Hi there, I am in need of a handy person. Ideally someone who can do a variety of things, is reliable, skilled and trustworthy. I am a recent widow and have as assortment of things around my house that need tending to. I am in Berkeley, Thanks.

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Dan the Happy Handyman - 


He has a few employees but is a small business - can do all the basics, super ethical and responsive. I use him on my listings as a realtor.

I hope you like him!


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Oren Leiman is a great handyman & carpenter. He has done numerous projects, both large and small, at my family's house since 2013. His website is www.myworkshed.net. His number is 415-577-9050. He's also a lovely person and very kind.

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Have you used TaskRabbit? It's a website where you request anyone--handyman, home cleaner, plumber, odd jobs person--to come to your house for just one job. You can read reviews on taskers before you hire them. I've used them for small jobs like caulking my bathtub, putting up shelves, and have been very happy with them. Slightly more expensive than a regular guy because TaskRabbit adds a surcharge, but if you really like someone, you can often get their card and then call them directly for future projects.

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I can recommend Santos (510-260-3454). We've used him for a variety of tasks, has been helpful, and came to us through a recommendation, too.