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  • See Berkeley Playhouse for current theater classes and camps at the Julia Morgan Theater.

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Dance Classes at Julia Morgan

Re: Dance or Drama Class for 7.5-year-old boy (Nov 2004)
The Julia Morgan Center for the Arts offers several classes and camps that might be a good fit for your 7.5 year old. In the Fall and Spring we offer after-school and Saturday classes including a Musical Theater Workshop for that age culminating in a short performance on the last day of class. We also have Holiay and Summer Performing Arts Camps where the students study acting, movement, voice, and improv and create their own play! Feel free to stop by with your son during our Winter Break Camps (Dec 20-24 and Dec 27-31) to check it out. You can also call Melissa, our Registrar, with any questions: (510)845-8542 x301 or go to www.juliamorgan.org Beth

September 2002

Re: Dance Class for 3 Year Old

We have a great Creative Dance class for 3 and 4 year olds at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts in Berkeley. It's taught by one of our favorite teaching artists, Kimberly Wilday, who leads a fun and supportive class exploring movement concepts through dance, story, poetry and song. It's really beautiful to see the kids in her group strengthen their bodies while learning to move with self-confidence and joy. The class meets Fridays at 3:00pm for 8 weeks starting Friday October 4, 2002. The fee is $80.00. See www.juliamorgan.org for more information or call our Registrar, Melissa at (510) 845-8542 x301. Beth

Julia Morgan Theater Camp

July 2003

Re: Drama Classes for 4-year-old
You mentioned that you might do a week at the Julia Morgan this summer. We only have a few places left in both Rainbow Camp 1 (Aug 4-8) and Rainbow Camp 2 (Aug 11-15), so please enroll your child now if you are interested. I am available to answer any questions about curriculum and activities (510)845-8542 x378, and can promise you drama, dance, visual arts and music to satisfy your budding actor's every theatrical need! Call Melissa to register (510)845-8542 x301. Also, we offer weekly Creative Drama classes for ages 4-6 (thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings) throughout the fall and spring.
~Beth Donohue Templeton, Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Jan 2002

I am looking for a drama/performing arts class for my six year old son., whose incredibly energetic and creative Has anyone's child gone to the one at Julia Morgan? Thank you. Sara

My sons, then age 7(just) and 10 took the spring break drama camp last year and loved it. It was a rough start, because, like most drama camps, there were a lot more girls than boys, but once they got started, they couldn't wait to get there (this is no small feat because they tend to be cranky about such things). In this particular program, the kids developed their own play and characters, and it was really quite clever and funny. My sons' favorite part was learning how to stage fight. The only drawback is that dropoff and pickup can be tricky with traffic and parking in that area. Marianne


Julia Morgan Center on College Avenue has a good after-school and summer drama program. Our (13-year-old) daughter seems to like the ACT classes. it is somewhat expensive, but it's 12 weeks x 2 hours or 2 1/2 hours, so there is time for something to happen.

Our son went to the Julia Morgan theatre camp last year. The kids, mostly girls, who were really into theatre already seemed to have a great time. It didn't work for David, partly because he went with friends who were too shy to get up and perform. Please contact me if you want more details about the camp.

May 2000

There is a new and exciting Summer Performing Arts Program at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts. The faculty is superb - our teaching artists are professional actors and experienced teachers. The program will consist of comprehensive training for the student artist with both full-day (9-3) performing arts programs and special afternoon workshop options 3:15-5:30 pm. Before and after camp extended care will be offered at an additional fee.

All of our programs are open to new and returning students from grades 3-12 (entering grade in September 2000). Each two week session is new and different and will focus on providing students with fun and challenging acting, singing, movement and dance studio experiences. The sessions progress sequentially - building in complexity and scope. All classes will culminate in a last class public demonstration. Sessions run from June 19th to August 11th. Scholarships are available. For more information call the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts at (510) 845-8542 or www.juliamorgan.org

Julia Morgan winter break camp for 4-year-old?

Nov 2003

I'm considering sending my 4 year old to the 3-day winter performing arts camp at Julia Morgan Center. Has anyone with a child of similar age sent their kid/s there before? I'm concerned that the 4-6 year old group might be too advanced for a 4-year-old. Would appreciate hearing about anyone else's experiences there with a child of a similar age. thanks.

We sent our 4 y-o to the Julia Morgan camp this summer and she loved it. They actually broke the 4-6 year olds into two groups so the group she was with were all about her age. Don't know if they do the same thing for winter camp, but everything they did was totally age appropriate and their expectations for kids were quite realistic. We're going again next summer. elisabeth

Hi there, In response to your question about enrolling your 4 year old in the JMCA winter Rainbow Arts camp (ages 4-6), I just wanted to let you know that we divide the Rainbow group into two classes, one class is 4's and young 5's and the other is later 5's and 6's. This seems to work out well for both groups. We also do our best to accomodate parent's special requests (buddies in the same class or siblings in seperate classes are common requests). If you would like to talk about programming, camp themes, etc. I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at (510) 845-8542 x378 M-F. ~Beth Templeton (Rainbow director, JMCA) beth