Second support person allowed in L&D?

Hi! I heard from a local Facebook Doula group that Alta Bates will start allowing a second support person in the delivery room starting 3/2/21. Does anyone know if this is true? My Dr was not able to confirm. Thanks!

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Hi, I happened to have an OB appointment yesterday and it IS true (for now - the OB said it's subject to change at any time as things evolve).  Here's what the OB shared with me (again, she warned me things could fluctuate):

"At this time we are allowing 2 support people for our labor and delivery and post partum patients at Alta Bates. Both may be present at the same time, and both must be adults. The 2 designated support people must remain the same for the entire stay. The following rules apply to all visitors: 

  1. All visitors should wear a Sutter-provided procedure mask (personal cloth/other masks are not allowed) once inside the facility and for the duration of the visit including in the patient's room.
  2. Visitors must remain inside patient rooms.
  3. Visitors are asked to limit comings and goings to the hospital to twice in a 24 hour time period
  4. A visitor may be asked at certain times to step out of the room if deemed necessary by the doctor or primary nurse.  In these instances, the visitor will be directed to wait in a designated waiting area.
  5. The cafeterias will NOT be open to visitors, so please be sure to bring food. A cooler can be helpful for your room. Whole Foods is easily accessible on Telegraph and Ashby if you need to re stock. You can also order food to be delivered. Patients will continue to provided regular meals at the hospital."

FYI to others reading, this is now true for Kaiser.