Piano teacher for 6yo near Berkeley

Hi, seeking advice on a piano teacher for a 6 year old (for our wiggly, new to music son) in the Berkeley area.   Hopefully someone that keeps it fun, isn't too serious, and has experience with younger, new musicians.  Thanks!

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My (now 6) year old started virtual lessons in January with Ernie Mansfield of mansfieldmusic.com. It's been a really wonderful experience - Ernie strikes a great balance of fun/encouragement and manages the ipad lessons well. I do look forward to a return to in-person as I need to sit with my daughter through the whole lesson, but overall we have been super happy.

My wiggler recently started with Kristen at Piano Everyone https://pianoeveryone.com and we could not be happier with her gentle approach. 

Give Jimi Marks a call. Berkekey educated, trained in piano and drums for 25 years, and connects very well with young kids. DM me for his number/email. 

Susanne Stolcke taught our boys for many years.  All levels from tiny beginners to competitive.  Has an absolutely stress-free relationship with her students and their parents.  Our 22 yo still plays every day he can.

(510) 528-1224

susanne_piano [at] hotmai.com