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Tutor for AP Music Theory

April 2005

My daughter wants to take AP Music Theory next year (her junior year). She heard that the current teacher at her school does not teach that well although he knows a lot. She is very interested in the subject, but she is worried. Can someone recommend a tutor for AP Music Theory? Thanks.

I know Ernie Mansfield of Mansfield Music. His specialty is music theory, and he is a wonderful teacher who is patient, full of humor, and very talented. He works with all ages but loves to work with kids who are interested in his specialty. He is conscientious and very serious about his music and teaching. He also plays several instruments. I'd recommend him. nancy pino, former teacher

My son is studying music theory and composition with Katrina Wreede who is a wonderful teacher. I don't know how much she knows about teaching towards the AP Music Theory exam, but as a composer herself, she can certainly teach your child the whole gamut of music theory, and then beyond, if the student is interested. She can be reached at vlazville AT

I would like to recommend Ernie Mansfield as a music tutor. He is a wonderful musician and music teacher who is also an expert at creating music scores. He is very talented as well as very patient. I have know him for many years and have seen his beautiful charts. Give him a call at 510-524-2055 or email him at ernie AT