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Alta Bates birth during Covid19 May 12, 2020 (10 responses below)
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  • Alta Bates birth during Covid19

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    Hi, wondering if anyone here has given birth at Alta Bates during Covid19 times and would be willing to share what it was like? We're due in a few weeks and have all kinds of questions, like if we'll be allowed to leave the room at all, if a mask will be required during labor, how my partner will get food, etc etc. 
    Thanks so much! 

    Hi! I gave birth on April 6 (admitted the 5th and discharged the 8th) and this was my experience.  When we entered they took our temperature and gave us masks. We were asked to stay in our room the whole time with masks on. All nurses and doctors also had masks. During labor I seem to remember wearing a mask. Haha. During recovery we had a whole room to ourselves so my partner was able to sleep on a hospital bed. Again, we were confined the the room. I didn’t wear a mask then because I wanted baby to see my face but I did put one on when folks came in. I think there is one opportunity o leave per day but my husband never left. We brought food and a hot water heater. He did go to the cafeteria one say but that didn’t count as exiting. Also? The parking garage has a three day pass but check to see if Berkeley is actually ticketing because you may just be able to park on the street.  Hope this helps.  Good luck! 

    Hi, I gave birth at Alta Bates about 3 weeks ago. At the time, we had our temperature checked when entering the hospital, but I think they're now having laboring patients tested for covid-19 upon being admitted as well. I was told we were supposed to wear masks during labor, but I ended up taking mine off at some point (my husband kept his on the whole time). Now with testing, I think you don't have to wear a mask during delivery if you test negative. We both wore our masks in postpartum every time someone came into our room. 

    I was told we weren't allowed to leave the room – both during labor and in postpartum. My husband did leave a couple of times to go to whole foods and pick up food delivery. He wasn't given food by the hospital, but I've heard that they'll give partners food if you ask such as basic sandwiches and snacks. 

    Despite covid-19 times, my experience at Alta Bates was really positive. The staff/nurses were amazing and so helpful. 

    I'm scheduled for a c-section tomorrow morning, and can let you know about my experience once we get back. I know that currently Alta Bates only allows one support person and they have in/out privileges (I think) twice a day.  The same support person is designated throughout the hospital stay.  They are testing all pregnant women for COVID.  Not sure about masks.

    I'm a NICU nurse at a different hospital in the same network, and I may be able to give a little insight.  Before I went out on leave, our hospital allowed one support person in the hospital.  The support person could only leave and come back once per day.  I believe they made all laboring women and visitors wear masks, but at that time we weren't testing anyone who was asymptomatic.   Our cafeteria was open, and you had to meet your food delivery driver outside the hospital.  

    I'll try to remember to check back and update, but feel free to message me if you don't hear from me.  Might get a little forgetful having a preschooler and newborn at home.

  • Hello,

    We have a 5-month-old baby who used to sleep through the night (6.5-7 hours) and suddenly can’t stay asleep longer than 2 hours (sometimes as few as 20 minutes) without being held. We don’t know if it’s the sudden change from being in daycare to being sheltered in place, or just a normal developmental thing, but as two working parents trying to figure out life in the corona virus-era, we’ve come to the place where we are looking for help. Thought I’d post here to see if any parents have recommendations for sleep consultants (or things to look for/avoid). 

    If you’ve worked with someone before and liked them, who did you work with and what did you like about them? How long did you have to work with them before seeing results? Also, guidance on the going rate for sleep consultants?

    Any help is appreciated. At this point, we’re looking for someone who will do video and/or phone consultations.

    Sounds to me like the 4-month sleep regression came slightly later. Keep with your good bedtime sleep routines, and if you’re open to sleep training (ask your peds first), you can start thinking about sleep training.  We chose not to sleep train (CIO) but rather stuck to our routines, putting down drowsy, and rode out the 3ish weeks (it was painful but for us worth it).  Usually with some gentle sleep coaching and good bedtime routines, this regression rides itself out. 

    This sounds like a 4 month sleep regression. In theory, if they learn to fall asleep by themselves in the place where they will sleep for the whole night then they should improve at getting themselves back to sleep when they wake up. I have used the resources on and have called them for a consultation (on a different sleep issue). It's not cheap but it was virtual, efficient, helpful, and they also answered lots of follow up questions for no additional charge. See their blog on the 4 month sleep regression at:

    We were just finishing our sleep training with Anne Del Valle of weesleep and it's been great. She is in the bay area, but everything was done via video or phone.

  • Lactation consultant with virtual visits?

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    Hi, I have a 3 month old and we're having some new breastfeeding challenges. I'm wondering if anybody has a recommendation for a lactation consultant that does virtual visits in the Berkeley/Oakland area? I'd like to avoid close contact if at all possible given the coronavirus precautions. Thank you!

    I have a 2 month old and was looking for one myself.  My pediatrician recommended Janaki Costello and saw that they are no longer doing house calls but are taking clients with some COVID19 precautions—spacing clients out and cleaning in between, etc. Not a virtual visit, but I was desperate.  

    Molly Sims at East Bay Lactation is amazing.


    I saw East Bay Lactation Consultants (Molly) who was helpful. I had an in-person visit in my home but that was 2 months ago.

    She recently sent an email that she is doing remote visits and in-person if there's a medical need, and often with breastfeeding there might be. Sometimes you do need to be seen in person and based on her email they are taking the necessary precautions. They also have an office you can still visit if needed (that doesn't have much if any foot traffic right now) and scales she can lend you at home if weight gain is an issue.

    Best of luck with breastfeeding!

  • Childbirth at Kaiser During Covid

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    I am looking to connect with other pregnant women who are planning to deliver at Kaiser Oakland between April and July. I am due end of June. Hoping to support and educate others about our experiences during these changing times. I haven't found my OB to be very helpful as she is new to Kaiser and learning the system. I'm not interested in a paid support group but connecting with other woman face to face on video conference. Many thanks. 

    I’m not due until September but I’ve been concerned by the lack of information and support I’ve gotten from Kaiser about what my prenatal care will look like. I think it’s because they don’t know yet as things are evolving so quickly. I’m considering contracting a midwife and planning for home birth instead. 

    Hello Nina, 

    I'm also due end of June at Kaiser Oakland and starting to get a little nervous. I'm grateful that for now Kaiser is still allowing 1 support person in the room for labor and delivery - if that continues to be the case then I'm feeling fine about the whole situation. If that changes, I'm looking into doing home births instead. My OBGYN emailed me today and said: 

    "At this point, I haven't heard any wavering from leadership about the current visitor policy, which continues to allow 1 visitor/support person for L&D patients. If that changes at any point, you and I will likely hear about it at the same time. Note that your partner will be asked not to come & go, but to stay in your room throughout your hospital stay, which we will work to keep as brief as possible (home postpartum day 1 for healthy moms & babies, possible tools to start labor inductions at home; more on that if needed in your case)."

    Hi Nina,

    I'm delivering baby #2 in May at Kaiser, happy to answer any questions about the previous experience (was wonderful) and chat about the impending changes. I know the nurses are striking on Monday and I've got an appointment Tuesday, it is scary times to be sure!

    All the best,