Alta Bates birth during Covid19

Hi, wondering if anyone here has given birth at Alta Bates during Covid19 times and would be willing to share what it was like? We're due in a few weeks and have all kinds of questions, like if we'll be allowed to leave the room at all, if a mask will be required during labor, how my partner will get food, etc etc. 
Thanks so much! 

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Hi! I gave birth on April 6 (admitted the 5th and discharged the 8th) and this was my experience.  When we entered they took our temperature and gave us masks. We were asked to stay in our room the whole time with masks on. All nurses and doctors also had masks. During labor I seem to remember wearing a mask. Haha. During recovery we had a whole room to ourselves so my partner was able to sleep on a hospital bed. Again, we were confined the the room. I didn’t wear a mask then because I wanted baby to see my face but I did put one on when folks came in. I think there is one opportunity o leave per day but my husband never left. We brought food and a hot water heater. He did go to the cafeteria one say but that didn’t count as exiting. Also? The parking garage has a three day pass but check to see if Berkeley is actually ticketing because you may just be able to park on the street.  Hope this helps.  Good luck! 

Hi, I gave birth at Alta Bates about 3 weeks ago. At the time, we had our temperature checked when entering the hospital, but I think they're now having laboring patients tested for covid-19 upon being admitted as well. I was told we were supposed to wear masks during labor, but I ended up taking mine off at some point (my husband kept his on the whole time). Now with testing, I think you don't have to wear a mask during delivery if you test negative. We both wore our masks in postpartum every time someone came into our room. 

I was told we weren't allowed to leave the room – both during labor and in postpartum. My husband did leave a couple of times to go to whole foods and pick up food delivery. He wasn't given food by the hospital, but I've heard that they'll give partners food if you ask such as basic sandwiches and snacks. 

Despite covid-19 times, my experience at Alta Bates was really positive. The staff/nurses were amazing and so helpful. 

I'm scheduled for a c-section tomorrow morning, and can let you know about my experience once we get back. I know that currently Alta Bates only allows one support person and they have in/out privileges (I think) twice a day.  The same support person is designated throughout the hospital stay.  They are testing all pregnant women for COVID.  Not sure about masks.

I'm a NICU nurse at a different hospital in the same network, and I may be able to give a little insight.  Before I went out on leave, our hospital allowed one support person in the hospital.  The support person could only leave and come back once per day.  I believe they made all laboring women and visitors wear masks, but at that time we weren't testing anyone who was asymptomatic.   Our cafeteria was open, and you had to meet your food delivery driver outside the hospital.  

I'll try to remember to check back and update, but feel free to message me if you don't hear from me.  Might get a little forgetful having a preschooler and newborn at home.

I'm interested in this as well.  I'm planning to deliver there in July.  

I did find this on their website re: masks

CloseDo I have to wear a mask during labor and delivery?

You and your support person will need to wear a mask upon arrival and when leaving the hospital. You will not need to wear a mask if you and your support person are alone in a private room. We do ask that you put masks on while our healthcare providers are in the room, though masks are not required during active labor and delivery. We appreciate your help in maintaining safe patient care.

I gave birth at AB on 3/31. We had a really positive experience. We felt safe and well cared for. We were not allowed to leave the room, though my husband was allowed to leave to get food. They may require masks now; they didn't when I was in labor. Because the hospital is not allowing visitors, it was very quiet and serene. Again, all in all, it was a very positive experience.  

Hi! I just delivered at Alta Bates at the end of April, two weeks ago. Your partner can leave the hospital once daily to get food/do what they need to do. You can leave your room to walk the unit, but must wear a mask. You do not need to wear a mask in labor, but you do in prep. And, we did have one nurse ask us to wear a mask in our room whenever she came to check vitals. Hope that helps! 

I gavd birth end of March at Eden which is another East Bay Sutter Hospital. I had a Cesarean so I'm not sure about the masks for your labor, but we weren't asked to wear them in our room. One person could be with me and it couldn't change, so not one qt a time but only one person. My husband could leave once only, he was provided all his meals from the hospital since he couldn't leave but the nurses did say if we wanted to Doordash or similar they could meet the driver outside. We didn't really leave the room but that was pur choice, but we were allowed to go with the baby the few times she went to the nursery.

Hopefully that was somewhat helpful,, i know I was worried what it would be like with Covid19 but if you have specific concerns I'd call the Alta Bates Labor and Delivery or your OB office to find out what the rules are now.

I gave birth at Alta Bates last week. They gave us masks but weren't super strict about me wearing it the whole time. They checked both our temperatures when we went in and even though neither of us had a fever they tested me for Covid19 in the L&D room (but not my partner). They told us we wouldn't be able to leave the room but then did encourage us to walk around the halls at one point - it might just depend on who your nurses are and how busy they are. They mentioned that we could get food delivered and meet them at the entrance, or go to the cafeteria in the building for food, but we didn't end up doing either. They have premade sandwiches they'll bring your partner upon request, and honestly they're better than most of the hot meals they brought me, so I ended up eating those as well. I'd recommend bringing some snacks with you, so you have more options. Overall the experience was definitely different due to Covid 19 but not majorly so - the nurses were really great and understanding about balancing necessary restrictions with keeping me comfortable. The main thing to be aware of is that they don't allow you to use nitrous right now, so that limits your pain management options.

Feel free to reach out directly if you have any other specific questions!

I just gave birth at Alta Bates. Like others are saying, we had to wear masks whenever someone was in the room. I brought a cloth mask from home that was way more comfortable than the issued N95. I did wear it all the way through labor. During the actual delivery, the doctor and nurses were suited up in full protective gear. Despite all the precautions, the hospital felt very peaceful and the entire experience was really good. 

Not Covid19 related, but our car got broken into in the parking garage (thankfully, they didn't take the car seat and there was no broken glass). We usually make sure to conceal everything in the car but probably left some things out in the hurry to get to the hospital.

Thank you everyone so much for your responses. We found all of this information very helpful!