would like a referral to someone reliable, efficient, honest.

best handyman in the bay area! Builds customized play structures too! (he can help out from San Jose California all the way to Berkley California or SAn Francisco. Also around PA, MP, RWC, SC, MV, Atherton, ETC.) Hello folks, this year I set out to completely remodel my torn down home in Palo Alto. The home looks almost brand new and with the help of George Jimenez looks more beautiful than I ever imagined my home to look like. I have been so happy with George's work that I have recommended him to many of my friend's as well. He is also great with customized children's play houses and customized furniture, beds, and counters, etc. George Jimenez first came to my family by rec from a coworker of my husband's, he first came, assessed the work, ripped out the rotting boards, bought the new lumber, replaced the rotted boards, reinforced the supporting beams and then applied a mildew killer to the finished and repaired deck. He also moved the plants on my deck carefully and replaced them too. I liked the carpenter/handyman very much. He was professional, punctual, honest and a careful and hard worker. Please consider hiring this amazing does-it-all handyman! You can call him at his cell phone 650-646-1776

We have had a handyman for 7 years now - his name is Andy Mirske. Andy managed apartments for years professionally, including helping with major renovations. He is humble and clearly capable. He has helped us with everything from installing a window screen on a bathroom door to a complete renovation with an IKEA kitchen. He recently found the source of a leak in our house, and repaired it, including repainting the ceiling. Also, he is simply a good guy, willing to work hard and at a fair price. His phone number is (925)577-4990 and his email is czornyj [at] gmail.com. Good luck! Elizabeth

I would HIGHLY recommend Larry Gray as an all around superb handyman. We have used him regularly over the past 3 years for a variety of projects from large (deck repair, track light installation, drywall) to small (leaky faucets, electrical outlets replacement, etc.). He is very knowledgeable, and just has a 'good eye' for coming up with solutions for difficult problems. He is dependable and honest, and really just a nice guy. He can be reached at lrgray629 [at] gmail.com and 510-524-1510. -Scott

I already posted this recommendation under Handymen. I am also recommending him for fence building because in addition to doing plumbing and handyman work for me he also built a fence for me on a very challenging lot. The fence was built on an extremely steep, rocky area with trees and bushes in the way. Al Hugon is such a treasure of a handyman that I almost want to keep him a secret (he is already busy and might get too busy). He is competent (and will tell you if he does not feel qualified for certain projects), super nice, extremely reliable, dependable, respectful and very honest. Plus his rates are not just reasonable but low for the quality of his work. He will come up with creative solutions for problems, suggest ways to save money and and he cleans up the work area at the end of the day. The attribute that sets him apart from most is how caring and thoughtful he is. I highly recommend Al as an excellent handyman, plumber and fence builder and exceptional human being. The only thing is, he has no crew so not sure if he does big jobs. Contact him at 510-917-6415. Nancy

I would like to recommend a great handyman I used for the past year: Octavio Moreno, who lives in Concord, but worked for me 6 days/week in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville doing all rental property maintenance work for past year: leaky faucets; electrical work; installing toilets; repairing running toilets; restoring dry rotted window sashes; painting (he has his own paint machine); building fences; installing locks; getting rid of raccoons in attics; getting locks re-keyed; installing sliding closet doors; installing cultured marble surrounds in bathtub enclosures; installing new faucet sets; replacing rotted subfloors; installing vinyl flooring; installing mini blinds; plus has own jet sprayer for removal of vegetation from sidewalk cracks/ paint removal; also fabricated and installed window screens; these are just to name a few things. Also: he's a very sweet and very honest man. Good at solving problems. All the tenants loved him. His phone #: (925) 435-2242. Landlord

Handyman Recommendation in Oakland?

May 2012

Looking for a recommendation for a reliable, quality, reasonably priced handyman that is willing to come to Oakland/Lakeshore area to do some minor handywork and repairs in our home. Christina

Joe Carlig 510/409-1397 CarligHome [at] comcast.net Joe is not only a meticulous craftsman he has made the entire process of getting our home ready to sell easy. From our first meeting his client 'first attitude' was exhibited as he walked through our home and itemized the projects in an al carte format to fit our budget. What struck me in our first interaction was his exceptional listening skills. He would repeat what I requested so that their wasn't any misunderstandings about the scope of work and we used his itemized checklist to stay on track and on budget. Joe understands the difficulties of uprooting a household and always let us lead the direction of the rehab. The quality of Joe's work is equal to the quality of his character; his attention to detail and integrity in workmanship exceeded my expectations. Berkeley Home Owner...In Escrow

I would like to highly recommend Pepe Feria (510)372-7580 for your handyman needs. He is a very hard worker, does quality work, has reasonable rates, and has a very kind demeanor. He did a lot of work on my parent's house and they were always very happy with it. SSadeh

Handy person for earthquake proofing home

May 2012

We are in need of someone who can earthquake proof our home and also do some baby proofing. We have some large pieces of furniture that need to be secured to lath and plaster walls. We also need some baby gates installed in difficult stair configurations. Someone with some simple carpentry skills and knowlege and experience with lath and plaster is a must. Thanks Elizabeth

We have major earthquake retrofit work needed to strengthen our soft story, 2 car garage that supports our whole house (2 floors on top of the garage). We have an engineer's plans that include installing a metal beam over the garage door and concrete work under the door. Has anyone had this type of major retrofit work done? Can you recommend a great contractor to do the job? Someone who not only does good work, but can communicate well with us and the engineer in case plan changes are found needed while they are working? This is a big job and we really want it done right and at a reasonable cost. Thanks much Reva

Handyman for Hercules/Pinole area

Jan 2012

Looking for a reliable and competent handyman to do small jobs around the house, caulking, rescreening, painting etc. Some of the handymen in Berkeley etc will not come out to West Contra Costa so prefer to stick with those who service this area. Anon

Abraham Lubaton, 510.715.0448, is a very reasonable and reliable general contractor who does handyman and larger jobs including remodeling and window replacement in Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and Marin Counties. You can contact him at 510.715.0448 or by e-mail at abelubaton [at] gmail.com. Alicia

Joe Carlig is not only a meticulous craftsman he has made the entire process of getting our home ready to sell easy. From our first meeting his client 'first attitude' was exhibited as he walked through our home and itemized the projects in an al carte format to fit our budget. What struck me in our first interaction was his exceptional listening skills. He would repeat what I requested so that their wasn't any misunderstandings about the scope of work and we used his itemized checklist to stay on track and on budget. Joe understands the difficulties of uprooting a household and always let us lead the direction of the rehab. The quality of Joe's work is equal to the quality of his character; his attention to detail and integrity in workmanship exceeded my expectations. 510-409-1397 carlighome [at] comcast.net Lisa

I highly recommend Baha from JB Construction. He has done multiple jobs for my company, and my clients(Bay Area Consulting and Management). He does the great job and very professional. His number is 510-735-4052 you can e-mail him as well powerlabor [at] yahoo.com. Maksuda

Looking for Handy Man/Carpenter to fix Cabinets

April 2012

We have very cheap plywood kitchen cabinets that may be original to our 1946 home. They are falling apart (doors won't stay shut, hinges falling out due to deteriorating wood, etc). We do not have the cash for a kitchen remodel, and want to find out whether there is any way to repair the existing cabinets as a 'good enough for now' option. We are looking for a handy man/carpenter who can take a look and recommend a inexpensive way to make our cabinetry functional again. This may involve replacing some wood, replacing hardware, repairing problem areas, and probably new paint. Or maybe it means finding salvage cabinetry and replacing whole sections. We do not want anyone who will suggest a wholesale kitchen remodel or brand new cabinetry. Any recommendations BPN? Lia

I have been using a handyman for the last 2 years and this is exactly the kind of work he does. He has helped to remove cabinets, fixed my front steps, reset my garden path and lots of other things. Ken is a very nice person to work with and he is always trying to save me money. His rate is very reasonable, he's very organized and works efficiently. Ken Norris 925-682-5805 geapman [at] gmail.com Joyce

My husband and I have an old North Oakland Craftsman and needed a handyman for repairing our window frames and trim. A neighbor recommended Brendan Montgomerie. He had just finished plenty of work over there that we were able to view and discuss with that homeowner. Brendan did a good job on our place (stripped off the old paint and refilled the wood with penetrating epoxy to stop and solidify dry-rot, and then filled with epoxy filler, sanded and primed it so that it's ready for painting).

Brendan lives in Richmond, but commutes via bike and carries his tools with a bike-trailer (or leaves them at a job site until that job is done). He is affordable and conscientious. He is a bit laid back though, not always punctual, partially because he may have other jobs going at the same time. He's generous when it comes to accounting for his hours (for example, he would usually not charge for trips to the hardware store to get supplies). He has worked for us on and off over the last 4 months, and we have been very satisfied with the results. Brendan can be reached at 510-235-4673 Kathleen

Albert Cano, my neighbor, is a very versatile handyman. He's very experienced with electrical and plumbing problems, has done just about everything - roofing, painting, gardening, tile, concrete, and remodeling like your cabinets. He does the little stuff with a fine hand. He recently fixed a very fussy antique lock for me, and rebuilt a window that I wanted to save. His wife Lola does his scheduling and she is a very sweet lady. Albert is at 510-593-3334. linda

I highly recommend Mark Feinberg. I have used him for a number of projects. He is a fine finish carpenter who also does handyman work. He is creative in non-expensive workarounds, meticulous and extemely reasonable and honest. Mark Feinberg Mobile: 510-282-7472 mark [at] there.net cjs

Over the years, I've hired various handymen to help me with my North Berkeley house. I've found such a treasure now that I wanted to share with BPN members. Mike Zinser is fabulous: friendly, fast, skilled, and very reasonably priced. He charges $25 - $50 an hour for him and/or members of his small crew. They can do a range of handymen jobs: Excellent painting, decks, fences, dryrot repair, doors, windows and siding, remodeling of kitchen and baths. They do not do addition, foundation or roofs. His team has painted the interior and exterior of my house - no drips, they cleaned up all the debris and are super fast. They have also built my backyard fence, installed new windows, rebuilt rotten window sashes, and showed up once in 15 minutes when I had a flooding emergency. He is great at thinking through options and providing detailed estimates. I actually feel like he is a partner in keeping my house in good condition. I can't recommend him enough: Mike Zinser, phone: (510) 684-0053 and 548-7497, Mike's Remodeling and Home Repair, CA License # B 842502 Annie

I want to highly recommend Julio Juarez of JJ's Handyman. Julio has done several jobs (electric, cement, carpentry) for us at our North Berkeley home. I know he also does kitchen and bathroom remodeling, tile work, drywall, decks and fencing and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him to do such jobs if I had the need. Julio is highly skilled, highly professional and always delivers excellent work per the agreed time and money arrangements. His prices are very fair and he's a pleasure to deal with. He can be reached at 510-851-0071. His English is excellent. Far and away the best experience our family has had with renovations and repairs ever! Jenny

Looking for a great reliable handyman

Jan 2012

Hello, I'm looking for recomendations for a handyman for siding repair, we also need someone for a few other odd jobs like installing a new front door, please let me know if you can recommend anyone. Thanks! mom of two

I recommend HIGHLY that you use a licensed contractor. Berkley requires a permit for siding repair -- CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! I use Greg Watson. He's been in the business for years, and has license and insurance. I've used a lot of workers in the past, and every time I used an unlicensed person I've been disappointed. I guess if you know how things should be done correctly, and can oversee what the guy is doing it would be OK, but - heck - I don't know whether it's being done correctly or not until there's a problem. Well, anyway Greg's number is 510-223-1541 (office) and 510-374- 8070 (cell). I have recommended him to lots of people on the BPN, and now they all brag about him. Good luck! Marilyn

We can highly recommend Ignacio Arechiga for any household project- He and his team are trustworthy, and have done many projects for us and our neighbors. His specialities include concrete, decks, electrical, floors, plumbing, stucco and outdoor hardscape project. You can reach him at 510-827-7518. He speaks excellent English and employs only family or close friends. Nancy

I have used a wonderful handyman. He can do mostly everything and is very creative with solutions. His name is Ken Norris , geapman [at] gmail.com and 925-787-2800 Ken is reasonably priced, very easy to work with and a great guy. Joyce

I can highly recommend Jaime Fletcher for all household repair and handyman services. He is a father of two in Oakland and is about as honest as they come. He was a carpenter for years and switched to doing small jobs and handyman work in 2011. He is incredibly thorough, kind, detail oriented and really knows his stuff. He will explain all of his work to you as well. For me he has worked on a range of jobs from putting up pictures to building a security fence. He can be reached at fletcher.jaime [at] gmail.com or 510-418-3128. anita

Over the last several years we have really come to rely on Tom Boynton, a very capable and careful handyman. I don't know the full range of his skills, but he seems to be able to do everything we have needed him to do, including painting, minor finish carpentry, drywall repair, door installation, minor electrical, etc.

Once, in the midst of a winter storm when our sump pump gave out and our basement suddenly flooded, Tom dropped what he was doing and rushed out to an equipment rental place in Oakland and within an hour he was at our place with industrial fans and space heaters to help dry the basement and limit the water damage. He was a real lifesaver.

Most recently we asked him to replace our front door, which had started to bow. He spent a lot of time on the phone with people at Home Depot, Ashby Lumber, etc getting prices and sizes. And he even made a trip to Home Depot to check the quality of the fiberglass doors before making a recommendation to us. He provided us first with a detailed explanation of material and labor costs so we could choose the best option. He really goes above and beyond. Highly recommended.

His contacts: Thomas Boynton tomcboynton [at] yahoo.com (510)390 6455 jason

Just had a great experience with Jaime Fletcher, a father of two who works as a handyman 3 days a week and on week-ends. He's overqualified for the job. He's also a finish carpenter and can do minor plumbing and electrical work, and works with an electrician and plumber, if you wish. He helped us find the source of a leak, which was amazing. He also helped us, for a fee, check out someone who could do a bigger project than he had time for. His recommendation was terrific, too. We recommend him wholeheartedly. 510-418-3128 fletcher.jaime [at] gmail.com Judith B

Marco Florian, is a great handyman. He has done numerous jobs in our home and properties as well. He has done plumbing,tiling,carpentry, etc. He has also experience remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. He can work on weekends or evenings if needed; Marco always goes the extra mile and his rates are very reasonable. He is reliable, polite, creative, good nature man. You can reach Marco directly at 510-301-5629 or marco.a.florian [at] gmail.com Ana

Danny Beltram (Diamond Handyman) does great work, and is very reliable! 510-414-1032. laura

I highly recommend Mark Feinberg. Mark has done a large number of jobs for me including building a new floor under the sink, helping remove old flooring, installing lights and curtain rods, patching holes in a ceiling and other jobs. Mark is a finish carpenter so he is highly skilled at carpentry but can do a lot more than that. He is meticulous, honest to a fault and (this is important given past experience with handymen) will tell you if he is not the best person for a job. Mark Feinberg Mobile: 510-282-7472 mark [at] there.net carol

Very prompt, conscientious and self reliant, Darryl Pulley is a handyman who listens to your need(s), proposes options that address them and gets the job done without disrupting your schedule. He can be reached by calling (510) 379-0152 tomye

Handy man/woman for earthquake proofing + odd jobs

Jan 2012

Looking for someone who can install straps on our tall furniture (bookshelves, bunk, etc.) as well as finish/do various other odd jobs such as install curtain railing and wall hooks and paint a small amount of trim that is peeling. Need someone who knows what to do as far as the earthquake proofing is concerned (secure to studs, etc.) and who is precise enough that curtains and hooks etc. will be straight on the wall! Anon

The Handychick is the best for these types of jobs. I've used her services to build a storage unit as well as for small electrical jobs, painting, and the like. She is courteous, on-time, and reasonable. Contact her at 415-713-6974. Monique

Need skilled handyman

Oct 2011

We need the contact information of someone we can call to replace a broken window, fix a light fixture, do various handyman tasks that come up, on an as- needed basis. Someone multi-skilled and calm. We're in North Berkeley near Arlington Circle.

I have to recommend Peter Gill (510-387-0103), whom I found on BPN several years ago. His carpentry skills are amazing! He is very conscientious, ensuring that each job, no matter how small, is done correctly and to my satisfaction. I am very pleased to have found such a talented handyman. And... his prices are very reasonable! Happy Homeowner

I would try Amir of Integral Home Improvements at (510) 904-2786. He is wonderfully skilled, trustworthy, sensible and reasonably priced. We have used him over the years on smaller projects of window replacement and repair, as well as larger projects including a complete master bedroom and bath remodel. Christine

Handy Person for Small Jobs

Sept 2011

Hi. I'm moving and need someone to help with small things around the house, like fixing picture hook marks on the wall, touch up painting and small jobs like that. Thanks

I recommend Diane Dring at diane2543 [at] comcast.net or 510- 915-4039. She is cheerful, reliable and can do all sorts of carpentry, painting, and fix-its. Isadora


August 2011

We are looking for recommendations of a handyman/carpenter to do various medium-sized projects, like enlarging and improving a small attic space, creating a door into a closet, etc. Thank you for your referrals.

I highly recommend Marco Florian, he is a great handyman, carpenter, painter, plumber, tiler etc. He has done numerous jobs in our home. He can work on weekends or evenings if needed; Marco always goes the extra mile and his rates are very reasonable. He is reliable, polite, creative, good nature man. YOu can reach Marco at 510-301- 5629 or marco.a.florian [at] gmail.com adf

I can highly recommend Mark Feinberg (Mobile: 510-282-7472 mark [at] there.net) as a handyman/carpenter. He recently rebuilt a cupboard for us in our garage. It was a miserable job. He had to work in a very tight space that required much measuring and realigning. Mark diligently tackled the project, giving us a space that we now are very happy with at a reasonable rate.

His skills include general interior repair (plaster, drywall, painting and all related carpentry); trim carpentry (installing decorative moldings, hanging/correcting/trimming doors and windows, installing baseboards); installing cabinetry in kitchens and baths (general ''remodeling'' so long as the projects are not too large for him to do alone); building and repairing stairs and decks; hanging mirrors and paintings; working with plumbing and electrical fixtures but those that are ''in the room'' as opposed to installing new plumbing systems or rewiring inside the walls (both of which should be done according to code by licensed/insured contractors). Feel free to contact me if you have questions about Mark and his work. lmac

Reliable handyman needed

June 2011

I have tried to get a reliable handyman to do some work at our Berkeley house, and have not had any luck. We are getting frustrated as a few 'highly recommended' folks have either not called us back, have come over and then said they were to busy or come over done work and then disappeared. Can someone recommend a handyman that would be reliable. We have an old craftsman with potentially a lot to do, and definitely a few bigger projects to start. They will have to be somewhat skilled. Anon

I don't know if my recommendation was posted about Arturo Arreola. Anyway, is is amazing. He is a train in tiling, has completed all sorts of work including complete kitchens, baths, fences, roofs, etc. Call him, great price, honest: 510-725-5920. Steve

Our friend and contractor Nick Ridge of NM Ridge Construction (nmridgeframing.com -510-860-0391) is a highly talented contractor, now starting to get his name known as a 'handyman extraordinaire,' due to a decrease in large jobs during the economic downturn. He can design (Nic used to be a drafter for the city of Berkeley) do small projects, decks, arbors, outbuildings, do window installs or repairs, leak investigation and repair, garage doors replacement or customization, tile, plumbing, cabinet installs, etc. He is unbelievably hard working and honest and has a great 'bedside manner,' always willing to problem solve and discuss options, never treating people like they don't know the industry and don't deserve to know all their options. He is smart, creative and fair. He is the best! Feel free to email me for more info. Louisa

I highly recommend Danny Beltram of Diamond Handyman Service. He does great work and is very reliable! 510-414-1032

Marc Lencl recently did some fine handiwork at my home. He replaced and repaired French doors and threshold, painted, replaced doorlocks, and changed a lighting fixture. He is prompt, reliable, fair, and can do almost anything. Find him at 510763-7438 and tell him Bonnie sent you! bonnie

I highly recommend George Takash. He is experienced,he has been working in the El Cerrito-Berkley area for over 35 years, and has good references.He is a talented ,honest reliable, responsible person.George has wonderful work ethics. He has not worked for me because I rent but he has worked for 3 of my landlords and many people I know or have worked for(babysitting, house sitting).I've only heard rave reviews. He keeps a really clean work site.He does almost all handyman work. He also is a professorial carpenter,he does fences, decks etc,excellent painter, he also does tile work, bathroom and other remodeling, doors and windows. He does it all extremely well and creatively. As you are looking for someone good and reliable, he is also looking for good clients who treat him honestly and fair also. Please don't call him if you are looking for the cheapest work and just want as many bids from a bunch of different workers,or just want to take and use his ideas, and shine him on. He works so hard when he does bids and runs around checking on prices. It really goes both ways. If you are interested in his contact information please email me Thank You. Wendy

Abraham Lubaton is a licensed contractor who is great at handyman type work. No job is too small. He develops creative solutions and works on all sorts of household projects including but not limited to windows, plumbing and general fix-it type work. He is also available for larger remodeling and building projects. Give him a call. He is responsive, reliable and reasonably priced. You can reach him at 510.715.0448. AC

Ben Conrad is an excellent and reliable handyman. He has rebuilt a number of things in my home, including a craftsman porch pillar that had completely rotted. He has experience with all aspects of home building and repair. He even built an entire cottage for my neighbor, plumbing and foundation included. In addition, he has advised me on home repairs that I ended up being able to do myself. I know a lot of people who have hired Ben and they've all been really satisfied. 510-517-9488 conradben [at] hotmail.com happy customer

Very reliable, prompt, hard working, fair priced, skilled and creative . . . highest recommendation for Ben Conrad 510-517-9488. Mike B.

We've had a great experience with handyman and contractor Juan Vazquez. While we're homeowners, we're definitely not do-it-yourself people, or even very handy. Luckily, we found Juan and he's done a number of different sized projects for us: from carpentry to pluming to electric work. The work has been great, he talks through the project with us so we understand our choices before he starts, and he and his crew are great to have around the house, mellow and courteous. Now we're happy to know we have someone we can call for that long list of house projects! Call Juan at 510-472-9334, or his business partner Glen Larsen at 510-232-9122. Christa D.

I would recommend Bebe Construction, (510) 566-6685. Bebe has done several jobs for us in and around our old house, including emergency plumbing work, non-emergency plumbing work, building a new fence, and he's about to help us install a new floor. On every job, he has been reliable and professional. His work has been excellent, and he has stuck by his quoted price for the work despite running into numerous problems along the way on several jobs (it's an old house!) that created a lot more work than anticipated. He has also been incredibly generous - while building our new fence, he found himself with some spare time while his helper cleaned up, so he took the opportunity to re-level the patio doors that had been sticking! He's been a true find, and I will be relying on him for all our general contractor/handyman jobs in the future. Bebe construction - (510) 566-6685. Eben

Nazario Medina (510) 712-3506, is far more than handyman. He is a very honest worker who could probably build you house. He'll work on small jobs or large, inside and outside the home. Nazario is great at repairing and reusing, and treats your house with respect. He's done sturdy decking and patio work for me, and I've seen really nice wallboard and perfect wall and trim painting he's done for others. I believe he can also tile and build you a bathroom! He was available for work when I asked him recently, so give him call! InAlbany

I highly recommend Tomas Guindon, for all types of home maintenance, as well as landscaping design, installation (including carpentry) and repairs. Tomas has worked multiple times for us on our current, and former home, in Piedmont/Oakland. Tomas Guindon recently designed and built a beautifully constructed fence for us, and the three neighbors who border our property. Working with so many parties, as well as managing the permitting with the local planning commission, would normally be tricky. Tomas not only satisfied our needs, but was highly praised by our neighbors as well.

Tomas has done the following work for us at two locations: fence design, permitting and construction, poured concrete pads and built concrete retaining walls, built rock pathways, installed outdoor lighting and electrical boxes, moved and improved the sprinkling system, rebuilt wood decks, and designed and built planter boxes. Tomas is particularly good at listening to, and understanding the goals of his clients, and problem solving when new things come up during a project.

Tomas is knowledgeable and conscientious about sustainable building techniques. He is careful to maximize the longevity of the project by safeguarding that the correct materials are used. I have found that Tomas, and his crew (all very skilled) can always be reached if there is a question, never cut corners on our projects and take pride in their work. I encourage you to contact Tomas Guindon: (510 520-0204, tomasguindon [at] hotmail.com - Jean

We would recommend Ben Conrad (510-517-9488). He's helped us fixed several things around the house: replacing window panes, extending roof drains, and stripping/painting window sills. Each task was done neatly and with attention to detail. He's organized and easy to work with, gives us a rough estimate and timeline at the beginning, and follows through to the end of the project. We would definitely work with Ben again. Carrie

Handy Man posting. Although Travis is a licensed general contractor and quite skilled at bigger jobs, I've also used him for some smaller projects around the house. Travis was even thoughtful enough to lower his rates to reflect the fact that the work didn't really require a licensed contractor so I ended up getting the skill and craftmanship of an experienced contractor for the price of a handyman. Travis fixed some areas on my porch as well as sanded and beautifully restored my large mahogany front door. I know that he is interested in taking on smaller projects these days due to the fall in the economy and the simple reality that the big contractor jobs simply aren't as plentiful and receive multiple bids. Sometimes Travis will even bring extra lunch to share with you! You can contact Travis at 925-899-7438 or by email at traviseaton76 [at] gmail.com. Anonymous

Looking for Handy Person in El Sobrante area

April 2011

I have an a small apartment complex in El Sobrante and am looking for a recommendation for a handy person to do small repair/maintenance jobs. Thank you so much. von

Give Thomas Banks a try 'Honey Be Handy'. He lives in El Sobrante. I've used him on several occasions and have been pretty happy with his work. 510-978-5679. tommy.banks [at] sbcglobal.net Jean

Handyman needed in Berkeley!

April 2011

HI, I would like a recommendation for an all around Handyman - who can do everything from changing light fixtures, painting touch ups, light wall repairs, toilet seat installations, etc... Thank you! Keri

I highly recommend Allison Consulting (510.406.8251). Jeff has been doing general handyman and carpentry work throughout the East Bay for over 30 years and is great. I've hired him to fix miscellaneous things around the house. I have a few friends that he has done remodels for as well. He is very friendly and his prices are reasonable. Please feel free to email me if you have questions about his work. Shannon

I recommend Tomas Guindon, who has done all sorts of things at my house from building a huge deck to installing ceiling fans. I've always been happy with his work and he is a great pleasure to work with. anonymous

I can highly recommend Mark Feinberg (Mobile: 510-282-7472 mark [at] there.net) as a handyman/carpenter. He recently rebuilt a cupboard for us in our garage. It was a miserable job. He had to work in a very tight space that required much measuring and realigning. Mark diligently tackled the project, giving us a space that we now are very happy with at a reasonable rate. His skills include general interior repair (plaster, drywall, painting and all related carpentry); trim carpentry (installing decorative moldings, hanging/correcting/trimming doors and windows, installing baseboards); installing cabinetry in kitchens and baths (general 'remodeling' so long as the projects are not too large for him to do alone); building and repairing stairs and decks; hanging mirrors and paintings; working with plumbing and electrical fixtures but those that are 'in the room' as opposed to installing new plumbing systems or rewiring inside the walls (both of which should be done according to code by licensed/insured contractors). Feel free to contact me if you have questions about Mark and his work. lmac

Handyman for various problems and partial deck replacement

March 2011

Anyone know of a good handyman who can help with a variety of deferred maintenance problems? Partial deck replacement, leaky windows, doors that won't close, replacement of a fence are just a few of the things that need someone who is competent and dependable. Please advise. Thank you. Chris

Why look for a handyman-I know a great handywoman! Shazam has maintained my home for over twenty years with ingenuity and good humor. An outstanding problem solver. Everywhere I look in my house I can see her improvements, repairs, and upgrades. Everything from gate design and installation, a new front door, a bathroom fan/heater ceiling fixture, major fence and deck repairs, to building closet shelves, painting and dry wall repair. She is also an experienced landscaper and installed an excellent drip system for my garden. She has given me lots of simple plumbing and curtain hardware assistance and she replaced a major part on my washer very efficiently. She even designed and built my tap dance floor! She has a keen eye for detail and her design skills are remarkable. She really can do anything and save you money on the way with her ecological approach of preserving the functional and replacing only what is necessary. Highly recommended! Extra bonus-she cleans up after her work, so your house isn't trashed after a project. You can reach her at shazamcan [at] gmail.com (510)681-8207 Margo

I've hired Manuel Ventura on 2 or 3 occasions and he is a pleasant person who does good work, works hard, and charges less than most handymen, probably because his English is a bit spotty. I don't remember the exact rate he charged, but it was the lowest I had found. He has been reviewed on Yelp, and last time I checked the reviews were good. My only complaint is that he was significantly late on one occasion. His number is 510-517-1561. Thea

I have been using Joe O and have been very pleased. http://joeoconstruction.com Carleigh

I can highly recommend Mark Feinberg (Mobile: 510-282-7472 mark [at] there.net) as a handyman/carpenter. He recently rebuilt a cupboard for us in our garage. It was a miserable job. He had to work in a very tight space that required much measuring and realigning. Mark diligently tackled the project, giving us a space that we now are very happy with at a reasonable rate.

His skills include general interior repair (plaster, drywall, painting and all related carpentry); trim carpentry (installing decorative moldings, hanging/correcting/trimming doors and windows, installing baseboards); installing cabinetry in kitchens and baths (general 'remodeling' so long as the projects are not too large for him to do alone); building and repairing stairs and decks; hanging mirrors and paintings; working with plumbing and electrical fixtures but only those that are 'in the room' as opposed to installing new plumbing systems or rewiring inside the walls (both of which should be done according to code by licensed/insured contractors). Feel free to contact me if you have questions about Mark and his work. lm

John Grivas of Bay Area Deck and Remodel would be an excellent choice for the partial deck replacement. He can give you a detailed estimate and he is a pleasant person and reasonably priced. www.badar.org phone # 510-533-6131 Sara

Our handyman is David Ruiz. He has done a variety of jobs for us and been reasonable, timely and responsive. In fact, a couple of times he suggested alternate ways of making a repair that saved us money! David Ruiz- (510) 499- -3196 or (510) 368-0177. Happy Handyman Client

Dave Wingate did a number of projects for us - installed an exterior door, carved out an opening in our crawlspace, fixed hardwood floor. He's managed buildings in the East Bay for a long time so has the skills and connections to get stuff done! He can be reached at: savvydavid [at] yahoo.com k.

Dave Wingate is the quintessential handyman. My sis-in-law recommended him, and the results of his work exceeded our expectations-- not our budget. He has a great eye for the little things that need work in and around a house. We used him for a variety of small projects: leaky sink, diverting water from our shower to prevent a soft/moldy wall, finding a solution (that still works) for our towel rack that had fallen out of the wall at least 5 times prior, etc. He's a good guy, a dad, and so easy to work with. Have I said enough good things about him? Here is his email address: savvydavid [at] yahoo.com Jesse

Awesome Handyman Needed

Jan 2011

Hello! My wife and I are looking for recommendations on a great handyman that can help with a variety of old-house related needs including (but not limited to) drywall repair, interior painting and general maintenance. Of course we are also looking for someone who is reasonably priced as well. Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Fred

Do I have the awesome handyman for you. My neighbor, Jeff Rogers -- CAN DO ANYTHING! and I'm not kidding. Friendly, reasonably priced, really competent. (510) 230-5721, or jeff [at] self-sustainingcommunities.org Linda

I've been using Howard Shamy and love the quality of his work and the response I get from him. He used to have his contractor's licence so has a deep background in how to do things properly. Plus he's old school, and is terrific with Dry Rot. I find his prices very reasonable, by the way. he can be reached at (925) 389-1035 Julie

I would recommend Tomas Guindon tomasguindon [at] hotmail.com. He has done long-term work at my house, and I have found him to be reliable, honest, and very competent. happy customer

I love working with Oscar. He is honest, reasonably priced and very conscientious. He has installed windows, painted, done repairs of various sorts, etc and has worked on a friend's major house renovations with a contractor. I highly recommend him. Oscar 510.384-8733. a happy homeowner

Hi, I am recommending Kermit Franks as a handyman- his number is 707 537 7642. He has been working in the bay area for several decades and is well versed in all aspects of home repair and remodel. Thanks- Vanessa

We would like to recommend Neil Dunham at 510.684.0429/ neil [at] ndassoc.com for the jobs you posted as well as more complicated jobs around the house. He has done electrical and light construction for us in addition to jobs like the ones you described. He is reasonably priced and very trustworthy! He also lives in the neighborhood. Feel free to email us with any questions. dougandkrista

We use Gregory Hubbard of Creative Home Repair! He is a one-man wonder, knows everything about houses and upkeep, rides everywhere on his bicycle, and is extremely reasonable and fair. He has replaced 8 feet of pipe under our house, repaired bathtub leak under the house, takes digital photos while down there so you can see before and after shots of his work. He even put up shelves for me, installed water heater and dishwasher and stove, and really anything else including full remodels of bathrooms and kitchens. Contact him at 415-225-6802 (he lives in Berkeley) or babywhitething [at] yahoo.com Emily

I would like to recomend George Takash. He is an excellent carpenter,painter and can do almost all handyman work. He has worked in the Berkeley, El Cerito area for over 30 years and can give you recomendations. He has not worked for me since I rent but has worked for 3 of my landlords (on my place and others),many neighbors, friends and people I have worked for.He does excellent work, is very tidy,responsible,reliable,honest,has wonderful work ethics and is very talented. He is reseasonable priced,but not really cheap, but you do get what you pay for,I think.He has built decks,fences,put in doors, window etc. If you are interested. His phone # is 510-231-0558 email me if you want more info. Wendy

Our family HIGHLY recommends Paul Boyce. He is more than a handyman - he is a skilled carpenter and amazing 'jack of all trades.' We bought an older, historic home and he did literally 100 small jobs for us including plumbing, light electrical, building desks and cabinets, trim work, fixing doorknobs, trim, redoing a bathroom, building walls and a closet in the basement, building a chicken coop, fixing outdoor fences and walls, hanging artwork, putting fabric up on walls and MUCH MORE. He is a lovely person and totally trustworthy. You can give him your housekey with no hesitation. At our home he comes and goes on his own - several years after our move-in he still has access and continues to help out whenever we need something done. Earlier in his career he worked for a large firm and was in charge of 'punch lists' - all the small finishing work on jobs when the 'big stuff' is done. Paul Boyce - paulericboyce [at] gmail.com. North Berkeley Homeowner

I have a great handy man- he does all kinds of work, very nice, reliable, honest, and reasonable: Dion Frank, (510) 472-6032 happy home owner

Octavio Moreno is definitely your guy. I found his recommendation from BPN a few months ago, and was not disappointed. Extremely skilled (was a mechanic, electrician, and builder in Mexico). Will take small or big jobs (wont turn down a job if he can do it). Kind and responsible (made the experience). Knows & can do everything (from taking apart and installing a new kitchen, to fixing your truck, literally. Charges $25/hr (should charge more). I used him to paint and put in flooring in my new office studio. He had great suggestions & did a better job than I could have imagined. Has his own tools, saws, ladders, paint supplies etc. Call him! Octavio Moreno: 925-435-2242. Im happy to be a reference. rg

2009 - 2010 Recommendations

Handyman with experience to work on an old craftsman

Dec 2010

Hi we are looking for a handyman that is Experienced in working on old craftsman homes. We have a variety of things that need to be done including windows restored/worked on. Carpentry experience is ideal.

i can highly recommend michael singer....he is an experienced handy man..plus...patient, intelligent, good communicator, high esthetic sense, detail oriented, organized & honest. can be reached at: m_singer [at] mac.com cintra

Dagoberto Garcia (Dago's Gardening) has done numerous jobs for us over the past few years. He has replaced a fence (beautiful work) and repaired another one, skillfully trims our trees yearly, keeps our irrigation system operating, and is generally wonderful at troubleshooting problems we may be having in the yard. He also installs French drains. His rates are fair. He's honest and great to work with. My husband and I highly recommend his work. You can contact him for free estimates at garciaysna [at] sbcglobal.net or 510 233-1569 or 510 604-7555 (cell) lma

All around handyman needed

Nov 2010

in need of a handyman that can do it all! our needs are minor, but a lot of things need repair, such as...
-hang shelves -fix light switch -fix sliding closet doors -fix doorbell -fix wooden gate
possibly a few larger jobs if we're pleased with the work, but you get the idea! please email if you can recommend someone reliable and reasonable. we live near grand/lake and would need someone who can work on saturdays or sundays. thx!

In response to the handyman needed posting I can recommend Kermit Franks. He is definitely a jack of all trades and very experienced doing everything from building shelves to completing additions on homes. He is also local and has been working in the bay area for many years. His phone number is 707 537 7642; anon

I suggest you call Richard Smith (510) 295-9670. I have used him for repairs on my store on Grand Ave on several occasions, and he has the skills and intelligence to take care of large as well as small jobs. stu

I cannot say enough about Larry Gray. Larry is the smartest, most thorough 'handyman' around, meaning hardly a handyman, he has fixed small things for us, built a shed, moved a large structure, the whole range, I cannot recommend Larry highly enough, even at the risk of his being too busy. You can reach him at lrgray629 [at] gmail.com and 510-524-1510. Alice

I very highly recommend Bill Fletcher for carpentry and all- around handyperson work. His rates are reasonable and his work is good. I have used him for several projects around my home. He can be reached at: Bill Fletcher 510.914.0291 berkeleyhandyman [at] aol.com Margo

I recommend Andrew Poyner for general handyman work. He is well-versed in carpentry, construction, and metalwork. Some jobs of his that come to mind : He has built a deck for our back door, installed custom copper counter-tops in our kitchen, created custom light fixtures, cabinet-making, skylight installation, tear-down and installation of our entire roof, raised and re-built water damaged corner of our house/foundation, drywall and plaster restoration, and the list goes on... However, he is very good with creating metalwork as well, such as railings, gates, hardware, etc. poynerandrew [at] hotmail.com 510-467-4787 Eric

Handyman/carpenter for front porch stairs

Oct 2010

We are looking for someone with experience rebuilding wooden front stairs to our 100+ year old home in Oakland. This involves some re-creation of the original design which was torn down before we bought the house and replaced with something that could be generously called boring. Thank you. ::Oakland homeowner

I've recommended Tom Hoeber of North Berkeley Home Improvement for other requests in the past. He is the ideal all-around handyman for carpentry, plumbing and electric (small and larger jobs not requiring license or permit). He has done work for us in all of these areas--economically, reliably and amiably. 510-496-5688 tomhoeber [at] yahoo.com Carol

I'd call Howard Shamy who does wonderful handyman work. He used to be a general contractor so has deep skills, plus he is so creative! I had him do a tricky installation of a very heavy oak whiteboard in my office and he made it look so easy. Plus he is very fair in his rates. He can be reached at (925) 389-1035. You'll be glad you met him! Julie G

I would highly recommend Chris Romer (917-684-6807) for your project -- it sounds right up his alley. Chris has done a few projects for our family, most recently building a raised bed garden plot at our community garden (feel free to stop by the garden -- Northside Community Garden, on Northside Avenue off Hopkins in Berkeley -- you won't have to ask which plot Chris did as it will be clear by his artistry!). In addition to carpentry, Chris is a wood sculptor and it shows in his work. He comes up with creative ways of approaching problems and executes the work beautifully. On top of that, his fee is really reasonable. Can't recommend him enough!

Handyman needed to replace old toilets

Oct 2010

Need handyman with plumbing experience to replace two old toilets. Pls advise. anon

I highly recomend Marco Florian, he has done numerous jobs in our house, including replacing of toilets and tile of our bathrooms; he is an excellent painter as well. He is very creative, reliable, honest and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with his work. He can work on weekends as well. His number is 510-301-5629 ANA

Need handyman to install 2 child safety gates

Oct 2010

We already have the gates, but just need a handyman to install them. Our staircase is oddly shaped, and the walls are hard to drill through. We need someone who can install the gates correctly without destroying our walls and bannister. We called the Childproofer service, but they won't come unless we buy the gates from them. They also had an attitude about this. We live in El Cerrito clueless parent

Jeff Rogers has done all kinds of great work for us. The safety gate installation might be too small of a job, but you might want to call him and ask! his number is 510 918 9472 Eliana

Handyman for a few minor tasks

Sept 2010

I'm looking for a handyperson to do a few odd jobs in our apartment -- hanging shelves, bolting bookcases to the walls, installing a towel rack. None of these things is particularly difficult but we don't have the tools. I don't imagine these would take very long. Thanks for your recommendations. Kathleen

I highly recommend Danny Beltram (Diamond Handyman)510-633-1488. He does great work, (he's a real perfectionist!)and has solved many problems around the house for us. laura

North Berkeley Home Improvement has done many jobs for us - carpentry, small electrical and plumbing. Tom Hoeber is a delightful guy with fair pricing and reliability: call 495-5688 Carol

I have a great handyman, he helped me with all kinds of things when I bought my house- replacing the back door, simple bathroom re-model (installed slate tile floor, replaced sink and shower stall), and several other small odd jobs: Dion Frank (510) 472-6032 happy home owner

Handyman for a few jobs around the house

Sept 2010

Anyone know an experienced handyman who could do a few jobs around the house like replace our front door, replace some ceiling sheet rock in the kitchen ceiling (and anything found once its opened up) and install a ceiling fan? We live in El Cerrito. Cleaning up after a day's work is preferable since we have a toddler. Thanks! Beth

For general handyman work, we strongly encourage you to call Juan Guzman, who has his own business in Richmond. He is licensed, punctual, careful and does very good work. Juan is also a genuinely nice person. Best of all for your project, he is the proud father of a toddler and will understand your concerns. You can see examples of his work on his website at www.goblessingconstr.com. Fan of Juan

I'd like to recommend Brian Bourke, a fantastic handyman that I have worked with for about two years. Brian is very reliable, very thorough, and even creative to help figure out unexpected challenges or unique solutions. For instance, Brian was able to construct a TV cabinet that lifts up out of a book shelf. All we did was describe how we didn't want the TV to block our view when we weren't watching it and Brian made it all happen. You can reach Brian at bbourke [at] earthlink.net or by phone at 510-703-0402. You can tell him Jason recommended him and he can provide my contact info if you'd like to hear more. Jason

Looking for a reliable handyman? I recommend Alberto Martinez. He is on time, courteous, is personable and does a great job. He did a wonderful job painting our interior stair well & hallway. He also does great work on our outdoor projects. He can be reached at 510-860-2458 You may contact me for reference. Sherry

I am almost loathe to post about this newly discovered treasure because he can do anything and he does it well. When he's not working for others, he donates his time and services to my charitable oganization. His name is Jeff Rogers; his number is 510-228-5961. Linda

I am recommending a wonderful home repair service, Andre Ventura with Swift Services and Home Repair. He has remodeled offices in Santa Clara, painted my friend's entire house in Oakland, tiled another friend's bathroom, plus much more and the work is impeccable and affordable. References available. Please call Andre if you are interested: 510-837-0068 or email: swiftventura [at] yahoo.com. Thank you, you won't be disappointed! michelle

Handyman who works hard and doesn't charge too much

July 2010

I am interested in finding a really good handyman. Ideally he's good at hanging things, solving problems creatively, speaks english well, works hard, doesn't charge too much and is, all-around, a good guy. We have a gardener we love and would recommend to anyone, but he doesn't really do handyman stuff. So, we're looking for a recommendation for someone you think is terrific! (If you could mention what you pay per hour, that would be helpful too!). We live in North Berkeley. K.S.

I can recommend a great handyman, Steve Faltis. He is hard-working and dependable with a multi-faceted skill set -- and English is his primary language. He's done a great job for me. Steve's phone number is 510-325-4668, or email him at faltis [at] sbcglobal.net David

Hello, I have a reference for a great handyman. He's done small jobs for me like repairing the drain in in the roof of my storage shed and replacing rotted out wood pieces. Sprague Handyman Services Cell: 510-301-1577 Home: 925-235-4015 Email: kpsprague [at] gmail.com Address: 3535 El Portal Dr, El Sobrante CA 94803 Carmen

We've hired Odd Job Rob several times, and he fits the bill: articulate, creative, competent and nice to have in your home. Periodically, when the list of things to do grows he comes over and does them all. He figured out a little cover for the tubing in the back of the cupboard that was there after we put in a dishwasher. He made an old TV cabinet more stable. He's grouted, put up pictures, secured a tall pantry cabinet to the wall for earthquake safety. He's even willing to assemble IKEA furniture so it's done right. He's also very upfront about what he won't do. He said he would not install the dishwasher, for example. Please call him! Three of my neighbors use him and love him, too. On his card, he lists: doors, windows, cabinets, phone jacks, miniblinds, patching, electrical, lamps, plumbing, fixtures, dead bolts, weather stripping, etc. Name is Rob Kanter 510-595-9239. Mariana in Berkeley

One more thing about Rob. His rates are really good. I think it was around $45 per hour, with the first hour being more. Mariana

We needed someone to replace a backyard fence, repair some damaged boards on our front porch and do several smaller jobs. Todd Tews, a licensed contractor based in Oakland, had done a variety of projects for several of our neighbors and they all recommended him highly as doing quality work at reasonable rates. We hired him and he exceeded our expectations. He is very organized, gives accurate price and time estimates, works efficiently and is very pleasant and trustworthy to be around. We cannot recommend him too highly. He may be contacted at 510/472-2228 or at oakrem [at] comcast.net. Happy with my repairs in Berkeley

Carpenter/handyman to put up crown molding

Dec 2009

Can anyone recommend a carpenter or good handyman that can put crown molding up in a fairly small bedroom at a reasonable price?? This might be considered too small job for most carpenters. Help!! Thanks, Anon anon

We always call Jeff Rogers, at JR's Handyman Service. He is friendly, smart and fair. He has become a good friend and always helps us find the right solution for our household problems. His number is 510 9189472. Eliana

We have used Tom Hoeber, North Berkeley Home Improvement, for jobs small and not so small. He is a great guy, reliable and reasonably priced. Call him at 495-5688. Recommended by Carol & Ralph

I recently had Carl Gaard (510-410-6812) do a number of projects including rebuilding a door that had extensive dry rot, replace the glass in the door with double paned glass, install a sidelite, align a gate, replace a thermostat and build a clear, acrylic ''awning'' over part of my deck. I was pleased with the quality of his work and the price was very reasonable. After having 4 previous handymmen turn down the job (too small ?)it was great to find someone willing to take these projects on. His e-mail address is: bugsy7gaard [at] yahoo.com Susan

I found this wonderful handyman, he is really clean and reliable. his name is Todd huff 5102824884. fred

for handyman/building projects, we've had great results with perez construction. excellent quality work, reasonable rates, nice guy, a pleasure to work with. they can handle anything from small projects to entire remodels. try will perez 415-806-3859. oaksmoke

Need a handyman to install 2 child safety gates

Sept 2009

Call Nate - 510-665-4775 Specializes in Furniture Assembly, but can also install your saftey Gates. Comes highly recommended!!! Hannah

The best handyman you'll ever find is Octavio Moreno: (925) 435-2242. He can and will do anything and everything perfectly, efficiently and reasonably ($25/hr.). Octavio is also a very nice and neat person with great English! He has virtually remodeled my entire flat: electrical, plumbing, tile work, cabinetry, and just general fix-it stuff. He's so good that I'm almost afraid to recommend him to others. Suzan

Very skilled handyman for framing, windows, and sheet rocking

Sept 2009

We are looking for a contractor or very skilled handyman for basic framing, help with window/door installation, and experience doing sheet rocking for a small house project. Please email me directly if you know someone who is good and affordable! Thanks in advance. layla

General handyman chores from leaky toilets to tile work to small electrical repairs etc. I found working with Shawn Hanna to be very economical, fast and through. His contact telephone is 510-435-1958. helen

For a handyperson, I highly recommend Guillermo Lopez, who was on time, fast-working, diligent, and excellent at managing my expectations. He helped me back in late 2007 updating my 1901 kitchen to the gorgeous modern rustic look I have now, moved entire doorways and created new window openings, insulated, dry- walled, updated electrical and installed a series of lighting systems. His number: 510-932-7725.

For a contractor, I had excellent experience with MGO Construction, headed by a young up-and-coming Matt Gober. He's very personable, understood my tight budgeting and timeline needs in building out my kitchen within 2 months, and worked hard to help me keep costs down while providing the seismic upgrades my home needed. His number: 510-847-5950. Tell 'em Verna sent you!

If you are looking for an excellent handyman Ori Avital is your guy. He does it all: dry wall, painting, woodworking, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, jobs big and small. We have an old craftsman and Ori has helped us with it all! He does excellent work and leaves the place clean, plus his rates are reasonable. Call Ori at (415) 632-2666 Kelly

As has a previous poster, I very highly recommend Ori Avital. He is careful, talented, responsive, and does great work. He has worked on many projects for me. His contact information is: oriavital [at] gmail.com 415-632-2666 Margo

Contractor/handyman for various home-improvement tasks

August 2009

Has anyone ever hired someone to supervise a number of repairs/home improvements ranging from small, one-day tasks to larger tasks. How did it work out? What was the financial arrangement? Please, no self-referrals. old house in berkeley flats -- needs work

I have to highly recommend Moshe Klugman as a handyman and beyond. he knows alot about alot of things! I called him because I needed some small work done on my rented out Richmond home, and he came over- found the problem within minutes and did not want to charge me. I since have thought I needed his help- and emailed him the problems- he has taken time several times to email me easy solutions- with no charge. I am amazed at his generosity. He is so knowledgeable in a wide variety of household stuff. I know he does big and small jobs from plumbing, electrical, lighting, painting, construction. I found him to be extremely personable and honest. A genuine good guy. I am a single woman who knows very little about such things, and I trusted Moshe completely not to take advantage of my ignorance. I can't recommend him enough. Moshe Klugman- 510 Kathy

Reasonable handyman for odd jobs

July 2009

Does anyone have any current information on a good, reasonably skilled and priced handyman to do some odd jobs (i.e. fix screen door, paint bench, install attic insulation, etc.). Must be reliable and have good communication skills. Thanks.

The best handyman you will ever hire is Ron Walters, (510) 712- 7235 I used him once and didn't stop for a few months. I have since referred him to at least 10 people in the last few years. He is a plumber by trade but also does electrical, hangs sheetrock, paints; build fences, installs kitchens, ECT. And the best part is he is very friendly and enjoys his work. kirk

I highly recommend Danny Beltram (Diamond Handyman). He has done numerous jobs at our house, and is highly skilled at painting, carpentry, and general repair. He is meticulous, reliable, honest, and personable, and a perfectionist in his work. His number is 510-633-1488, cell 510-414-1032. laura

I'd like to recommend Will Rodriguez, a very knowledgeable guy who recently headed up a renovation job on my house. The job started small, but just kept growing because I realized we were on to a good thing with Will - whatever he couldn't do, he got done by friends, cheaply. His charges are very reasonable & his work is excellent. He makes sure the site is clean before leaving & accounts for hours & money spent very well. His phone number is 510-776-9473. He is available for small jobs as well as large ones. Cassandra

For anyone who needs an experienced handyman at a reasonable price you must call ''Mighty'' Mike Grafton @ 415-515-9700. Mike is a professional in every way - he is resourceful, very knowledgeable, customer-oriented, punctual and efficient. He can advise on nearly every home project - from structural work to finish work. He and his team did an excellent job at setting up new laundry and water heater hooks ups, rerouting plumbing and electrical, and creating and installing a new window. Mike has access to a huge pool of resources for whatever the job may be. He's a great guy. amichas

I just learned that a great handyman named Kifle Zereat is looking for work. He has done many small jobs in my house and he has always been very professional. You can contact him at (510) 387-9041 Abiud

Handyman for various small jobs

June 2009

We have a number of small but nagging problems that arose while we were out of the area and renting our home: serious recaulking of kitchen and bathroom areas, some replacing of tiles in various places, possibly minor plumbing work because the kitchen hot water makes horrible noises when on, re-assembling a shed in the yard etc. We need recommendations for a good fixer-upper for things we see and use all the time(as opposed to a plumber or electrician who works on things you never see). Any ideas? Thanks Lee

Hello Lee, I highly recommend Ben Conrad 510-517-9488. He recently turned my falling down carport into a beautiful little cedar shingle cottage complete with tiled bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. At my request, he used recycled windows, doors, and sinks, and found a beautiful recycled old redwood beam for the living room area. He did basically everything with the exception of some of the electrical himself. His work was immaculate. He was thorough, personable, and full of ideas on how to get creative in order to save money and space. Hope this helps! Marie

Antonio Toro, more than just a handyman. A Handyman, Interior Designer, Organizer, and Helper par excellence, all in one. I have worked with many other organizers, repair people, carpenters and what-not. The beauty of working with Antonio, is that he can walk into a house, and room by room, transform the house. The whole house, just a room, or even just a closet. Not only does he have the vision to see the possiblities, he has the patience, the people skills, the collaborative sense, and the work ethic to get the job done and make a space the way it was meant to be, beautiful and usable. He has skills and talents to envision it, and execute...from decluttering, to color selection, to painting, and even selecting and installing reasonably priced drapes. Or he can organize a garage, fix a sink, switch out light fixtures. Every where he works, he leaves the place greatly improved. And he cleans up. What more can I say? 4153360406. Blackjax23 [at] gmail.com. http://sites.google.com/site/evolutioninteriorsolutions/home

I highly recommend my handyman, Albert Cano. I first hired him to tile a kitchen floor. He and his helpers did a beautiful job and the price was very reasonable. Since then, I've had him back to do a variety of small jobs, including plumbing, electrical and carpentry. He also remodels kitchens/bathrooms, installs wood floors and carpets--everything. His work is always clean, neat, professional, and keeps working after he's finished! And, the price is always right. His number is (510) 593-3334. Good luck, Diana

June 2009

We live in an older home in Piedmont/Oakland area. We're looking for a reliable carpenter/handyman for a few small projects in our home ie: old wooden window repair, re-hang a door, fix a broken hinge on kitchen cabinet, etc... Any recommendations? Thanks! -DM

I know a great carpenter: Davey Bruce 510-541-0199 doghair [at] gmail.com

Michael Hoff is an excellent carpenter who is very reasonably priced and will take on small or large jobs. He has done various work on our family house rebuilding stair, installing windows and cabinets and building a deck. His work is superb. His number is (925) 695-5255 Rikki

I highly recommend Marco Florian,he is very handy and has done several jobs for me and other friends. He is trustworthy, reliable, creative and afordable.Very easy to work with. You can contact him directly @ 510-301-5629 Ana

I am writing to recommend Mark Feinberg( 510-282-7472) as handyman, with a specialty in carpentry (he tells me that he doesn?t know plumbing or electricity well enough to specialize in them). Off and on I have used recommendations from the BPN, always with good success till the last time. Given my experience I looked for recommendations through friends. Mark worked for many years as a finish carpenter for a firm that restored Victorians. He transitioned to sales of building materials but was recently laid off. He decided to return to his original specialty of home repair. I did not use him for fine carpentry, so cannot speak to that.

He helped me paint a kitchen plus assorted other home repairs. I have nothing but good things to say. He arrived on time, initially established work spaces that would not interfere with my use of the home, and cleaned up after our work each day. He did not mind my helping him to save money (I did the easy stuff) and instructed me as we worked.

Because of his long history in home renovation, he made multiple suggestions about things I could do at various levels of cost. More importantly, he because he was a part of a renovation company, he understands how a house works, so is able to ?see? things I would not think of. He was meticulous in his work, and his rates were appreciably below other estimates that I got.

And finally, since he was an undergraduate English major, he recommended a couple of authors that I haven?t read. carol

April 2009

Various things in my condo home are now in need or repair or replacement - triple electric switch in bathroom, interior door lock/handles, recaulking the bathtub, towel rack loose, painting trim on frame etc... it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to get a handyman with so few jobs!! I have tried rounding up some more but really that is all there is - except for future patio tiling etc when I have more $$! I have called various handyman from UC parents network also yelp and google generally but either they don't call back when I say what the jobs are or want to charge $100's or are min 4 hours! It's at least 2+ hours of work. Can anyone please help me with the name and contact information for a handyman willing to come to Alameda and do some small jobs in my home? I will contact them as soon as this appears in my email. Thank you so much!! Mary

I highly recommend Diamond Handyman, (Danny Beltram) 510-633-1488. He has done outstanding carpentry, painting, and repairs in my home, and he is extremely reliable and personable. lauraanne

Mary, you need small fixit jobs on a bathroom electric switch, a door handle, bathtub recaulking, painting trim, screwing down a towel rack...

Any one of these could be a 5 minute job or a 2 day job ... it depends on what's wrong and how well you'd like the repair done.

Example: Bathtub recaulking. Maybe you just need some caulk on top of the old stuff? Or do you want the old caulk removed first? Or do you just need cleaning of some black mold growing on the existing caulk. Is the tub separating from the wall, such that it needs tile repairs as well? Might there be a caulking opening around the faucets which, in turn, has allowed water to leak into the framing of the wall behind the tile ... this means a great deal of work if the framing is gotten rotten.

Seldom can a good worker give a reasonable estimate until they've spent at least a few minutes (and often longer!) thinking through what needs to be done and discussing it with you. Now, think about how long it takes to drive from my place in Berkeley to your house in Alameda. (I guess it's half an hour each way ... so just to visit you will cost an hour of my day)

Naturally, you want to spend as little as possible - especially since these jobs address annoyances, not severe problems. Realize that while one person may want the absolute minimum cost on a job; another may want to spend more so as to minimize dust from lead paint or to have the smoothest caulking job or the most assurance that nothing else is wrong.

Suggestion: Learn how to do minor jobs around the house. Tell schools that we need to teach basic handiwork skills (like how to use a screwdriver, how to measure voltage, how to organize a kitchen, and how to cook a meal) Respect those who have spent time honing these skills. A guy that fixes things

*For the three Handyman requests:* I recommended Glen Larsen in the last Home & Garden digest, when others wanted the same thing. It's still current in my mind because I just had him do many follow-up/remaining tasks:

For a Handyman, and all those repairs and projects that pile up, call Glen Larsen. He will make your home work well and save you money in the process.

Here's my very recent experience: I just prepared my house to rent out. There were innumerable tasks ranging from small to large, e.g.: * replace the bathroom overhead fixture * touch-up all the chipped paint in the entire house (matching old paint colors) * build a wall in the garage for a storage space * clean/paint the kitchen (a big job!)

Glen has a crew of wonderful guys whom I enjoyed having around (very pleasant and helpful). Clearing out and preparing my house to rent was stressful enough for me. If there had been problems with workers and the repairs, I would have been a basket case.

What was very much appreciated by me were Glen's suggestions, e.g., I would say ''We need to paint this.'' and Glen said, ''No, we can clean this and touch up here.'' And Glen designed a much better way to configure the storage area than the one I presented, giving me much more space. Do I sound satisfied? What a relief! Glen Larsen glenlarsen [at] lmi.net

Hi I highly recommend Bill Tinkey for any handy man or plumbing needs. He is a Master Plumber and teaches at Laney College. He has a friendly demeanor and gives an honest price. Bill Tinkey 510-206-1825 anon

April 2009

We need to get a bunch of stuff within our old berkeley house fixed up. A lot of minor (painting interior)/some stuff is a bit more complicated (redoing hardwood floors etc). I need some one who can handle alot of this themselves and if need be get a sub in here. Any recommendations. I think a good carpenter/handyman might do. anon

I highly recommend Joe Arnold, who does all kinds of stuff for us and knows how to do just about anything. Joe has a great eye for aesthetics and grew up doing construction. He's very reasonable and honestly should be charging more for the quality of work he does. Contact him directly: 510-421-4193. Betsy

I have been using a great Carpenter/Handyman named Bob Strayer. He has done quite a number of small to medium sized jobs for me and he is very competent. If it is something that he can't get done personally he has a great network of local professionals to draw upon. I have always been impressed with his skill and dedication. His number is (510) 409-1090. anon

I highly recommend Ariel Cabrera. He's our go-to guy for any projects, big or small. He's professional, meticulous, works fast and does a superb job. He retiled our entire bathroom (glass & ceramic) and recently built a storage loft for my husband's work. He's also helping us build a herb/vegetable garden in our backyard. Please call Ariel Cabrera at (510) 393-1772. Lily

Jason White cell 510-785-4200 is great to work with! He worked on a lot of big and small projects at our home - everything from fixing squeaky doors to tiling bathrooms to adding more rooms. Call him for an appt. He's meticulous and his work is top notch! susan

I highly recommend Mario Desio and David Sobel as a general handyman team. I like these guys - they're honest, funny, and know their stuff. They've done everything from building a pergola in my back yard, to designing and installing built-in bookshelves, to painting trim around the house. (510) 418-8300 is their number. Jessie T.

We have been remodeling our older houses over the years, and worked with several contractors and handymen, but GF Watson Construction (Greg Watson) is like no other I've ever met. He's honest, fair, doesn't hit you with a ton of change orders, and his work is top quality! I can't say enough great things about him, and everyone who uses him won't use anyone else for ANYTHING. He has skilled and courteous guys working for him who DON'T LEAVE A MESS! I like the fact that he is licensed and insured, and that he's lived in the area his entire life. He's pretty busy, but if you can get him for your project, you'll be truly blessed. Here's his info: Greg Watson Office: (510) 223-1541 Cell: (510) 453-5638 Fax: (510) 223-1235 MrWatson2530 [at] yahoo.com Marilyn

I highly recommend Jerry McDaniel for any job that needs doing -- large or small. He has done many small jobs for me, but he also does much larger work -- such as completely remodeling my friend's chiropractic office. He is a really nice man, and shows up when he says he's going to!!, and he does really good work. He has some other people who also work for him, and knows lots of subs, if needed. His number is: 918-5356. Llyana

I highly recommend Augustus Bituin (call him ''Augie'' for short). Augie is our ''GO TO'' guy for projects small and large. He has expertly remodeled 5 bathrooms for us in 2 very different types of homes. He has wonderfully resurfaced a ceiling, patched walls back to new, painted exterior and interior spaces giving them their luster back, etc. He has also done quite amount of similar work for friends that we have referred him to. Augie's workmanship is detailed, meticulous and neat. His recommendations and suggestions are pragmatic and practical, but he can go high-end as well if that is what you want. His pricing is reasonable and fair - that is one of the many reasons why we like working with him. Call him directly if you need work done! He is in the East Bay. Augie Bituin 415-793-4137 E.L.

For jobs big or small we always call Ori Avital at 415-632- 2666. He is an excellent handyman/repair guy and he can do it all: woodworking, carpentry, painting, remodeling, dry-wall, tiliing, electrical and small plumbing jobs. He is also organized, honest and hard working w/reasonable prices. All that and he cleans up after he's done. Happy customer w/ a really old house

I wanted to make a very strong recommendation for a handyman/repair person. I have had a lot of work done on my house recently, and had a really great experience with one individual ? Ori Avital. Ori is extremely talented in a variety of disciplines (woodworking, carpentry, painting, remodeling, dry-wall, tiling, light plumbing and electricity, and much more.). He is proactive, polite, neat, detail-oriented and provides his services at a very reasonable price. He has done, and will be doing, a number of jobs for me. Ori?s phone number is: 415 632 2666. Michelle

I can highly recommend Carl Gaard for this and any finished carpentry work- He has over 35 years of experience and has an incredible design sense- He is also a color expert- He is a great problem solver- he not only does carpentry, he designs too- He has completely redone my house- and it looks stunning- it is transformed- the colors he advised on and mixed (custom) look incredible- as well as the moldings- and general changing around. He is a one in a million! His number is: 510-410-6812 sophie

April 2009

I need a handyman to do small jobs around my house. I have an older home, built in the 1920s, and I always seem to need small repairs done (e.g. facet or doorbell replaced, light fixture changed, etc.) Kim

I would like to highly recommend Victor Matus (510) 967-3216. He did some work for our neighbor so he came recommended to us. He is meticulous, caring, thorough and reasonable. Also a very kind and ethical person. I needed some carpentry work done and when I saw the care he put into it I started finding other things for him to do. He has done major remodeling as well as plumbing, that I know of. I suspect he could do just about anything. Please give him my name. lark

I can high recommend David Ruiz for handyman services. He has performed a range of jobs around our house from installing a garage door opener or grouting a tub to a sizable drywall, texture and paint project. David and his crew are timely and quiet. And David has almost always made suggestions to save us money of the jobs. He can be reached at (510) 499-3196, (510) 368-0177 or vacaflaca [at] hotmail.com. Good luck! anon

I highly recommend Brant Newman of xtrahand. He does great work. He did many repairs on my mom's house and the attention to detail was extensive. I'm really pleased with his work. His phone number is 510-882-1618. Ronna

Jan 2009

I am looking for someone who can lay bricks. It is a job that will require someone to flatten a small area of land (4 x 5 feet), pour some cement, lay bricks, and build a small step with the bricks. Many thanks! keren

Alejandro Morales is reliable, capable and has good rates. His cell is 510-224-6969. - satisfied

We use a wonderful and inexpensive handyman for all our household needs. Arturo Ariola has laid tile for us and many of our neighbors including bathrooms, walkways and porches, and interior flooring. He also poured a new concrete floor for us in our basement for a semi-finished room we were redoing. And he insulated our atic. His son has painted our deck, interior walls, and fixed doors that were not hanging or closing properly. He recently fixed and upgraded our neighbors roof, drywalled another neighbors wall after a plumbing incident, and has worked on a number of gardens. He does quality work and all of us have been happy to work with this kind, honest, hard working man and his family. Arturo Ariola can be reached at 510-725-5920 or 510-527-4472. Elizabeth

2007 - 2008 Recommendations

Nov 2008

Hello, We are having trouble with our kitchen sink (leeking), outside lights are not working, some light fixures need to be replaced/and or removed, toilet needs fixing, and the list goes on...would you please recommend someone to help us! Thank you Mouna

For all of these handyman postings, I cannot recommend Andres Jara enough. We found him on BPN so you can search previous postings of mine and others on here, but he is fabulous (and has a great personality). His work is flawless and prices reasonable. He is also quite versatile and can do many different types of things well (e.g. tile, decks, fences, painting, plumbing). My only hesitation in recommending him is that we may soon need him for some things and we are afraid he may get too busy! But don't let that deter you, seriously, Andres is a gem. His phone number is 510-693-0007. Good luck! Alison in El Cerrito

I recommend Alberto Martinez (393-2541)for many small household repairs (patching, painting, tilework, outdoor maintenance) as well as larger jobs (retaining walls, bathroom remodel). He is trustworthy, reliable, a hard worker and stands behind his work. Lisa

Hi Mouna: I would like to recommend Jose (510) 381-0399. He's based out Berkeley and does fabulous work. He has been my go to guy for a few years now and I have never been dissapointed with his work and he is very reasonably priced. He's helped me with everything from toilet leaks, subpump failures, to even remodeling my backyard. He really is a Jack of all trades and easy to work with. Best of luck! Aurora

We can highly recommend David Ruiz who has done a number of jobs for us ranging from grout, garage door repair to replacing water damaged walls in an entire room. David and his crew work hard and quietly. In every case David recommended cost- saving steps on the job- money that he would have made. Call 510.499.3196 or 510.368.0177 or email vacaflaca75 [at] hotmail.com. anon

Oct 2008

hi, we are looking for someone to install a cat door inside our house. i imagine that it would involve cutting the door and just popping it in. we just don't have the tools or the skills for accurate measurements. thanks! mazu

We highly would recommend our handy man ROLF BELL- 510-540-1111 / 510-295-9322 CELL A Home Owners best friend - House Repair Extraodinaire Bellcohen94 [at] yahoo.com --- connie

Oct 2008

Hello, I am looking for an affordable and trustworth handyman to help mount our flatscreen tv to the wall and a few other odd jobs. We are located in Oakland. Thank you for your recommendations! kelley

Re this and other requests for handyman recommendations, I can recommend Ziv Peleg and Mike Accurso. Both honest, competent, true to their word. See elsewhere in the newsletter. lk

I highly recommend Amit of Elite Communications for any AV related work. His company does everything from small jobs, like mounting flat screens, computer networking and telephone systems to large high end work like full Crestron home automation and in-home theaters; he is knowledgeable, enjoys his work AND his rates are reasonable. Plus, he is very personable, he works off hours and on weekends when necessary, welcomes his client's phone calls anytime and is a licensed contractor. It doesn't get better! His office number is 510.336.3636 AG

Oct 2008

I'd like to engage a handyman to perform small jobs around the house, including carpentry, plumbing, painting, and electrical work. Jason

My husband and I have been using a wonderful handyman for the past three years, Tom Boynton, who was originally recommended through BPN. Tom returns calls (unlike many of the other handymen we called) and will do jobs big and small--from electrical to plumbing to carpentry to replacing door knobs and putting up shelves etc. His rates are reasonable and fair and to top it all of, he is a really nice person. Feel free to contact me with any addtional questions. Here's Tom's info: cell phone 510 390 6455 tomcboynton [at] yahoo.com

I recommend my handyman, Robert. He does everything and anything you need and has experience in almost any area you can think of. He has done plumbing, carpentry and painting for me, so I think he'll be perfect for you. He is professional, courteous and does very nice work. (He also cleans up nicely when he's done) You can reach Robert at 510.712.4783. You can say that I recommended you. Lexie

I'd like to recommend Armando Serrano from Armand's Handyman (Lic #020463). He has done some repair work for my church and has alway been professional, dedicated and friendly. He is the one we always go to. He does basically everything, from remodeling to general repair. If you are interested, please call him directly at (925) 726-9677 or contact me by e-mail if you'd like. If you contact him, you will be very glad you did.

You asked for this: ''small jobs around the house, including carpentry, plumbing, painting, and electrical work'' and I have just the person for you: Glen Larsen glenlarsen [at] lmi.net

We have used Glen and his crew for many years. He has done extensive work on our house at affordable fees - all of the things you mention plus more. I can get specific and picky about what I want too, and he will aim to please. I have recommended Glen a number of times with happy results.
Jessica B

I recommend Leonardo (Leo) MacLean at 415.725.2506. Initially we had him add a storm door to the back and then a screen door to the front. When we remodeled our kitchen Leo helped us put down a wood floor, as we wanted to save money on labor costs from the flooring company and he did an excellent job. He just recently installed a motion-sensor light with an outside outlet, which required an additional circuit breaker. . . but the best part is, as he was working under the house he noticed some moisture, looked into it, and discovered our main toilet pipe was cracked. He fixed it that 'night' and saved us a huge emergency plumbing bill. Leo is a hard worker and always informs us of the labor and material costs prior to starting any project. He is very reasonable and we couldn't be happier.

I would like to recommend Alberto Martinez as a handyman. We recently purchased an older home which needed some TLC. He helped us with repairing and painting the bathroom and deck, fixing trim throughout the house including wainscoting and baseboards, installing our dryer and ventilation fan and doing a heavy cleaning of the kitchen and windows. He takes great pride in his work, is reliable and honest, and has a great crew working with him. His phone: 510-393-2541 and email: jamconstruction81 [at] yahoo.com

June - August 2008

I need to modify an existing kitchen cabinet to install a dishwasher. The person should be capable in carpentry and minor electrical work. If you could recommend someone who does work in Albany, is reliable and charges reasonable rates, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Phi

This is the posting that motivated me to call Idan Bearman. I can highly recommend him as well: Hello, I'm writing to recommend a wonderful handyman. I had looked for someone on this list not long ago but was not very satisfied with the options. After working with a few of those recommended, we ended up hiring Idan Bearman to fix an outside gate that had fallen off and before he was through, we piled on a bunch of house projects that we just had never gotten to. He rebuilt the gate beautifully, put up our child safety gates inside, patched a large hole in our ceiling which was in a tricky spot (it looks great!), and fixed little odds and ends. He did it all quickly and efficiently without needing much input from us-other than pointing him in the right direction. He gave us a very accurrate and fair estimate and was very pleasant to work with. I asked him for a list of jobs he can do so that I could spread the word about his work. This is what he has listed: framing,floors,sheetrock,door/window installation, fences and decks, tile, light plumbing and electrical, full bathrooms, kitchens, additions, patios, sheds and everything in between. He also has a specialty in designing and buidling complete greenhouses for the backyard, porch or roof. He can be reached at (510) 830-7927 lmackenzie

hi - we know someone who can do all of that. he is very meticulous and clean. James Sarmiento: james_sarmiento at yahoo.com. He checks email often. happy with our handyman

Hi Phi, try Jose 510-381-0399. He just installed a dishwasher in a rental unit I have in Berkeley. He did a great job, was very clean and price was very reasonable. He did have to modify one of my cabinets as well so I know he'll be perfect for your job =) Feel free to mention my name as a reference =) Good luck! Aurora

We just hired Oren Leiman to assemble our ping pong table. He came within a day, finished the table within a short time, and charged a very fair amount. He left the space clean and tidy too. Here's his website--he does ALL KINDS of handyman work. http://www.myworkshed.net/ I highly recommend him. heidi

We were VERY lucky to have found Andres Jara through BPN and highly recommend him for any kind of handyman tasks (including high-end things). Although we found him on BPN as a tile person, we quickly learned that he does all kinds of things (plumbing, electrical, garage doors, roofing, cabinets -- to name a few). He is like a contractor and has his own guys that work with him, but his prices are more like those of a handyman (and I think he is unlicensed). We had Andres install a dishwasher for us in a new cabinet (including running the water line), repipe the kitchen, do a tile backsplash in the kitchen, and retile/replumb the shower. Soon he will also be doing some electrical work, and also adding glass inserts to our kitchen cabinet doors. He does a fantastic job, has great ideas, is a hard worker, and his crew is clean and respectful. Most of all, he is a pleasure to be around. (We also found his prices to be very reasonable.) We really can't say enough about him and will miss him once we don't have anything left for him to do around the house! Andres can be reached at (510) 693- 0007.

June 2008

I am looking for someone who is above the handyman level and below the contractor level - someone who could do some home projects with pretty high level skills - carpentry, plumbing, electrical - and who is excellent at what s/he does. Fixer-Upper

Frank Feikert at 925-395-6333 fits the description perfectly - he has been doing remodeling, repair and renovation in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for years. He is a skilled finish carpenter who loves challenging projects, and he knows what he is doing with electrical and plumbing too. He is listed on craigslist and also has a business called Shed Builders. He is an excellent craftsman, and has a reasonable hourly rate. He can go through the permit process if need be. He does have a half-day minimum but is efficent and will get through your list of things to do. He has built decks, framed doors and windows, installed motion sensor detectors, replaced washing machine connections, installed tankless water heaters, and is great at diagnosis and repair or improvement. satisfied customer

May 2008

I'm writing to recommend Sergio Roriz as a handyman who might be able to help you. He does all types of work, including plumbing, bathroom remodels, painting, general fixing. He even cleans windows, seals decks. He's really versitile, extremely honest & reliable. We have used him for years. He has a partner who is a general contractor. His wife Misako also does housecleaning - spring cleaning & cleaning after moving. Sergio can be reached at (415) 407-6728. rogray

March 2008

Seeking someone who can help with general maintenance around the house. We need assistance with services including power washing our outdoor brick/cement terrace, interior painting, grout work and sealing of bathroom tile, etc. Hoping for someone honest, dependable and reasonably priced. Thank you! fk

More than a handy man. We wanted to recommend Alberto Martinez. He and his partner Hector did a great job on our hallway and stairwell. It was a challenging project because the walls & trim were in pretty bad shape and the stairwell is very high. They did a little construction around the doorway, patched, spot primed and painted the walls and trim. The two guys were very cordial and polite while they were in our home. We appreciated the work Alberto did and we recommend him to any one looking to improve their home. His number is 510-393-2541. His e-mail is jamconstruction81 at yahoo.com. You can e-mail me if you have any questions about the work he did for us. bunabear

March 2008

I'm looking for a handyman who can do basic maintenance but would also be able to rebuild or repair fencing. If you know of anyone that you just loved, who you'd highly recommend, I'd love it if you'd share names and numbers. My landlady is looking for someone new to take care of her properties. mitsue

I have a wonderful, sweet, responsible and very capable handyman who is also quite reasonable. He can do just about anything from landscaping to building spaces . He just built a beautiful fence for my yard as well as fixed all the broken things from dog chewed irrigation to replacing decaying wooden structures. He is adept at painting, drywall, finish carpentry, deck building and repair; and general construction projects from scratch. He has built a new cabinet for out entertainment center and fixed our skylights. He rarely is seen without a smile on his face! I highly recommend his work. His name is Miguel and you can reach him at 510 395-2837 nakelle

If you want a great handyman who is also a wonderful-skilled carpenter (and is fully bonded, etc...) try calling Murphy Construction in Pt. Richmond: www.murphyconstruction.com They can do renovations, repair & maintenance, etc... I am currently using them to upgrade a small bathroom in my office -- with a new sink, toilet, new paint and wall repair. They are also helping me with a variety of other small projects too: Hanging large paintings, building and installing some IKEA shelving, building a custom bookcase to fit into a corner wall space. Their guys as very skilled and cost as much as other other handymen. I highly recommend them. When you call ask for Chris or Anthony. Gretchen

We used Richard Smith of House Calls - he put extra electrical outlets in our bedroom and did an excellent job. And, I have seen his fences and decks - he's a very good and imaginative craftsmen. His reliability and sharpness are a rarity among trades people! (510) 295-9670 RZSmith at lmi.net Eliot

If you need a great handyman, call Sam Vaughan at 860-3085. He is reliable, does great work, and shows up on time! David

Mark Hartwell is an excellent handyman. He currently manages a 4-unit complex, does nearly everything, remodeling, construction and landscaping work. He is meticulous, well- organized and does a quality job. His personal standards are high. He also has good communication skills, is responsible, offers and prefers a respectful working relationship. His number is (510) 527-2668, and his e-mail address is mah94530 at yahoo.com. I know him personally, have seen his work, and know he is referred highly. lnds

I have a very dear friend who happens to be as good a contractor as you'll find anywhere. He lives up in the foothills, but comes down to the Bay Area for work. He recently finished work on our home in Berkeley, doing our earthquake retrofit, installing a tankless water heater and dishwasher, moving our washer/dryer to the garage, moving our thermostat, installed new phone and electrical jacks, etc. He can do any job, big or small (replacing your roof, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, foundation repair, stucco, painting, etc.). He is licensed and bonded. If you are looking for a VERY trustworthy contractor who can't do a half-a**ed job out of principle, you need look no further. He will give you a good rate, though he would be a bargain for what other contractors charge $100+. His name is Ozzie Oswald (yes, that's his real name) and his e-mail is ozandeve at sbcglobal.net . If you wish to contact me about him, I am more than happy to answer any questions you have. Jonathan

I can highly recommend a handyman, Chris Scyphers. Chris is a licensed contractor, who came to me via a friend in Alameda who's worked with him for many years. Chris is very smart and creative, reliable and reasonably priced. We have an old house with lots of mysterious problems, and he's fixed them all. Here's a list of things he's done for me and my friends in the last year: Install laminate floor Build and/or repair decks, fences, gates Plumbing Electrical find/repair leaks Pour sidewalk and driveway concrete Drywall repair Bathroom tile Kitchen tile back splash Water heater installation Painting Window install/repair Screen repair Crown Molding Appliance repair Install garage door opener Install doors Call him at 510-710-7410

I found a great handyman who came highly recommended here on BPN. Mike Grafton (aka Mighty Mike) has been fantastic. Mike can do anything from a small handyman job to contracting on major renovations. We recently bought a foreclosed property knowing that it had any number of hidden defects. Mike surveyed the property and professionally and efficiently dealt with each and every one of the problems, ranging from fixing misaligned doors to repairing major portions of our sewage system. No job was too big for Mike who was able to rapidly marshal professional workers to the site. Mike, who has phenomenal rates and is always looking out for his client, has years of experience, is very responsive to our needs and concerns, and has consistently been dependable and reliable. The quality of his work is outstanding. I would without hesitation recommend him to do any work on your home. We have used both email and phone to stay in contact with mike: mwgrafton at earthlink.net or 415 515 9700.

Make sure to check references for Handymen you may hire or contact the BPN poster directly for a reference. We recently hired someone based on a BPN posting and had a bad experience. Be careful! anon

Feb 2008

I have a used washer and dryer (side-by-side) that I would like to install outside on the back wall of my house. I need someone to do two things; one, is to build an enclosure, including a platform (made of pre-treated wood) for the washer dryer and second, is to do the plumbing and wiring (the location is near the drain and the water heater but there is no outside wiring). Please write me if you can come out and give an estimate. Thanks. michelle

I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Peter Gill. We had him over to build a cabinet door in one of our bathrooms. As is usual with old houses, everything was slightly out of square, and he had to adjust for small variations from the horizontal and the sides and the top too. The end result is superb!!! While he was here we had him fix a sink that had been installed incorrectly and install a motion detector light for us. He did everything with no fuss, great skill and for a reasonable price. His telephone number is: (510) 773-3940

Dec 2007

Looking for recommendations from families who have used a great handyman. Need help for odd jobs around the home. Brandon

My husband and I would like to heartily recommend Grant Reading as an excellent carpenter, handyman, and all around good guy. He specializes in both outdoor deck/fence/porch work and small inside jobs. Our experience with him was for a set of exterior stairs to the entry of our small house, and a matching porch railing. Our hope was to increase the arts and crafts quality of our house, and Grant cheerfully worked with us to come up with a design we liked, accepting our many revisions graciously. Once the design was set, he worked efficiently to get the job done, even working around our toddler's bedtime. He is capable, friendly, and experienced. Best of all, he gave us multiple options based on our original concept, helped us narrow down the plan, and helped us meet our budget. We couldn't be happier with the end product and look forward to working with Grant in the future. You can reach him at (510) 410-8138. Happy with our stairs!

I have used Jose Manuel, 925-339-0533, for handyman work around the house and he is great. He knows what he's doing and is very reasonably priced. Tell him Rebecca on Chestnut St. in Berkeley recommended him. Rebecca

Brian Bourke: (510) 703-0402 Our handyman, Brian Bourke, is one of the best things that has happened to our family since we bought our house in the East Bay two-and-a-half years ago. As we have encountered the predictable problems that come with a home that is over seventy years old, Brian has been there for us every step of the way. It seems like he can do just about anything, including: electrical, plumbing, carpentry/finishing, tile, painting, telephone install/repair, network cable/wireless install, and creative solutions of all kinds. The added bonus is that Brian is a pleasure to have around. He is trustworthy, well-spoken, intelligent, and his prices are very reasonable! Thanks to him we really are enjoying our old house.

Idan Bearman is a fantastic handyman! Two weeks ago after the huge rain storm, our roof began to leak. We found Idan's name on this list and called him Saturday night in a panic -- he answered, gave us some suggestions of what to do, and came over at 8:30 a.m. the next day (this was Sunday morning!!) to help us patch the leaks, and later that same week to finish up. He also gave us some eco-friendly suggestions on some work we wanted to have done on our house, and we're hiring him to come back and fix up more things. He is a certified green builder and does all sorts of handyman work, and has built houses from the ground up. He really helped us out in a pinch and was knowledgeable and friendly. He can be reached at (510) 830-7927. Maggie

Have used Peter Gill many times to install windows, wiring, plumbing, sheetrock, and, best of all, finish carpentry. Peter works full time repairing houses in the Berkeley area, for an insurance company, so he knows how to deal with older houses the right way. He is available for small jobs on Saturday and Sunday. We have found him to be careful, methodical, reliable, and good company. pbgill at comcast.net or phone 510-773-3940. Suzette

Hi, In the course of my business (managing rentals) over the past 14 years, I've needed the services of a handy person. I've needed someone who I and the tenants trust as sometimes the handy person needs to enter the apartment alone. And I need a very capable person who can get the job done right the first time. I've gone through several people for various reasons and for the past about 4 years, I've used the services of Scott Savory 282- 0047. I've found him to be trustworthy, honest and he understands a real emergency. I use the term sparingly as I realize he's busy and I don't want to cry wolf. But on the two occasions tenants had leaking plumbing he was there within hours. He has a few helpers who can paint and do some of the easier stuff. suzanne

Nov 2007

I'm looking for a carpenter to build some garage shelves, install doggie door, and other light work. I also need a handy man for minor household repairs. I need someone quickly and all referrals are greatly appreciated. michelle

For all painting and other handywork, I have a guy I have worked with on many small projects - Jeronimo Lopez of Jeronimo's Painting and Construction. He has worked for me and my neighbors - he is responsive, very handy, and his English is good. He used to work with the expensive Gutierez Painting, so his painting and detail work are great. I hired Bob Antonelli in the past, and he was TERRIBLE. I initially hired Jeronimo to redo a lot of what Bob did, and unlike Bob, Jeronimo knows what he is doing and needs no micromanaging. He is a good worker, is trustworthy, and good with my son and dog! He and his crew are also respectful - no loud music, clean-up after their work, etc. I would highly recommend him - I hired him recently to get my home ready for sale, and will hire him for my new house as well! heather

For a great carpenter, call Matthew Gibbs. His rates are reasonable, he's got great references, and he is very reliable. Call him at 415-652-2665 or email buildergibbs at gmail dot com

We love our carpenter! He is Jerry McDaniel. 510.918.5356. He is reasonable, efficient, kind, and reliable. We are very confident to recommend him. He has done fence and window work for us, but know he has also done full remodels as well. susie

Nov 2007

Re: Someone to install light fixture
We have a great Handyman who could do this for you. He does anything you need. I've had him install light fixtures, build a closet, put up sheet-rock, tile my kitchen, and paint my house. He's always got a good price and always finishes really fast. His name is Robert and his number is 510.712.4783 -L

Nov 2007

We had a new wood, double casement window installed in our kitchen and need a quality handy-person or finishing carpenter to finish the inside wall?plaster around opening edge and repair and re-install wood trim. We also need a wood step built for an outside door. Do you know anyone that complete small jobs quickly and does a good job? We don't want to chase someone for weeks to get the work done. thanks!

The handyman we use is Richard Smith at 295-9670. He is very reliable, and when he says he will show up, he does. He has been doing woodwork and repairs for many years. Stuart

call Matthew Gibbs Carpentry 415.652.2665. He is a local Berkeley finish carpenter/handyman who does excellent work & has lots of references. He's completely dependable, trustworthy, and calls you back!! satisfied customer!

Oct 2007

Hello - I wanted to recommend a fantastic house painter and all-around handyperson for jobs big and little: Aldo Valle. Aldo has done so much work for me at my house, and he is fastidious, reliable, 100 percent trustworthy, and just a great person who has become like family. Whether you need sheetrocking, painting, a room gutted, garden work, whatever - he can do it, and at a reasonable price. Feel free to email me for his number. lguttman

Sept 2007

We've known Juan Cordova-Marchena's family for several years. He is currently in between jobs and needs work. His wife and sister-in-law were our nannies for the past three years. Theirs is an incredible family -- extremely hardworking, smart, honest, reliable, responsible, etc...in short, salt-of-the- earth people. If you need anything done in your garden or home, Juan can do/fix it in half the time. Seriously! This man is awesome! His English is limited, but he and I communicate fine and I don't speak Spanish. Please call him directly at (510)923- 0435. q2rg

June 2007

I'm looking for a handyman for a number of small jobs - recaulking two tubs and around a window, replacing all or part of a garbage disposal, etc. All of the handyman recos are at least two years old, so I'm wondering if anyone has a current reco. I thank you, and my overworked husband thanks you! Paige

I would like to highly recommend my handyman/ landscaper Robert. He is able to do all the big and little jobs inside and outside, including all the things mentioned in both posts. He also does landscaping and clean-up jobs. He always does a great job, is extremely fast and his prices are very fair. His number is 510.712.4783 --all my little things are fixed!

We recently had some work done in our house and we're very happy with the handyman who worked for us. We asked him to do beams in our living room and dining room and we were satisfied with his work. Soon we asked him to do other things and everything was done to our satisfaction. Albert Cano is a very good and skilled worker and charges reasonably. He does all types of jobs including plumbing, electric, painting, installation of wood floor and carpet, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, name it, he does it. He's also very honest and responsible. You can contact him at this number (510) 593-3334. Thanks. Ciel

Aron Lewandowski is an amazing handyman. He has experience in almost every area of home building and repair. He also builds custom furniture. I used him to replace the kitchen counter to marble, build and install over 50 shelves in the house, design and build a custom frame for the hottub and a whole bunch of other stuff too. He is one of the most useful people I have ever met. His rates are competitive and he takes the time to do great work. His number is 510-435-5419.
Handyman Happy

June 2007

Mike Grafton did quite a bit of work on my Oakland bungalow to prepare it for sale. This involved a variety of types of jobs and a very quick schedule. He and his crew laid a new kitchen floor, refinished and patched hardwood floors, created a new enclosure for a water heater, fixed a roof leak, and did a number of patch and repaint jobs to smooth out the walls. Most impressive is the the finishing and interior painting work which really dressed up an 80 year old house. Previously, his crew did a wonderful job scraping and repainting the entire home. His number is 415 515-9700

June 2007

Handy Woman Extraordinaire
I have recommended Tiffany for particular tasks, but I think she deserves more recognition, she's that good. Tiffany Skau has been doing amazing work for us and she can truly do just about anything. She has fixed our old plumbing (I do mean rusy old....) underneath our sink, installed a new dishwasher, rewiring it in the process. She is doing electrical work for us as well.

She has been in the contracting business for 15 years and is now striking out on her own. Her prices are more than reasonable, she is a truly honest and great person. I'm so glad we found her. Finally, someone who can help me with anything! Including putting up a towal rack.(She is training other female assistants too!). Call the Women's Construction Collaborative and Tiffany will give you a great estimate and do an honestly good job. 415-369-2704
Molly G

June 2007

Hello- I would like to recommend a great handyman! ''Mighty'' Mike Grafton has been amazing to work with. He is a seasoned professional who has experience building houses from the ground up, so he is qualified in many areas - electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. His rates are very reasonable, and best of all, he is a man of his word, meaning if he commits to a timeframe, he sticks to it. We have used Mike for a number of small projects and plan to work with him on bigger projects in the future. Feel free to e-mail Mike directly at: mwgrafton[at]earthlink.net You can also e-mail me if you have any questions.

June 2007

I would like to recommend Ziv Peleg as an excellent handyman. He is knowledgeable about fixing anything around the house and completes jobs in a timely manner. Ziv recently finished a bath remodeling project in our home where he redid the floor & tile work in the shower, replaced the plumbing and installed a new shower stall and bath fixtures. He did an excellent job keeping the place tidy while working and the bathroom remodel turned out even better than we thought! Give Ziv a call to discuss any jobs you are considering and I'm sure you will be satisfied with his results! Ziv Peleg (510) 566-5635

April 2007

Re: Excellent handyman/machinist/ metal sculptor/carpenter
Michael Steffe restored our ''unrestorable'' redwood hot tub. His carpentry work is beautiful, precise, and well-planned. He is reliable, honest and easy to work with. His background is in special effects and has worked on over 35 movies in the flim industry. Extremely creative and resourceful. 415 517 2072 email: cinematrix[at]comcast.net

April 2007

Our neighbor currently works as a handyman and has helped us out with a lot of small jobs. He's honest, skilled and reliable. He could do many of the jobs listed in the newsletter this month. His name is Oren Leiman 415-577-9050

April 2007

Handyman Bob Antonelli (cell 415-724-4301) installed our dishwasher last year and did a great job. It involved reconfiguring some cabinets, and he did the carpentry, plumbing and electrical all himself. I get compliments all the time on how well the dishwasher and the cabinet work blend in. He's flexible, good at problem-solving and pretty reasonably priced.
No more dishpan hands

April 2007

I'd like to re-recommend Barry Stone for handywork. He does everything from light plumbing to fine woodwork. He's extremely reasonable and personable. His number is (510) 530-8980.
Steve C

April 2007

I'd like to recomend my handyman Warren. He is very reliable and pleasant to work with. He charges $50/hr and works efficiently. He does minor electrical work & plumbing, tiling, carpentary, painting and deckwork. His phone number is 510-530-1805.

April 2007

I'd like to recommend Juan as a handyman. He's been doing some things around our house (painting a fence, replacing a broken window and doing some yard work). He's very honest and reliable, and always comes on time. If you want to talk to me, you can email me. Otherwise, this is his cell phone number: 510.776-6142

April 2007

I contacted Mike Grafton after his name was posted here as a good contractor. He completely refabricated my wooden front porch, and did so maximizing existing materials and structure when it would not comprise the new work. He is now preparing to paint the exterior of the house while renovating all the broken and bad clapboard siding on my vintage bungalow. He has already come up with great ideas to do a quality job while keeping an eye to the budget. A very creative thinker! I would recommend him for any home work you need. His phone number is 415 515-9700.

April 2007

Our house has needed a variety of repairs over the last year, and I wanted to write a recommendation for a great handyman who has done a lot of the work. Alberto Martinez (510-393 2541) has helped us paint several rooms, tile a floor, fix bathroom fixtures, and earthquake proof some furniture. On each job, the work has been completed quickly and very well, and his prices have been quite reasonable. Alberto's a really great guy - very easy to communicate with and pleasant to have around the house. You can contact him directly at the number listed above. nerissw

March 2007

Handyman Edwin B is honest, reliable, thorough, very skilled and experienced. For us, he's done as small-scale a job as child-proofing the house -- to a larger-scale job like our backyard fence or furniture pieces. Contact him: ready2servehandyman[at]gmail.com

Feb 2007

Mike Grafton, ''Mighty Mike'' of Baltic to Boardwalk. (c)415-515-9700, email MWGrafton [at] earthlink.net is reliable, experienced and creative. He can do anything, minor to major, to improve a house. He asks $60/hr for his time and $20/hr for his apprentice. I found that he's well worth it because he really knows what he's doing and wastes no time. Mike's been in the house business - handiman, realtor, and property mgr - for over 25 years. He did a big kitchen job for a friend, removed a wall, installed all new appliances (even an INSTANT HOT WATER HEATER!), laid a new floor, did a custom tile job on the counters, refinished their diningroom floors. It's beautiful work. He also transformed a closet into a half-bath that looks as though it's always been in Friend of ''Mighty Mike''!

Feb 2007

I would like to post a hearty recommendation for my handyman, George Matthews. He recently installed cable track lighting in my 1920's Bungalow, as well as fixing an extremely difficult clog in my kitchen sink (my plumbing is a nightmare). George was timely, responsive to my calls, very reasonable at 35.00 an hr. and perhaps best of all very clean. I think my living room was cleaner when he left than when he started, and any of you who have had work done in a plaster and lath house know what a nightmare it can be. I would recommend George to anyone looking for a general handyman. I believe he does carpentry, electrical and smaller remodeling jobs. His number is 510-523-4416

Jan 2007

Good handy man
I would like to recommend a handy man for some of your household needs, he came recommended to me from a friend. A former tile setter and apartment manager who is now in the plumbers union!!!! He has a full schedule at times, but he is worth the wait. reasonable prices and he will be honest and tell you if he is not the man for the job. Call Nathan at 510-388-4546
satisfied customer

Jan 2007

Great contractor handyman small/large projects!
I want to recommend Dan Emmel who did an excellent job for us by installing a dishwasher and a microwave vent in a very old kitchen that previously had no dishwasher or microwave vent.

He was creative and efficient, using the existing when possible and adding new when necessary. He cut off a cabinet for the dishwasher, installed the plumbing, electricity, exhaust, microwave cabinet, etc. He was very professional, finished the job in the time he had told us, just two days. He was neat, amicable and charged us a very reasonable price. He went above and beyond by moving our stove gas line a few inches so that the stove could be pushed all the way to the wall to maximize space and for the vent to work at its best, and he did it for free.

His email is ddemmel[at]earthlink.net and you can tell him that Hokulani recommended him.

2005 - 2006 Recommendations

Nov 2006

I am looking for a carpenter or a handyman with good carpentry skills, reasonably priced and reliable to work on various small projects around our home. We need someone to replace window framing which has dry rot and help us with maintenance issues. We also need someone to help us with gardening, garden design and irrigation. Karen

Hi there, Terry Silva is a really good worker and can do those jobs plus gardening stuff. He has worked for my in-laws for years now and has been working on our house as well and his cost is very reasonable. Terry's number is: 925.685.6160

Hello, I'm writing to recommend a wonderful handyman. I had looked for someone on this list not long ago but was not very satisfied with the options. After working with a few of those recommended, we ended up hiring Idan Bearman to fix an outside gate that had fallen off and before he was through, we piled on a bunch of house projects that we just had never gotten to. He rebuilt the gate beautifully, put up our child safety gates inside, patched a large hole in our ceiling which was in a tricky spot (it looks great!), and fixed little odds and ends. He did it all quickly and efficiently without needing much input from us-other than pointing him in the right direction. He gave us a very accurrate and fair estimate and was very pleasant to work with. I asked him for a list of jobs he can do so that I could spread the word about his work. This is what he has listed: framing,floors,sheetrock,door/window installation, fences and decks, tile, light plumbing and electrical, full bathrooms, kitchens, additions, patios, sheds and everything in between. He also has a specialty in designing and buidling complete greenhouses for the backyard, porch or roof. He can be reached at (510) 830-7927
lisa s

Nov 2006

Any reccomendations for a handyman or woman in the Albany/El Cerrito area? I need someone who is willing to do small jobs and who pays attention to detail. Leigh

I know a man in El Cerrito that does handyman work. He is a carpenter during the week but has time on the weekends (or early evenings) for small jobs. His name is Will and he can be reached at 510 593-8630

Try Victor Rotenburg 528-0086. He is licensed, very nice guy, does beautiful, clean work Friend and fan of Victor

David Ruiz, at 510-368-0177, is a handyman who works all around the East Bay. He grew up on a ranch and is a highly educated and very clever guy who can repair most anything. His business card says ''Good Work, Happy Clients'' and that has been my experience with all the work he's done around my house. I'm biased because he's my boyfriend, but I recommend him because I think he's great at what he does

Nov 2006

We just had a slew of small things done by Vernon Hixson, who can do just about anything--carpentry, plumbing, electrical--and we liked him a lot. He charges $30 per hour, and his phone number is 510/919-2368
Brad and Nenelle

Oct 2006

A very nice and very meticulous handyman is Peter Carpenteri, at 658-6485. He is working for an advanced degree, and supports himself by doing this kind of work. Helpful homeowner

Sept 2006

Handyman Honest, Inexpensive, Available

Arturo has been working on my home and on the homes of my neighbors. I recommend him for his brick and concrete work, tile work, and painting. He recently did some emergency plumbing for the neighbor across the street. He is inexpensive and has completed work in a timely fashion. His Cell number is 847 8663
James M. K

Sept 2006

Thomas Banks is a carpenter who is great as a handyman. He's done plastering, painting, door hanging, and building for me. 510 978 5679

Sept 2006

I highly recommend Michael Guillory who worked a number of miracles around my house. He fixed a pocket door which now works better than when it was first installed more than 12 years ago. He sanded, filled and painted so that the repair matches the original. He repaired an outside light, caulked (to match existing caulking) the shower/tub, repaired the sprinkler system, and re-wired and mounted two troublesome ceiling fixtures which now work perfectly. Michael is quite personable, reliable, efficient and has tackled many varied jobs. Michael Guillory may be reached at (510) 508-4915

June 2006

Contractor/Handyman recommendation: We just had a great re-model of a utility room turned into a playroom (hiding the washer/dryer and water heater in a small closet) done by Brian Bartsch. Brian's number is (510) 693-3947. Brian was very flexible, affordable and creative. He was very helpful suggesting ways to save money. He was able to do lots of things including painting and carpentry. We would highly recommend Brian and use him again in the future. Zak and Julie

May 2006

I have a friend to recommend for most interior work. He has been a handyman for a property management company, a landscaper, and a professional tile setter- he's looking for some extra work this summer- he has a truck and every tool you can imagine He's also very honest if he thinks he is not the right person for the job you need done. Nathan Hicks 510-388-4546
happy with my remodel

May 2006

For those looking for fences, decks and general handyman recommendations, I recommend DD's Fences and Decks. Don works by himself, so smaller jobs are his specialty. He does beautiful work, and is very reasonably priced. He can be reached at (510)207-2087. kiki

May 2006

I would highly recommend a handyman/carpenter named Chris. He is reasonable, resonsible and never leaves a job until he feels it has been done correctly. Chris has never NOT returned my phone calls. (a major plus in my books!) He lives in SF but does alot of his work in the East Bay. phone: 415-516-9661 email opacribe[at]yahoo.com

Aug 2005

My husband and I recently moved to Oakland and our new, old house needed a lot of immediate attention. We hired a crew from Handyman Matters and were totally thrilled with their work. We had electrical and plumbing work done, windows planed, child safety gates installed and more. They were very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. We will absolutely use Handyman Matters again. Just thought I'd pass the name along. You can reach them at 510-531-4300. Stephanie W

May 2005

If you are in need of a knowledgeable handyman/carpenter, I will refer you to our 'painter' an all around home repair expert. He has over 20 years of home construction in San Francisco experienced. Extremely helpful with waterproofing and deck coating. Will work on carpentry and plumbing. You can best reach Bob Antonelli on his cell 415-724-4301. He has 100's of referrals. sue

March 2005

friendly and efficient handyman
Barry Stone helped us with a plumbing problem in a jiffy. He's friendly, efficient and has a fair rate. We recommend him. If you have any questions, please feel free to email. Jill L

January 2005

The last issue had requests for Interior Painting, Caulking and Bathroom Remodel referr3als.

Everytime I see a request for Household Help & Maintenance recommendations I mean to send in the name of the person we use all the time - Glen Larsen

Glen *does it all* and really well. He and his crew have painted the interior and exterior of my house (and helped me narrow in the colors), put in new bathroom fixtures, rewired and installed new electrical work, installed new windows, built my deck, flagstone patio, designed and built the portico and fence, chose the plantings with me and planted them all, installed the irrigation system...egad, when I start to write it out, I realize how much lucky I feel that I found him. To top it off, I enjoy having his workers around.

He's the only one I ever call. I have nothing to gain from this post. You can call me if you want to verify or drive by my house to see the exterior work (still looking great and 3 years old). Jessica B

2003 - 2004 Recommendations

Oct 2004

Re: New front door help
To the person looking for someone to help install a new front door -- We have a carpenter helpng with some remodeling at our house who does terrific work. He specializes in making and installing doors. His name is John Hunt, and his number is 510-547-8116. A minor problem with our front door took him about 5 minutes to fix. John just moved here from New Mexico and is a really nice guy. catha

Sept 2004

I would like to recommend someone who has been doing a lot of varied work on my house, David Ruiz. He is very knowledgeable and charges a moderate price, $15 - 20 per hour, depending on the work. He knows how to do plumbing, electrical, general construction stuff in bathrooms and kitchens. I know he has done remodeling and additions on other jobs. My house is really old and has lots of little irritating things to fix, and he seems to know how to fix them all with a minimum of fuss. He is responsible and honest, shows up when he says he will and undercharges me, if anything! You can reach him at 510-499-3196. He doesn't speak English very well, but if you need translation (in Spanish) I would be happy to help. He is a wonderful guy and is looking for more work. linda
[phone number updated 2/2005]

Sept 2004

I recommend Paul Lashley (510-243-6640) to anyone looking for a general handyman with plumbing and electrical experience. We had him install a ceiling fan in our bathroom - it was a relatively small job for him, but he was willing to squeeze it into his schedule. He did a great job, and was very efficient - he knew just what needed to be done, and asked the right questions. He's friendly, and has a list of good references - I talked to some of them, and they all liked his work. His hourly rate was also very reasonable, and definitely less than other people who we considered for the job. The only problem is, he seems to be getting popular because he gets a lot of requests for work. He did a good job of juggling his schedule for us, and seemed to really want the work, but he might be hard to schedule from now on. -Tim

July 2004

I would like to recommend our handyman, Scott Haggerty. Scott, and his brother Gary, have been working at our house for the past 3 years. Scott recently refinished our old wooden windows, and has done lots of other small jobs at our house. He also has experence putting home music/theatre systems together. He is very responsive and responsible. Karen

Editor Note As of May 2006, Scott Haggerty is reportedly no longer living in the area.

I would like to recommended two excellent professionals. One is a carpenter named Kifle Zereat. The other is a painter name Kezete Kifle. They did several small jobs in my house. They did a marvelous job, they were professional, they were on time and they were on budget. Kifle Zereat's phone number is (510) 387-9041 Kezete's phone number is (510) 472-0577 Abiud

I am posting this for Vidal, a handyman in our employ for odd jobs over the past few months. He is the husband of Angela (the nanny who looks after our daughter Mercedes). Vidal is skilled, committed and honest. His work is first rate, his hourly rate is fair for the work, and he is punctual. He is willing to undertake most jobs that you offer him. If he cannot do the work, he will tell you. He wants to do a good job rather than a bad one. He takes great pride in what he is doing. He is personable, trustworthy, and a hard worker. His english is fluent. Susanne

May 2004

Curtis Wong is excellent and charges on the mid-to-low side. He is very honest and would not do or charge you for things that you don't need. (I even have to remind him to charge us for ALL the work he does and not just the big stuff.) He has a strong Chinese accent, but I don't mind asking him to repeat himself and he doesn't mind answering me. We rely on him and trust him a lot! Curtis Wong 510-917-1455. Needyperson

Dear Parents, In response to my post some months ago, people recommended Barry Stone (530-8980) as a handyman, and I just wanted to say thank you and add to the praises you had heaped on him--he's fast, excellent, and his rates are very fair. I've been delighted with his work, and want to make sure people know about him. Kristin

April 2004

I thought I would write a recommendation for a handyman who has been in my employ (on and off) for the past few months. We have had some work done around the home and he has proven himself to be a reliable, professional, hard working person who I think would prove useful to others. He is, as it happens, the husband of the nanny for my daughter. If you need some form of repair or gardening done around the house, you will not find a better person than Vidal. Vidal paints, undertakes small carpentry jobs, will work in the garden tidying up, and when asked, cleans the car. Not sure if there are other jobs he would be able to do, as I have not asked him. He is perfectly fluent in English or Spanish and will be only too happy to answer your questions. He really is a nice guy. Thanks Susanne

Jan. 2004

I would recommend Dilshad as a handyman.He did a good job at my Daycare.He is reliable and non smoker. You can contact him at 510 258 7096 zurika

Dec. 2004

I'd like to recommend Paul Lashley, who a lot more than a ''Handyman'' but not a licensed contractor. Paul did a complete remodel of our kitchen. He demolished our old kitchen, redid all of the electrical, installed our cabinets and the new appliances, and did some finish carpentry. Paul knows his limits; so he brought in a plumber for that part of the project. He also kept our budget in mind and had us hire someone else to do the plaster repairs in order to save some money. Paul charged us by the hour, which worked out very very well. He is a very hard worker, enthusiastic, and helped us get through this complete kitchen redo in 6 or 7 weeks. We became good friends and missed having him around when it was all over. How many people can say that after living through a kitchen remodel? Paul Lashley's numbers are 510-243-6640 or cell 510-910-1028 Dan

Nov. 2003

I'd like to recommend Joseph Doherty as carpenter/handyman. He did exterior painting, repaired wood siding, added new exterior window trim, and did general handyman work such as repairing gate latches, for my house in Berkeley. He's honest and hardworking and does careful, meticulous work, and really cares about doing a good job. (510) 681-5592 is his phone number. Lea

Nov. 2003

Excellent painter and handyman! Ramiro painted the entire outside of our house (after several hours of preparing it first), painted our gate, painted several rooms on the inside of our house, organized our garage and installed cupboards and shelves and then painted it, replaced part of a ceiling rotted with water, repaired and painted another deteriorating wall, blew out our rain drains and pipes (without me even asking), installed cupboards and shelves in our attic, cleaned and sealed our outdoor tile deck, and tiled our front porch. He works to please and has a great attitude even after we changed our minds about the color of a huge interior wall (he painted it three times), changed our minds about adding stone steps to our front porch (after he already went and got the stones and then had to return them) (we decided to go with tiles instead), and changed our minds about the kind of shelves to install in the attic (he returned those too and bought ones we liked better). He charges $20.00 an hour and $15.00 for other workers he may use (his main partner has his contractors license). Contact Ramiro Magana at 510-501-8472

Nov. 2003

A painter who worked on the interior of my house a few years ago is looking for additional work. In addition to painting, he can do small repairs and hauling. Guillermo is very conscientious and charges a fair price for his work. You can reach him at 925-754- 9713 (home) or 925-212-6798 (cell). Maria

April 2003

Re: Good Man for Carpentry / Remodeling / Handyman
If you are in need of any of these services, we highly recommend Ron Masters. We found his name through the Berkeley Parents Network a few months ago and hired him for a large deck restoration job. Ron was very reliable,conscientious, professional, and friendly. He helped us add a few modifications to the architectms plans that truly enhanced the end result. We have continued working with Ron on other projects around our home such as installing a new bathroom cabinet and sink and building a garage storage system. Ron is open and communicative, making him very easy to collaborate with. He is knowledgeable and value conscious and helps get the most out of ones budget. Also, he always returned our calls in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (510) 528-4408 (evenings/weekends), or you can contact Ron Masters directly at (415) 398-8496 or (415) 377- 8400. Nancy and John

March 2003

In the last newsletter several people were looking for handyman,electricians, and plumbers, so I thought I would post Javier Gonzonlez again. I have this fabulous handyman that does all of the above, including childproofing (installs gates and door guards, etc) and painting. He is extremely reliable, hard working, exacting in his work, affordable, honest and on time! He really does great work. My whole neighborhood uses (Claremont Hills) him and you can call me and I can pass you on to get other reccommendations for him. Or contact him directly: Javier Gonzolez (510) 599 0272 pkmdcm

February 2003

Until recently, our babysitter's husband was employed more than full-time in construction. Work has slowed, and he is available for any sort of house-related construction or repair work, interior or exterior. He is very experienced and very personable, and his hourly rate would be very reasonable, but his English is limited, so knowing a little Spanish will help. We've never had occasion to hire him, but will the next time we need a handyman (now that my brother-in-law has moved away). His name is Andres, and he can be reached at 510-594-7761. eirik

February 2003

We recently used Mark the Handyman to replace two ugly pocket doors as well as all of the blah door casings in our home with something a little nicer. Mark is honest and reliable, very easy to communicate with, and does quality work. He specializes in fixing and replacing doors and windows, but is capable of doing lots of handy work -- hanging drywall, adding crown moldings, building shelves, etc. I believe he charges $30 an hour and has a half-day minimum. You can reach him at 510/582-8632. Leah

Jan 2003

Have any new year projects or Child Safety gear to install? I have a fabulous HANDYMAN!!! He is a fast, reliable, accurate, and an honest worker. He just told me his work looks slow for January but then he's booked. So if anyone is interested he is great!!!! He works on several houses in our neighborhood and we have all had great experiences with him. He does electrical, painting, plumbing, just about any type of carpentry. He installed all of our CHILD SAFETY gear, fixed our heater and caulked our shower in just 3 hours! Also does some landscape and hardscape work. Very inexpensive too...between $20-$30 p/hour! Call him Javier Gonzalez 510 599 0272. Feel free to call me for other referal names on him. patricia

2002 & Earlier

Dec. 2002

We have found a great contractor, Will Hoyt. We have only used him for small handyman type jobs around the house, but he's excellent and very nice and dependable. His phone: 524-8629 Toby

Dec. 2002

I wanted to offer the services of my brother-in-law, Marco Kakehashi, for both home or office cleaning and handyman jobs. Biases aside, Marco is an excellent, responsible worker who has just formed his own company to handle all types of cleaning and small construction projects. While not a licensed contractor yet, Marco has taken classes in a broad range of construction-related subjects and is available for big or small jobs. He just handled a roof repair and is currently building a yard fence. I can attest to the quality of his work and his reliability and honesty. Please feel free to contact him directly for information about his availability and rates at (510) 932 6221. Erin

Oct. 2002

Handyman recommended !! We have the best alternative to a licensed contractor to do almost any home improvement. Jason Simms has put 2 french doors in our home, built decks, removed old and rotting ones, convert a detached garage into a fabulous work studio complete with skylight and electricity. He is almost finished with our home, and can be reached at 415.710.4419!

I'm following up on the recommendation on the website for the handyman Tanvir (Tom) Hussein. I used Tanvir for a couple of small jobs, and at first I was happy with him - he did a quick- and-dirty job, which was adequate for the plaster patching and door-hanging I needed. Then when I used him again I got more and more frustrated and angry with his work style. He repeatedly missed appointments, he got angry at me for not being available when he decided on short notice to come do work, he didn't do the work as I'd asked him to - because it was too hard to do it that way (but he never cleared the alternative with me). He built a gate (in one section rather than the two I'd specifically asked for) that broke within hours, then ''fixed'' it by nailing pickets over the broken post. He repeatedly asked my neighbors for supplies while I was out - everything from many, many nails and screws (like, ALL the nails/screws he needed for the job), concrete mix, and even a 4x4 post (when the neighbor didn't have one - who does? - he came up with the ridiculous picket solution). He simply didn't come prepared and apparently wouldn't consider a trip to the store for the stuff he needed to do the job. I'd avoid him unless you have a one-time-only thing that a quick- and-dirty fix would work for. Nancy

July 2002

Some of you may use the East Bay Express for household services so I'd like to suggest that you don't use the following individual. He advertised as ''Home Repair Expert (descriptive text) - Rick 510 464-5934. I paid him to fix two toilets and one still doesn't work properly. I called him four times to return and correct the work, but he hasn't done so. Dorothy

July 2002

I have previously recommended Brian Bourke for handyman jobs. I'd like to repeat that recommendation, and supply an updated phone number (he's moved). His new home number is: 510-655-0225. His cell phone remains the same: 510-703- 0402. Regarding the fence in particular, Brian has helped us repair a couple of sections of fence and shore up our patio cover. His work is good, and he's been very reliable, showing up when he said he would and getting everything completed on time (the job was not for pay, so I cannot comment on his rates). - Dawn

June 2002

Re: electrician
We use a handyman who is also an electrician. His name is Barry Stone and his number is 530-8980. Shannon

May 2002

Carlos Avalos has done several painting and small handyperson jobs, including power washing our decks, cleaning gutters, minor plumbing and so on. He is very good, honest and reliable and the other men on his crew have been equally impressive. The number I have for him is 510/568-0510, which may ring into his residence but he is good about returning calls. Cindy

May 2002

I highly recommend Ravi and Pami Kalsi for general carpentry. They can also do some plumbing, sheetrock, and concrete work, etc. I have worked with them on an extensive remodeling job on a very old, fine house for many months and know them well. They are honest, intelligent and very careful with everything they do. They show up on time, they do not have any obvious vices such as smoking, drinking, or swearing. Their prices are reasonable. They are also very nice people. Kalsi Custom Home Creations 798-6218 kalsipami AT aol.com

March 2002

My brother Nick Reilly does handyman work. He finds creative solutions to problems, and (in my opinion)charges very affordable rates. He is trained as a mechanical and an environmental engineer, and has some experience with civil engineering and HVAC. He does big, ambitious jobs (moves doors, puts in countertops, reconfigures pipes), and little ones, like kids' clubhouses and childproofing. His phone number is (510)658-4129, and his e-mail is n-reilly AT msn.com. Siobhan

March 2002

We currently use Pete for all sorts of odd house/office handyman jobs. We're paying him ~$30/hour but have worked with others from $20-$45/hour - rates do not necessary reflect ability/quality. Pete Winch phone: 1 415 826 0925 email: peterwinch AT hotmail.com

March 2002

We've just had a terrific experience with Tanvir ''Tom'' Hussain who has done some plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and general repairs for us. He is hardworking, reliable, polite and committed to providing satisfaction. His rates are amazingly reasonable and he is also a very nice man. Other handymen I've hired in the past have been disorganized, unreliable and charged twice as much. Tanvir has been a refreshing change. His phone numbers are 536-9690, 332-0982. Colleen

I have also used the handyman Tanvir ''Tom'' Hussein and did not have a good experience. I hired him to remove laminate ''tiling'' around a bathtub and to replace this with wonderboard and to tile same. His work was rushed and very sloppy, the wrong nails were used i.e. old rusted ones, he did not put any waterproof paper between the wall and wonderboard. I could go on but in summary I ended up having him remove the board he had put up and having someone else redo the job. He did offer to refund me all the money I had paid him (he had asked for 1/2 of his bid after the first day)but I paid him for his hours worked.

I got Gary Hegarty (also referred by someone from the network) to redo the bathroom prep work and was very happy with him. He has also built fences, installed kitchen cabinets and done general electrical, plumbing and plastering work for me. Mary


I have had good success with a different company called Rick's Handyman that advertises in the Montclarion every week. I would give you their number but I always just get it out of the paper.They have installed wall mount tv, fixed a toy box, repaired a fence, fixed our sprinklers, done minor electrical work, etc. over the last year. They always send 2 people so you need to have a list of stuff you want done so that no one is ever standing idly by. I think it is good they send 2 though because most jobs require a second person at some point. I think they charge around $50 an hour plus materials. They work hard and quickly and I have not had to call them back to fix their work. I would recommend them. -Shannon

My husband is available to do small odd jobs on the weekends. He used to work in construction as a brick and stone mason and is extremely handy. He has another non-construction job during the week but may be available for some small jobs on the weekends. His name is Avraham and he can be reached in the evenings at 653-7343 or e-mail him at Asorani at yahoo.com. Shalva

My brother (who manages and does all repairs on an 18-unit apartment building in North Oakland) built my children a two-story playhouse that was the envy of the neighborhood. He has studied mechanical and civil engineering, and really knows structural design. His name is Nick Reilly and his telephone number is 658-4129. (He is also an expert handyman.) -Siobham

I whole-heartedly recommend my handyman, Tanvir Hussein Tom, whom I've been using for the past several months. He has done everything from painting my house exterior to bathroom plumbing to installing flooring, and building a gate for my driveway. In the upcoming weeks we have plans to install a garbage disposal, fix a fence, and fix-up the inside of my garage. His prices are very reasonable, he can work sometimes on weekends or in the evenings as well as during the weekdays. He is honest and a hardworker. His phone number is (510) 536-9690. -Rachalaya

Does anyone have any experience with the company Honey Do? We were considering calling them about some small jobs around our house, weatherstripping doors and windows and installing insulation in the attic. As I understand from an old article I read, they specialize in the kinds of jobs you try without success to get your spouse to do, hence the name Honey Do. My spouse is never going to roll out the bats of insulation that have been up in the attic for 20 years, and I don't blame him for not wanting to tackle the job, but.now with the evergy shortages the task is more critical. If this company does good work and is reliable, we would also use them for other jobs too small for a contractor. Thanks for any comments. Eleanor

I had a miserable experience with these guys. They advertise well, and are listed in the Good Neighbor Guide, but the guy they sent me to take care of a bunch of stuff I needed done before I gave birth was not a handyman. The jobs I needed done ranged from putting up curtain rods to running a new wire for the TV from under the basement, to installing a doorbell. Not rocket science, any of it, but certainly out of my league. So we arrange the time and of course there's a window from 1-6 or whatever, and of course he calls right at the end of the window to say he's running late and would I like to reschedule? I said no and so he came over. I showed him what I needed done and one by one he said well, it'll take so much more time than I have and I'm not really very good at that, etc. I told him to do what he could for 2 hours and then had to go--my mom stayed with him. This guy didn't know how to do anything! He hung the curtain rods backwards, wired the tv barely, made big messes, was rude, left early, and to top it off Honey Do never called me back when I complained. So much for guaranteed service. My mom, who is more handy challenged than I am by a long shot said she had to help him do most of it (but he tried). So I'd say, Honey, Forgeddaboutit. -Anonymous

I had excellent experiences with Ted Denny(except that he was busy and hard to schedule). I recommend him highly. However, the phone number I have for him seems not to be correct: it rings without an answering machine. Please list his correct phone number if you have it. I would like to follow up on some work he promised tofind time to do 2 years ago. Thank you.

We had a terrific experience with Ted Denney, who did some carpentry and plumbing (gas line installation, with a plumber friend of his) on our house. Despite voicing some initial skepticism about the feasibility of the project, he did is beautifully and quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of the bids from the big plumbing firms.

We used Ted for several projects around the house: pressure washing the decks, patching and painting cracks in the walls/ceilings, putting up shelves, replacing locks. He is a very nice guy, has all the tools and know-how he needs, and works quickly. Just make sure you have a checklist for him, so you both are clear on what needs to be done; he can be most efficient when he has the whole picture and can time his tasks accordingly. (For example, he can work on the locks and shelves while the spackle dries.) We now are keeping a running list of jobs, and will call Ted again when the list reaches critical mass.


I just had a crumbling wall removed and replaced by sheetrock by James Liu Painting. He did a nice job and also did some electrical, painting and other odds and ends. He was very nice, came when he said he would, was neat and was reasonably priced. James Liu Painting 638-8126. Dibsy

I'd like to recommend Tim Honea as a handyman. He's very good at fixing things. His number is 510-482-9025 and his cell is 510-388-0523. Franny (5/00)

Doreen (1/00)

Looking for someone to do odd jobs:
Contact Berkeley High School Career Center. They will post listings for BHS students to review. Main School # is 644-6120. Sorry but don't know the career center's number.


Judith 9/99
A couple of postings ago, someone was looking for a handyman for seniors. I have been using Marcos Garcia for some time now and he is excellent. His rates are reasonable, he speaks fluent English and is very efficient. His wife also cleans houses, her name is Ana. Their phone number is 510-727-9644.

For the person who asked about an electrician for small jobs: Kerry, my fiance is very capable of electrical small and big jobs and with plenty of experience and time right now. He can work immediately and in any handyman projects. Projects in the past: from a replacement of roof, outlets in the house, to renovation. Very reasonable prices. Telephone number: 510-669-9546
Elena (8/99)

I would highly recommend Tomas Guindon for carpenter/handyman work. We have recently used him for a number of projects around the house including: fence, gates, arbor and toolshed; cabinet dividers in kitchen, installation of new shower and some painting. He does great work, is a wonderful person, pleasure to work with, reliable and reasonable. His number in Oakland is 547-2047.


From: Dawn (5/99)
A friend of mine, Brian Bourke, is an excellent handyman (or as he likes to phrase it: Ecologically Aware Home Healer). Here's a summary of his ad:
To discuss your home needs and to schedule a FREE estimate, I can be reached from 9am to 6pm on my cell phone 510-703-0402. Or you can leave a message at any time at 510-832-6547. I check e-mail less often, but you can also reach me that way, at brian.bourke at mciworld.com * Workmanship Guaranteed * References Available * $30/hr * 24 hr Message Center * Cost Effective Analysis of Work * Will travel to Marin, San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa counties * Projects of all sizes accepted: - small problems such as doors or windows opening or closing improperly - large makeovers such as new floor tiling, new cabinets, upholstery, etc.


From: GB (5/99)

Try Vinny Ernano at 308-2420. It's his pager.

From: Meg (4/99)

I was very happy with Joe Carson, the handyman I hired through the Classified Flea Market. I don't remember his phone number, but I bet his ad is still in the Classified Flea. He called back quickly, has a reasonable price, was very conscientious and trustworthy. Bit by bit, he basically renovated my entire bathroom for well under a thousand dollars

From: LAGarnett (3/98)

My wife (UCB post-doc) and I recently relocated here from the East Coast, where I was a licensed home improvement contractor for the past 6 1/2 years. I am currently working full-time during the week doing maintenance and remodeling but am looking for additional small jobs. I do a wide variety of work including carpentry, drywall, plumbing, electrical, and painting, just to name a few and am a very good problem-solver. I charge $35/hr for plumbing and electrical, and a little less for all other work. If you would like more information or want me to look at the work you need done please contact me at either LAGarnett at aol.com or (510) 691-7931.


From: Kimberly (5/98)

Dan Benividez 234- 0010 is exceptional. Ive never had any problems with his work. he is local, reasonabley priced, and very proffesional.

From: Tavie (3/98)

Albino Juarez is a UCB maintenance employee and also does many handyman type jobs. He has done painting, various repairs, a bathroom floor replacement, replaced a garbage disposer, etc. in my home. He also does minor electrical and plumbing work. He is VERY reliable and will tell you if he can't do what you want. He charges $20 per hour and can do many miscellaneous jobs. Reliable and honest! His home# is 614-1912.

From: Bin (7/98)

I have rencetly used Albino to fix some stuck closet doors and install blinds and locks and I recommend him highly.

From: Harlan (4/99)

I've used Albino Juarez for continued work at an apartment building I manage. I found him on this newsletter about a year ago. He has worked in the UCB Maintenance department for about 8 years. I've had him do small to medium size jobs which included installing a new toilet, replacing a kitchen floor, repairing phone jacks, installing light fixtures, removing/disposing of old wall-to-wall carpet and fixing 50's style crank windows. He is very reliable, professional, fast and competent. My advice after working with Albino on multiple jobs over the past year is to be very specific about the job and very explicit about any aesthetic decisions. He is mostly available after 5:30 on weekdays and all day on the weekends since he has a full-time job at UCB. He is also a very nice guy and I always feel like I'm getting a deal when I pay the bill. His phone number is 510-614-1912.

From: Anonymous (4/99)

I had a very negative experience with Albino Juarez the handyman. He fitted a new front door and he cut it too short, the lock was not installed right and now I am having all kinds of draft problems. He also tried to overcharge me. I am concerned he is still being recommended as I made this known several months ago to the group. I am sorry but I would like to protect others.

From: Tavie (4/99)

Regarding the anonymous comment about a handyman. I have recommended this person twice on this mail list. My concern is that the anonymous writer seems to expect others to stop recommending someone because they personally had a bad experience. I think we have all had good and bad experiences with the same people in our lives, and there is not a vendor alive who does not have a complaint against them by a client. My point is to simply recommend or not, and let the buyer beware. (I still highly recommend Mr. Juarez.)


From: Ginger (3/98)

Jackson Wong is a licensed electrician and he also does carpentry and plumbing. He has a regular job during the week - he works on a military base (forget which one) as a carpenter/plumber/electrician. He fixed some wiring problems for me, installed a couple of fixtures, and showed me how to do it myself next time, including which tools to buy. I thought he was great. Jack charges $35/hour. He lives in Daly City but didn't mind driving over to Berkeley. Jack Wong home: (415) 755-7526, work (415) 244-1936

From: Beth (3/98)

Ted Denney is a sweet and talented handyperson who is a retired contractor and painter and is quite skilled in a number of areas including plumbing. Over the last two years he has helped me a number of times, including finishing a paint job I couldn't finish, repairing a water damaged wall, repairing my gutters, replacing some worn out valves in the bathtub fixture, etc. He's pleasant, efficient, and reasonably priced ($35 per hour). He's also very good at diagnosis, gives free estimates, and always tells you when he thinks it's something you can do yourself, and tells you how to do it. He can't always come immediately if it's not urgent, because he's in pretty high demand, but if you catch things before they become critical, they're cheaper to fix anyway. Helping Hand Home Painting and Maintenance, Ted Denney: (510) 237-9604. He lives in San Pablo, but is quite willing to come to my Berkeley home, and says he has a lot of clients in Berkeley.

From: Melinda (4/98)

I would like to recommend Miles McKee (524-3181). He has done miscellaneous repairs & carpentry (e.g. building shelves) for me over the last 5 years. He is a generalist, not a specialist, and he will tell you honestly if some job is beyond his expertise, and probably recommend someone else to you. He is a very pleasant, low-key, and considerate person and very generous with his advice.