Lactation consultant with virtual visits?

Hi, I have a 3 month old and we're having some new breastfeeding challenges. I'm wondering if anybody has a recommendation for a lactation consultant that does virtual visits in the Berkeley/Oakland area? I'd like to avoid close contact if at all possible given the coronavirus precautions. Thank you!

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I have a 2 month old and was looking for one myself.  My pediatrician recommended Janaki Costello and saw that they are no longer doing house calls but are taking clients with some COVID19 precautions—spacing clients out and cleaning in between, etc. Not a virtual visit, but I was desperate.

Molly Sims at East Bay Lactation is amazing.


I saw East Bay Lactation Consultants (Molly) who was helpful. I had an in-person visit in my home but that was 2 months ago.

She recently sent an email that she is doing remote visits and in-person if there's a medical need, and often with breastfeeding there might be. Sometimes you do need to be seen in person and based on her email they are taking the necessary precautions. They also have an office you can still visit if needed (that doesn't have much if any foot traffic right now) and scales she can lend you at home if weight gain is an issue.

Best of luck with breastfeeding!

I used East Bay Lactation Consultants (Molly) and know they are still doing lactation consulting, both in-person and virtual, though the in-person is reserved for only when necessary. She sent out an email recently with all of the precautions they are taking, including lending scales to families so you can do weight checks on your own. They have a small office too with little to no foot traffic now, so wouldn't be a huge risk to go there. Much less than the grocery store!

HI, Primary Pediatrics has an on-staff lactation consultant (Georganne Walker), and I know they can do pediatric appointments virtually (my son got sick last week and they said we had to do a virtual appt) so you could try them. 

Molly Brannigan with East Bay Lactation Consultants is amazing, and she’s doing virtual visits.

Let me recommend Adara Blake She is well-trained, experienced and set up for telehealth. 

If you're not able to find anyone local, the center I went to when we lived in DC is currently offering virtual visits:  You'd have to deal with East Coast hours, but virtual is virtual and the doctors at the center are really great. Good luck!

Molly Brannigan at East Bay Lactation Associates is AMAZING! I know she does virtual appoints. 

I saw Lynn Thiebaud in person shortly after my baby was born in November and have been following up with her ever since.  She is great, directly bills insurance, has online scheduling and does virtual visits:

Hi: For my two sons (currently ages 2 weeks newborn and 16 months toddler) I’ve worked with Ellen Schwerin, see her contact below.  Given COVID we moved into virtual consults including for my recent newborn and it worked well! Ellen is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate consultant and she transformed our breastfeeding experience to ensure it was comfortable for mama and effective for getting my boys well fed and hitting their weight gain milestones.  Can’t recommend her enough! 

Ellen H. Schwerin, MPH, IBCLC 
Board Certified Lactation Consultant 
Happy Milk Lactation Support 
Phone: 510-730-2154