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I am looking to connect with other pregnant women who are planning to deliver at Kaiser Oakland between April and July. I am due end of June. Hoping to support and educate others about our experiences during these changing times. I haven't found my OB to be very helpful as she is new to Kaiser and learning the system. I'm not interested in a paid support group but connecting with other woman face to face on video conference. Many thanks. 

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I’m not due until September but I’ve been concerned by the lack of information and support I’ve gotten from Kaiser about what my prenatal care will look like. I think it’s because they don’t know yet as things are evolving so quickly. I’m considering contracting a midwife and planning for home birth instead. 

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Hello Nina, 

I'm also due end of June at Kaiser Oakland and starting to get a little nervous. I'm grateful that for now Kaiser is still allowing 1 support person in the room for labor and delivery - if that continues to be the case then I'm feeling fine about the whole situation. If that changes, I'm looking into doing home births instead. My OBGYN emailed me today and said: 

"At this point, I haven't heard any wavering from leadership about the current visitor policy, which continues to allow 1 visitor/support person for L&D patients. If that changes at any point, you and I will likely hear about it at the same time. Note that your partner will be asked not to come & go, but to stay in your room throughout your hospital stay, which we will work to keep as brief as possible (home postpartum day 1 for healthy moms & babies, possible tools to start labor inductions at home; more on that if needed in your case)."

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Hi Nina,

I'm delivering baby #2 in May at Kaiser, happy to answer any questions about the previous experience (was wonderful) and chat about the impending changes. I know the nurses are striking on Monday and I've got an appointment Tuesday, it is scary times to be sure!

All the best,