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I've been searching for someone to complete a number of small projects around my house. I've looked at the previous BPN recommendations but some of those folks have moved, have closed shop, or haven't shown up for an estimate. I'm looking for a reliable person (or people) who can do tasks such as: clean and seal a wooden fence; put on fence post caps; hang up a garden hose holder and a window flower box; clean a dryer vent; etc. If you have any recommendations for someone who's reliable and can tackle these small tasks, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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Finding a skilled handy-person is a real challenge and if you find someone, it's a gift! I highly recommend Ruben Chavez, 510-927-6435. He can easily do what you need done, but can also do things that require greater skill, such as plumbing, and even welding! He is careful, knowledgeable, respectful, and communicates well. He charges $75 an hour, so not cheap.