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Jan 2008

I have a guest coming from the east coast for the holidays who is I think an experienced rock climber. She won't have much time but was hoping to find a place not much more than an hour away to just see what the rock looks like out here and asked me for suggestions. I know NOTHING about rock climbing. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!!!! Anon

I've seen real rock climbers at the sheer side of Indian Rock in Berkeley. Also Mt. Diablo has rock climbing - Boy Scout Rock, Sentinel Rock, and a fun place for all ages called Rock City. Rebecca

There's a popular place for low-key rock climbing with a view in the Berkeley Hills - Indian Rock Park above the Arlington and Marin. Good for sunset viewing too. Map it on google for specific directions.

A couple favorite local spots are at Mt. Diablo and Castle Rock. However there's this awesome list someone put together that's a big help at the link below. Have fun!

September 2002

My six year old monkey girl would love to do rock climbing. Does anyone know of a class that would be appropriate for a girl her age? One that is safe (physically) that she would not be the only girl in? Thanks.

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    July 2000

    This summer, my almost 13 year old daughter intensely enjoyed a three day class in rock climbing, offered by Cal Adventures. Does anyone know where, or how, she might continue with this activity, outdoors, with some degree of supervision or instruction, year round? Are there any (teen or adult) rock climbing clubs, events, or ongoing classes around that anyone knows of?

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      Rock Climbing birthday party

      Dec 1997

      The Emeryville rockclimbing gym is called City Rock and it's a great place. They do do birthday parties, though they're a bit pricey. Not sure it's advisable for kids younger than 6 or 7. My 9-year old found it when she was 8 and loves it. Nina

      From: Wendy

      How about rock climbing? Mission Cliffs is in SF (and, BTW, they showed up on Nash Bridges a couple weeks ago). They have little cliffs that my 4 year old was able to climb, and bigger ones for the 8 year olds who had the confidence. The place seems extremely safe, though everyone has to sign a slightly intimidating release of liability. I believe there is a similar place in Emeryville; if you can't find it, just call Mission Cliffs (I believe they are affiliated with each other).

      Extra possible bonus: Parents can try climbing, too (separate from the kids!). I think they can do it half price if there's a party their kids are attending.