Ultrasound clinics that allow partners - know of any?

Is anyone aware of any ultrasounds clinics in the East Bay (or even in the entire Bay Area) that are currently allowing partners at appointments? We are due for our 20 week ultrasound in a few weeks and would love to find a clinic that would allow both of us to attend.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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I had all my ultrasounds done at the Sutter lab on Telegraph and they allowed my partner to come. 

I was using private ultrasound clinics and the charge was about $50.00. They were fine with partners coming in. Those aren’t diagnostic ultrasounds and are really for you to just see the kid

UCSF was allowing partners for fetal diagnostics but as of 1/8, however, they stopped allowing them to come so depending on when you need to go, they said it might change in a few weeks but weren't sure.