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Berkeley, CA
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Re: Dance or Drama Class for 7.5-year-old boy (Nov 2004)
You don't say where you are looking (geographically), but I highly recommend ''First Stage Children's Theater'' in Berkeley. The instructors have been doing this program twice a year (fall and spring) for many years, and kids keep coming back. The plays are written by the director, and always incorporate the children's interests and preferences. The plays are very age-appropriate, have meaningful roles for every child, and include simple dance and songs (while not a dance-oriented program, there are a few simply choreographed numbers in each play). Each play has a moral (like ''be good to each other'', ''take care of the earth'', ''people are more important than things'', etc.) Kids can help with props, sets, etc. on a special extra ''set'' day. They rehearse on 8th Street in Berkeley, and perform in the real Julia Morgan Theater. The official age range is 8-11, but I know they've had some 7-y.o. kids. You can see one of their plays (including my son in his sixth First Stage show!) on Tuesday evening, Nov. 30, at 7:30 p.m. (See RK