Piano lessons for 5 year olds during pandemic?

Hi, does anyone know of a way to get toddlers started on piano lessons during the pandemic? I am not sure if starting them online with be effective, as it will be their very first lessons. (My boys are 5-year old twins). We have a piano at home (not sure if we should invite a private teacher in), or if there is a music school that we could safely go to? Anyone have any thoughts/recommendations? Thanks!

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We have been working with Marianne for years. She has transitioned to zoom teaching well. She was a preschool teacher for a long time, and we think she is a kid whisperer. I'm not sure if she has openings, but please feel free to reach out. mlbarlow2 [at] gmail.com 

Try Ben Zadan. I'm doing Zoom piano lessons with him--started after my piano-playing kid went off to college!


We started our 7 year old in "first-ever" piano lessons a few months ago, and chose a teacher (through word-of-mouth) that is doing Zoom lessons. I wouldn't think this would be adequate for a child first starting out, but we live with my mother-in-law who has studied piano in the past, can read music, and is available to sit next to him during his Zoom lessons. She is very hands-off and mostly just listens, but is available to help him as needed, like with hand positioning or locating a specific note, which would be tricky for our teacher through the ipad. I think it's going really well. If you've ever taken piano and can just sit with the boys during their lessons, it could work. 

Hi! My nearly 5 year old started piano and drum lessons last August via Zoom with Surya. He is a fantastic teacher and my son has learned a great deal. I highly recommend Surya and hope you reach out to him!


I highly recommend Cynthia Bythell, https://cynthiabythellmusic.com/piano-lessons-beginning-through-early-advanced/ She gives private lessons at her home in West Berkeley, she has been teaching by Zoom very effectively during the pandemic but with our new red tier and educator vaccinations she may be opening up for in-person again. My daughter started with her at age 10 and worked with her for 6 years; she does work with children as young as yours. She is a gifted musician and an excellent teacher: patient, consistent, encouraging, but also very systematic. She focuses on helping students develop good habits and foundations while also helping them find music that interests them. She also runs a lovely recital every year which was hugely motivating for my daughter. She offers a free trial lesson.

We started my 5 year old in virtual piano lessons with Ernie Mansfield and have been really happy. https://www.mansfieldmusic.com/