Seeking Unlicensed Contractor

Hello - - we have several small jobs that don't warrant a contractor probably a talented handyman?  Two of ours have retired!  Some minor electrical, patching an outdoor wall, new front door and replacing banister inside.  Greatly appreciate any recommendations!

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Depending on where you are, you could use Honeyhomes, a subscription service that sends the same handyman to your house regularly.  Not only has my handyman, David, been fantastic, but a central office coordinates all the parts, tracks the progress of each project, and even coordinates other tasks that are beyond a handyman.  You can put your whole to do list on their app and create a list for them to work through.  You can use my link below to get a free walkthrough and $100 off if you decide to sign up. I am totally obsessed and I highly recommend it.

I'm not sure where you're located, but we're in Concord and have been very pleased with our handyman. His name is Mark Anderson and his email is markahandyman [at] He provides all quotes in writing in advance and has never charged us more than the original quote. The quality of his work is top-notch and his prices are very competitive.

We are really happy with our handyman Gerardo Rodriguez (510) 292-8642.