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Any rock climbing parents around? May 19, 2018 (2 responses below)
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  • Any rock climbing parents around?

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    Hi BPN, 

    My wife and I have rock climbed a lot before our son (one year now) was born, but we haven't have the opportunity to climb much since then. We trying to find a convenient way to start again. We think that the best plan would be to join force with another family/couple to organize outings in the mountains somewhere between the Bay Area and the Sierra.

    Anybody here has experience with this or would like to join?

    Thanks for reading:)

    If you're open to indoor climbing, Berkeley Ironworks offers babysitting a few days each week. It's definitely safer than keeping your little one at the bottom of the crag and possibly defenseless against falling rocks. Alternately, bring a third adult outdoors, either a babysitter or another climber who's up for alternating climbing, belaying, and baby watching/protecting.

    Honestly, we didn't take our kid outdoors until he was 7 or 8, and at first only with a 3rd adult present. He's just too spacy and oblivious to his surroundings, any younger than that he would have walked off the cliff without noticing!

    My husband and I have a two year old, with another due in July, and are indoor & outdoor rock climbers. We've done a few outdoor trips with the toddler already with no problems (Lover's Leap, Yosemite Valley), but since we're about to fall down into the newborn abyss, I doubt we'll get out to anything significant this summer. We'd be glad to meet up locally at Ironworks, though to see if we mesh! Also thinking about a mellow trip to the Valley in September or October if the weather holds. Hoping to get at it more starting next spring, too!

  • Climbing harness for pregnancy

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    Does anyone know where I could find a climbing harness that will fit me for the next few months, now that my regular one doesn't? I know I could buy one online, but most places don't allow you to return climbing gear - I'm short (5'2") so I want to make sure the harness fits before I spend $100+ on it. I've called a couple local stores, but haven't found anyone that carries them yet.

    RE: Climbing harness for pregnancy ()

    I'm almost positive the touchstone gyms usually have a rental they'll let you use. My wife used one and I see multiple women using one as well.

    RE: Climbing harness for pregnancy ()

    REI and Sports Basement carry harnesses.  Keep climbing!

    RE: Climbing harness for pregnancy ()

    If you are climbing indoors at touchstone gyms they have pregnancy harnesses that you can borrow. That's what I did!

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Outdoor rockclimbing in Bay Area?

Jan 2008

I have a guest coming from the east coast for the holidays who is I think an experienced rock climber. She won't have much time but was hoping to find a place not much more than an hour away to just see what the rock looks like out here and asked me for suggestions. I know NOTHING about rock climbing. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!!!! Anon

I've seen real rock climbers at the sheer side of Indian Rock in Berkeley. Also Mt. Diablo has rock climbing - Boy Scout Rock, Sentinel Rock, and a fun place for all ages called Rock City. Rebecca

There's a popular place for low-key rock climbing with a view in the Berkeley Hills - Indian Rock Park above the Arlington and Marin. Good for sunset viewing too. Map it on google for specific directions.

A couple favorite local spots are at Mt. Diablo and Castle Rock. However there's this awesome list someone put together that's a big help at the link below. Have fun!