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Private Music Lessons - Piano, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, and more! Beginners are welcome! I offer music lessons for children and adults. During Covid-19, all lessons are online (virtual). I have over 25 years of professional experience, working with many of the local music camps, and with local schools. I am conveniently located near North Berkeley BART and 1/2 block from Jefferson School. I have raised 2 children of my own. I believe that every student is unique and deserves a custom approach. “One size does not fit all”. While I believe that a good solid foundation is necessary, I have extensive experience teaching not only classical music, but jazz, rock, folk, and pop as well. Please visit my website, or call or email, for more information.


Parent Reviews

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My (now 6) year old started virtual lessons in January with Ernie Mansfield of It's been a really wonderful experience - Ernie strikes a great balance of fun/encouragement and manages the ipad lessons well. I do look forward to a return to in-person as I need to sit with my daughter through the whole lesson, but overall we have been super happy.

We started my 5 year old in virtual piano lessons with Ernie Mansfield and have been really happy.

You are sacrificing your son's entire school day for the sake of zero period music. This isn't worth it even if he is completely impassioned by the school's musical experience. 

Check out this website for reasonably priced private half-hour music lessons:

This teacher doesn't push kids to practice, but he encourages them to play music.  However, at home, by requiring my daughter to play 30 minutes most days, she is now an accomplished musician after eight years. 

It's worth the $$ sacrifice if you can scrape it together. High school will offer your son more opportunities other than zero period. 

Ernie does a great job and is very passionate about his students. He is a very skilled musician who knows many styles...most of all, he makes learning music fun!

Ernie Mansfield is a terrific music teacher. He's patient, supportive and he knows how to make learning fun.

My son would always be excited and enthusiastic after he spent time with Ernie at his music lesson.

I highly recommend him!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2012

RE: Piano Teacher that is OK with digital keyboards

My son takes lessons from Ernie Mansfield in North Berkeley. Before we started, we talked to him about the pros and cons of what type of instrument to buy, and he wouldn't have had a problem with practicing on a digital piano at home. The lessons are given at his house (using non-digital piano). Annie

March 2011

RE: Guitar teacher for almost-7-year-old

Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music is classically trained and could be a wonderful choice for your son! He is near the North Berkeley BART station. He's great with kids and totally professional! As well, he is an amazing musician. This is not a side-line for him. He does this full time and has great recitals for the students. I encourage you to meet him and see if it's a good fit! My kids are musicians and it is such a joy! He can be reached at 510-524-2055. Have fun! Leah

Feb 2011

RE: Looking for affordable piano teacher for 4-year-old

My son is almost five and has been taking lessons with Ernie Mansfield for a little over a year. His price is reasonable and he is located near North Berkeley BART on Sacramento. He's great with a young child - very relaxed, low stress, age-appropriate. My son has a wonderful time learning piano. Ernie also teaches guitar, sax, and clarinet (perhaps others) to all ages. Annie

Aug 2010

RE: Guitar teacher for mom and 10 year old together

Ernie Mansfield was very good and teaches not only guitar but a bevy of other instruments as well. Check his website out at Stephanie

May 2010

RE: Fun piano teacher for 7-year-old

Ernie Mansfield teaches piano to children and adults in North Berkeley. He is not just about producing little professionals, he likes his students to have a good time. He uses a variety of methods including developmentally appropriate books, learning by ear, and playing favorite songs. He has a gentle sense of humor. He gathers his students for fun recitals as well. He engages kids and adults in music, including those who thought they would not be able to learn. You can view more information at his website, ( or call (510) 524-2055. Reba

We highly recommend Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music for piano lessons. Our 10 year old daughter has been taking lessons with him for several years, and she thoroughly enjoys herself. I've overhead them singing together loudly and playing the piano. It's very sweet. Ernie is very low key and low stress, but our daughter is learning how to read music and play the piano. He's kind, loving, and patient -- very good with kids. He doesn't push the kids, but let's them learn and enjoy at their own pace. The students also perform at recitals -- several times a year, at places like Freight and Salvage or a local church. This is also entirely voluntary, and it teaches them preparation and discipline. In fact, our child loves her lessons so much that her grandma has started guitar lessons. Mansfield Music is located in a private home on Sacramento near Rose - - very close to N. Berk. Bart. ernie [at], 510 524-2055. Check out his website. Robin K

Ernie Mansfield is a terrific piano teacher who did an excellent job teaching my son the piano. He's great at adapting to your child's attitude toward music and he knows how to make it fun. He's located in Berkeley and his phone number is 524-2055. LL

Jan 2010

RE: Piano teacher for 9 and 7 year old

Ernie Mansfield (510)524-2055 is an excellent piano teacher. My son loved him. Ernie is very passionate about teaching music to children and adults and he's great. He's located in Berkeley. LL

Nov 2009

RE: Inexpensive Guitar teacher for advanced beginner

I would like to recommend my son's music teacher, Ernie Mansfield, (510) 524-2055 of Mansfield Music, who teaches guitar (acoustic and electric) as well as piano, flute, clarinet and saxophone. My son has been a student of his for over 2 years and has taken both piano and guitar with him. Ernie is an extremely kind and patient teacher who seems to know exactly how to keep students of all ages and levels engaged, and who is especially good at finding music and ways to meet each student's musical interests. The bi-annual recitals at the old Freight and Salvage are always fun. Many students play duets with Ernie and some of the older students play their own compositions. It is not a pressured performance environment that is not Ernie's style, but rather a relaxed one-hour of music. I highly recommend that you call Ernie and discuss your interests, I'm sure he'll be able to accommodate you. Jennifer

May 2009

RE: Saxaphone teacher for adult

Ernie Mansfield is an excellent music teacher who teaches soprano sax. He's taught my son and he's terrific. His phone number is (510) 524-2055. Ernie teaches in Berkeley. Larry L.

Jan 2009

RE: Flute teacher for 15-year-old

I know a fabulous musician who is a flutist. He teaches near the North Berkeley BART station. He teaches flute and several other instruments, but his first instrument is flute. His name is Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music. I highly recommend him. He is very competent and attentive to the students he teaches. He can be reached at 510-524-2055. Leah

Nov 2007

RE:  9 year old wants to learn how to play saxophone

Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music teaches Saxophone. He works with students of all ages, but most of his students are youth. He is in Berkeley, not far from the North Berkeley BART station. I went to a recital of his once and was really impressed by him and his students. Music is his passion and I think helping others reailze their passion for music is part of that passion for him! 510-524-2055 Julie

April 2006

RE: Piano teacher

Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music is a great piano teacher. He's very patient and has a great rapport with kids of all ages. He's very centrally located near North Berkeley BART. He can be reached at 510-524-0906.

Please contact Ernie Mansfield. He is a gifted piano teacher. His students are all thrilled with him. Ernie Mansfield Mansfield Music ernie[at]

March 2006

RE: Piano lessons for 4 year old

Ernie Mansfield has a great reputation among my friends. He teaches in his studio near N. Berkeley BART. 510-524-2055, ernie AT ann

March 2006

RE: Jazz guitar teacher

Ernie Mansfield is a great guitar teacher, is very versatile, and works with lots of different styles of music, and students of all ages. You can reach him at 510-524-2055 or ernie AT Tom

March 2006

RE: Guitar teacher for 15yo beginner

Ernie Mansfield (Mansfield Music - 510-524-0906) is a great guitar teacher. He is very patient and has a down to earth approach in his teaching style. He also has a great sense of humor and relates well with teens. Brian

Nov 2005

RE: Teen daughter wants to branch out to jazz piano

For those looking for a great piano teacher, I can highly recommend Ernie Mansfield. He is patient and also is a great flute, sax, clarinet and guitar instructor. He can be reached at (510) 524-2055 or you can e-mail him at ernie AT

July 2005

RE: Piano lessons for 9 year old

I would recommend Ernie Mansfield. He is an experienced musician, and knowledgeable on many instruments (incl. flute, sax, clarinet, piano, and guitar) which gives learning music from him a bit more flavor. He has spent over 30 years as a professional musician & he will work with both children and adults - so you could take lessons with your kids!!! I have been to his performances and to his group teaching sessions and would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in private music instruction. You can reach him at 510-524-2055, or ernie AT Jonathan

Ernie Mansfield is a gifted piano teacher. He can be reached at: 510.524.2055 or ernie AT Tom

I think you should try Ernie Mansfield. He teaches piano and has some very satisfied students of all ages. He is a wonderful musician with years of experience. His number is 510-524-2055 Priscilla

June 2005

RE: Electric guitar lessons for two 12 year olds

Hi, I would highly recommend Ernie Mansfield as a guitar instructor. Please contact him at 510.524.2055 ernie AT

April 2005

RE: Tutor for AP Music Theory

I know Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music. His specialty is music theory, and he is a wonderful teacher who is patient, full of humor, and very talented. He works with all ages but loves to work with kids who are interested in his specialty. He is conscientious and very serious about his music and teaching. He also plays several instruments. I'd recommend him. nancy pino, former teacher

I would like to recommend Ernie Mansfield as a music tutor. He is a wonderful musician and music teacher who is also an expert at creating music scores. He is very talented as well as very patient. I have know him for many years and have seen his beautiful charts. Give him a call at 510-524-2055 or email him at ernie AT

Feb 2005

re: clarinet teachers

I would highly recommend Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music. He can be contacted at (510) 524-2055. He has many years of experience teaching both children and adults and Clarinet happens to be one of the 5 or 6 instruments he teaches. Good luck with your return to the Clarinet - Ernie will make it a lot easier and a lot of fun. Jonathan

I strongly recommend Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music! He is an amazing musician and an even better teacher. He teaches many musical instruments, but I know he is a great clarinet teacher! He is great with kids and great with adults. Being a parent himself, I know he understands the importance of doing something just for us! Check him out! Ernie Mansfield (510) 524-2055 Mansfield Music -- Music Lessons: flute, sax, clarinet, piano, guitar - -- Good Luck! -- Dani

Feb 2004

RE: Piano for an adult amateur

My son takes piano lessons from an excellent teacher located in North Berkeley, near Sacramento and Cedar. His name is Ernie Mansfield and his number is 524-2055. He is an accomplished musician and composer, and teaches a variety of instruments, including piano, flute, sax, etc., to both children and adults. You can check out his website at . As for rates, the going rate seems to be $25 per half hour for music lessons. I pay this for all my kids lessons on piano, guitar, and drums. lisa

Nov 2003

RE: Piano Teacher in the Berkeley

I would like to recommend my son's piano teacher, Ernie Mansfield, to anyone who is looking for an excellent teacher for their child. My son (10 years old) has been taking piano lessons from Ernie for about a year and loves it. He also teaches sax, flute and other instruments. He is patient, engaging, creative and flexible. He is happy to play the ''Heart and Soul'' duet with my son at the beginning of every lesson (they also play other duets, sometimes with Ernie on sax), and has him totally jazzed about doing scales! Ernie teaches in North Berkeley. His number is 510-524-2055. Feel free to contact me for more information. lisa