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Dungeons and dragons group for 11 year old

Jan 2012

My son is looking for a D group to join, preferably on the weekends. He is eleven years old. 8 year old sister is interested too. If there is not one already established he would be glad to host as dungeon master. Please contact me with suggestions or interest! Thank you. (We are in Kensington.) Cindi

There is a great ongoing d group headed at Its Your Move on Telegraph and 51st which starts at 12:30 pm on sundays. I think the kids age right now range from about 7ish to 16 or so, and they all have a great time. The DM 's name is Will, and he is amazing, getting kids to really enjoy the game for 3 hours or so, regardless of the level. And he only charges 10 dollars! son loves d

Looking for Dungeons and Dragons group for 10-y-o

Sept 2011

My 10 year old son loves D and would love to find a group of kids to play with. We've just moved back to the Bay Area from out of state and he is really missing his gaming gang. We live in Point Richmond and are open to driving around to get to games...thanks!

I don't know of specific Dungeons and Dragons groups, but your son may be interested in a similar roleplaying game called Abantey. The Roleplay Workshop runs afterschool and weekend games for kids and teens on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. The Fall schedule is starting up at the end of September. My kids have participated in the Roleplay Workshop for years and really enjoy it. Check out details about the game and enrollment at their website - Sharon

you might try Games of Berkeley. They have game afternoons/eves for kids. Also, the Berkeley Public Library (at least the downtown branch) has games for older kids like yours. Good luck! Mom of 6y/o Pokemon enthusiast

Local game stores will often host D and other gaming groups. I would just call Games of Berkeley, Dr. Comics and Mr. Games, Endgame, etc. and ask. Also, there's a interactive role play camp (on weekends too) at Dr. Comics and Mr. Games called Abantey that D lovers often enjoy. This is structured and adult-run and emphasizes math and social skills. You should definately check this out, especially if you're looking for a summer camp. Brenda

My son has been going to the kids Dungeons and Dragons group at Its Your Move on telegraph (and 51st) on sundays for years. The DM Will is amazing, with lots of imagination as well as super ability as DM. Right now, it is drop in starting at 12:30 pm on sunday and lasts for about 4 hours. I think its about 10 dollars. happy mom from Oakland

Dungeons & Dragons Meetup in Berkeley or nearby?

Nov 2009

Hi, I am looking for a Dungeons & Dragons group for a my 12 years old son. I checked the internet but found only a group in SF, but I am looking for a group that meets in Berkeley or near by. Will be happy for any information. anon

Hello! Games of Berkeley has standing drop-in D on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They're next to the Downtown Berkeley BART station, a couple blocks up from Berkeley High, at the corner of Shattuck and Center. Kari

Role Playing Games for kids?

Sept 2007

When I was a kid, there were Dungeons & Dragons groups everywhere. Now that my 9-year-old son has discovered the game, we can't find anyone to play with! Is there anyone out there around his age that likes to play D & D? Is there a regularly-scheduled game or group we could join? Where did all the gamers go?

My son and his friends are very into D right now. It is alive and well. I would recommend going to a gaming store and seeing if they host games. Your post didn't say where you live, but two recommendations are: End Game in Oakland and Black Diamond Games in Walnut Creek (moving to Concord any day now, though). If these places don't host games, they probably have a way of hooking your son up with other kids who want to add players for their games. My son and his friends custom tailor their games for their characters, so maybe your son could get a few friends interested and start a game of their own. A friend of mine bought the book Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies (I kid you not) to figure out what their kid was doing all the time. Maybe that would be a place for you and your son to start exploring it together. Geeking out is Good

I heartily recommend The Roleplay Workshop in Oakland on Piedmont Avenue. Becky offers after-school, holiday, and summer camp programs. From the website, it appears the minimum age is 10. My two sons primarily went during school breaks and summer vacation. They always had a good time, it was reasonably priced, and Becky was always understanding and flexible. Lois

12-year-old looking for D group

March 2007

My 12 year old has recently become interested in the Dungeons and dragons game. He knows how to play the game well but has not found a group of people his age to play with. Does anyone have any ideas of where he could go in the Alameda-Oakland- Berkeley area?

There is a group of 8 to 13 year olds who play D and Star Wars RPGs every other weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in my store: It's Your Move Games and Hobbies. We have an online calendar and the phone # of the Game Master, Will Kreber, We are also having a summer workshop. Call if interested in a sign-up sheet 510 547-4FUN (4386) Sally

Have you tried contacting End Game in Oakland? They are an employee run gaming store. You may also want to contact the RPGA. RPGA = Roleplaying Gamers Association. RPGA sometimes holds games upstairs at Endgame. Kristina