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  • Trial dance class for 6 year old boy?

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    I think my six year old might be interested in dance classes based on how he’s always humming and dancing around the house. I would like to have him try out a class to see how he likes it. However, I don’t want to have to shell out money for dance shoes and a dance uniform if it turns out he hates it. Does anyone know of a class where he can try out a class in bare feet or socks once before we make the shoe commitment? I’m specifically looking for something in the El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley area and open to any style of dance - tap, ballet, hip-hop, etc.

    My impression is that Luna dance is great but my kid didn't try it....he gave up after being the only boy in a ballet class elsewhere for a while. Good luck!

    I recommend in El Cerrito. My daughter went there for several years and I'm pretty sure you can still try out a couple of classes before committing.

    Check out Danspace in North Oakland. They have a beginning hip hop class he might enjoy.

    Berkeley City Ballet, where my daughter has danced very happily for 8-plus years, offers a free trial class to anyone thinking of taking ballet there.  And if your son likes it, you're in luck! To encourage boys to dance, BCB offers them free tuition (although there is an annual registration fee of $55). My daughter reports that she sees lots of happy little boys at the Saturday morning class for 4-6-year-olds.   BCB is is on Dwight Way, a few blocks southwest of Berkeley High.  You can see all of the classes currently offered at  Berkeley City Ballet - Schedule & Tuition -- here are the ones just for boys:

    Boys Ballet 4-6yrs: Saturday 9:30-10:15
    Boys Ballet 6-8yrs: Tuesday 6:00-6:45
    Boys Ballet 9-13yrs: Tuesday 6:45-7:45

    Contact the studio for for a free trial class at info [at] (Contact us)Our daughter and her dance friends have found not only excellent instruction, but a very close-knit community at BCB.  Highly recommended!

    I also highly recommend Berkeley City Ballet.  We've been there over five years.   I don't think there's much of a uniform requirement until they get to age 8/Third Grade.  There's also a huge box just filled with used ballet shoes.  We often used those shoes instead of buying new ones until my daughter got a little older.  Now we happily donate to the box.

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5 year old boy - Gotta Dance

Dec 2012

I am looking for a dance/movement class for my 5 year old boy. He loves gymnastics and acrobatics and the circus. He recently saw Singin' in the Rain and has been acting out the title scene and the Make 'em Laugh scene constantly. I would love to find a class that brings these elements together for him - music, choreography, acrobatics, gymnastics, dance. Traditional ballet and tap dance classes may not be for him. I think he'd love a class with other boys - maybe even a male teacher. What about circus arts classes - like Kinetic Arts or Trapeze Arts in Oakland? Any other recommendations? Dance mama

You are looking for Ha Ha This-a-way!!! R.K.

Try Ha Ha This a way on 8 st in berkeley they have a class just for boys with a male instructor.

Kids 'N Dance and Theater Arts has a few classes that might work for your son. Musical Theater and Dance or Dance and Gymnastics/Circus Arts. They also have full musical productions for kids his age called ''Little Theater.'' Since it is musical theater, they dance along with the singing and act out all the parts for the production. anon

Dance classes for 4 y.o. boy

May 2012

Am looking for a dance class for my young son. Seems like all the classes I look at are filled with little girls wearing lots of pink. Are there boys classes out there? Classes that are built to channel and celebrate my son's crazy yet wonderful little boy need to move his body? Sarah

Check out Chhandam at They teach kids Kathak, an Indian classical dance that involves lots of footwork and quick spins! it is a lot of fun and they have boys and not much pink in the classroom. They offer classes in Berkeley. love to dance

I too have a four year old son and would love to find a great dance class in the east bay for him. Unfortunately, I think that this is just lacking in our community. As a former dancer, dance teacher for kids, and Arts Administrator, I have been mulling over the idea of starting a new dance school in Berkeley or Oakland, but want to be sure that there is a strong desire for it in order for it to be successful. Although this doesn't answer your question, I'd be interested in hearing from you and anyone interested, so as to design a program that really fits the needs of parents and kids. I hope to hear from you! sarah

The Ah-Lan Chinese Dance school in Albany has a boys class...just saw them perform this weekend, they were great! Joyce

Dance for 3-year-old boy

Oct 2011

Our 3-year old boys love to dance. Are there formal dance classes that other toddlers/their parents have enjoyed? Ballet? Other dance forms? twinmomma

Katie's Dance Studio in El Cerrito has classes for 3 1/2 +. If your boys are 3 1/2, they might enjoy the beginner tap & jazz class. There's one at 9:30 Saturday mornings, and others in the afternoons during the week. Call Katie to try out a class. 524-1310. Mom of a Dancing Boy

You have to check out Kids 'n Dance in the Laurel. They have parent and me classes and toddler classes that at an absolute blast. New story adventures weekly with costumes and props and free play in gymnastic equipment. Teachers are fabulous and truly enjoy the kids they are teaching. We make a morning of it and hang out with coffee in their back playground while they play with friends they have met in the class. They have a website. Anon

My daughter took a class at East Bay Performing Arts Center in Richmond and there were many boys in that class. Miss Betty teaches it. We really enjoyed that class. Also Miss Lyons class at the Albany community center occasionally has boys. When my 6 year old took it 2 years ago, the boys were great and enjoyed themselves doing ballet. Enjoy! Karen

Dance for 3-year-old boy

Oct 2011

I'm looking for recommendations for good dance classes for a 3-year-old. My son loves music and dancing and I think he'd love dance classes. He likes music with a beat. I don't know that ballet would be quite his thing. I'm looking for something that would be kind of like music and movement. Most important to me is a strong, experienced teacher who knows how to make it fun for little ones. Mom of a musical son

my son loved dance classes at shawl-anderson, on alcatraz near college avenue. he especially loved a modern dance class with maurice charriere, who still teaches there. the website is Lucy

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Dance class wiht structure for 4-year-old boy

April 2008

My 4 year old son is interested in taking a dance class, and I'm looking for current recommendations. I'm looking for a relaxed and informal atmosphere, but with some structure (i.e. teaching of specific steps or dances, age-appropriate, of course). We tried a class at Luna Kids Dance, and it seemed a bit too loose for him. I'm hoping for a class in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area. Thanks. Son wants to dance

I'd go to Katie's Dance Studio on San Pablo in El Cerrito. There are several boys of all ages who dance there, and even a class just for boys. He could try the 10:45 Saturday class (ages 3 1/2-5), and there is at least one little boy in that class. It's 45 minutes long, with a great teacher & assistant, and teaches tap and jazz. heidi

I highly recommend Laurie Ann Lepoff - 510.444.4621 She's been teaching dance for like a million years and she's right here in Oakland. She is kind and patient, and teaches a wide variety of dance. Her website is Keren

Kids N Dance has classes for 4 year olds that are gently structured but teach steps through use of imagery. The kids dress up in costumes we provide weekly and do story dances. He might enjoy our Creative movement or Hip Hop Boppers class. He can come in for a free trial. kris

Best place to dance in the East Bay! Shawl Anderson Dance Center is on Alcatraz off of College and has wonderful classes for kids and adults. Reenie and Maurice Charriere teach kids and are excellent at providing both structure and freedom. And while you're there for your son, why not take a class yourself? Sima

Looking for dance class for 9-y-o son

May 2007

Looking for a hip hop or jazz dance class for my 9yr old son. He loves to dance! He is so agile and feels the beat! I am having trouble finding something for his age group. Any suggestions? Thanks

I can recommend 2 great classes at Dance Theatre Arts in Hayward. Monday evenings there is a jazz class and tap class taught by a fantastic teacher named Alice Rhodes. Currently, there are 2 boys in her class around 9 or 10 years old. There is also a Boy's Hip Hop class on Tuesday evenings taught by Alex Sanchez who is also a teacher at Oakland School of the Arts. Good luck, Lainie Sakakura

Amazing choreographer and dance teacher Lateef Swain is teaching two inspiring hip hop classes - FOR BOYS ONLY - at the Rhythm Room Dance & Movement Center in Lafayette (phone: 925.283.4801, website The atmosphere is great, the music is cool and I am sure your young dancer will have the time of his life while rapidly developing his talent. a mom of a dancing boy

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Movement/yoga/dance for boys

Sept 2006

I'm sad to see Jim Beatty isn't doing his classes this fall which looked perfect for my almost 5 yr old son. Can anyone recommend an alternative; something play based that is based in creative movement/drama/dance, where there is likely to be a good mix of boys and girls? Thanks maya

My daughter has taken a creative movement class offered by Luna Kids Dance. I think it would be good for boys too (my 2-year-old boy loved to ''dance'' in there with her when he got a chance). anon

Dance class- N.Berkeley area- 5 yr old boy

March 2006

My five year old son wiggles when he brushes his teeth, tells a story and just about whenever he can. I would love to find a dance class for him that isn't too formal - i.e. no ballet or strict tap dance - but some kind of more expressive, energetic dancing. He has done Jim Beatty's Ha Ha This Away and it was fun but we want something that is more definitively dancing. Hip hop? African dance? He wants to shake and express himself and be in the music. We live in North Berkeley and would love to stay close by - Berkeley, Albany, Kensington...Oakland is too far south. Also, it would be good if he wasn't likely to be the only boy in the class. Thanks. Tracey

I would recommend Katie's Dance Studio in El Cerrito. It is near the guitar center. They often have little guys who take dance lessons.

My 4 year old son takes dance classes at his preschool with Kathleen Hogan of Little Feet and he LOVES it. The day of the dance class is his favorite day of the week. He enjoys it so much that we are seriously considering signing him up for the Sat class as well at Aquatic Park. (I don't have her contact info handy, but I believe it's in the archives) mother of a dancin' boy

Try Luna Kids Dance. They do creative dance classes for kids. R.K.

Dance classes for 7-year-old BOY

Feb 2005

I've checked the recommendations, but didn't quite see what I was hoping to find: I have a very artsy-fartsy almost-7-year- old boy who would like to take some dance classes -- either jazz or ballet, I imagine, maybe tap. We'd like him not to be the only boy, we'd like classes scheduled for late afternoon so that a 2-working-parent-family can cope, and we'd like the classes to be in the Oakland or maybe South Berkeley vicinity (for the same reason). And of course, it should be fun. Any recommendations out there? Thanks. Wendy


  • Berkeley City Ballet
  • Dance Arts Project Alameda
  • Danspace Rockridge
  • Luna Kids Dance
  • Shawl-Anderson Dance Studio Rockridge

    Other advice:

    If you are not sure about your son's preference, you may wish to visit a Hula/Polynesian class with your son to see if it is to his liking. I believe that there are several boys in the Saturday morning class. My school, has children's classes (aka keiki) on Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings. See: for more details. Michele

    Dance or Drama Class for 7.5-year-old boy

    Nov 2004

    While there are some past comments in the archives, I'm trying to focus my search for a dance or drama (scant comments here in the past) class for my 7.5-year-old boy. Regarding dance, he would not be interested in ballet, but more modern or some type of ensemble dancing. What local resources are there where he could take a non-competitive class with no prior class experience (other than several school-based programs)? Also, he would appreciate a drama class, where he got to act and even help with preparing the set, etc. I'm pretty clueless here although I note there is a musical theater class at Kids 'N Dance in Lafayette. Anyone have anything to say about them or other resources? Thanks. Amy


  • First Stage Children's Theater
  • Julia Morgan Center for the Arts
  • Kids 'N Dance
  • New Style Mother Lode Dance Company

    2003 & Earlier

    CLass for 5-year-old boy who loves to dance


    My 5-year-old son loves to dance. Every time that we have rented and watched a musical, he is up dancing along with the MGM stars. I think he might enjoy taking dancing lessons, but it would have to be the RIGHT instructor and the RIGHT class. I don't think he would like to be the only boy in the class, so that is a consideration also.

    Check out Orches in Oakland. The studio is close to Laney, and is very pleasant. The two instructors are both very experienced and wonderful with kids, and one of them is a man (always a good model for boys who want to dance). You might ask specifically if he (Peter Brown) is teaching the 5-7 year old class. They have a great, age appropriate approach (good combination creativity and technique). I know they also teach in the Oakland schools as well as a number of preschools in the area. Orches: 832-3835.
    I highly recommend a 'Creative Movement' class for 3-6 year olds at the Albany YMCA (Solano/Kains) on Tuesdays from2:30-3:05. There are boys and girls in the class and they all seem to be having a great time. Kathleen is a terrific teacher who really encourages and gently guides the children in the class. It is also very reasonable priced - $20/month.
    maryse young at cerrito dance arts center is great. my kids (2 girls, 2 boys)have been taking from her for years. her classes are a combo of tap and ballet, and loads of fun. you can reach her at 234-2780 you may need to call a couple of times, but keep trying--it's worth it!
    For dancing and creative movement for your son I recommend Ha Ha This A Way run by a man named Jim Beatty. He is the best! He offers programs during the year and an excellent summer camp! My son loved it! You can call him at 524-6414. Ask to get a brochure and a chance to visit one of his classes.
    Check out Orches is Oakland, near Laney College. There are boys in my daughter's class (and the instructor is male). Call them at 832-3835 and talk to Peter or Vicky.

    4-year-old boy who is interested in dance lessons

    Jan 1999

    Regarding the 4-year-old boy who is interested in dance lessons:
    The El Cerrito Ballet Center takes both boys and girls, starting at four years old. The director, Barbara Gabriel, is excellent with small children and has been teaching ballet for twenty years. Admittedly, boys are rare in her classes, but they are welcome. It sounds like your son is specifically interested in ballet and if so, this would be a good option for you. The message number is 235-1734 and Barbara is good at returning calls promptly.

    Alternatively, if it's just dance and movement he's interested in, Barefoot Dancing at the Albany Community Center on Masonic is a wonderful option. I don't know if Patricia is still teaching this class, but it is great fun for the kids, integrating music, movement, fun animal songs and more.

    Berkeley Ballet Theater is very happy to have boys in their classes; at one point last year when the number of boys was at a low I heard they were giving a discount to that gender! Our five year old daughter's teacher, Miss Corinne is wonderful, and the kids love putting on their bi-yearly performances. It is classical ballet, but they do it in a fun way for the younger kids. The number is 843-4687, they're located at the Julia Morgan on College.

    Another excellent, and more eclectic dance studio for kids is Kids 'n Dance, which is located in Lafayette on Mt. Diablo Boulevard. Kris Mueller, the head teacher there, is fabulous, and really engages the children's imaginations with story telling and costumes. She does ballet, movement, tap, and modern dance. If you don't mind the drive I'd highly recommend her. She usually has a fair number of boys too. Phone is 284-7388