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Games of Berkeley has provided the greater Bay Area with games, toys, activities, gifts, and a lot in between for 4 decades. Thanks to our long history and deep stock, we may have the largest game selection on the West Coast, and can help you find just about any game you're looking for. Our store is stuffed wall-to-wall with board games, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, darts, outdoor items, novelties, and a whole lot more.

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My son is a devoted DnD and Pathfinder kid.  He's been playing for years and years.  We found that Games of Berkeley was a welcoming for younger people--he went in middle school--but it was a stretch for his maturity to be playing with adults.  He is a senior now and runs the role playing games club at Berkeley High School.  If your son is at BHS, he could get involved there.  They meet several times a week after school. Contact me directly to get connected to my son for that info.

There is another game store in Oakland where there is likely to be games he could join:  They seem to have some summer camps focused on role playing, which might be a good fit. 

My son has also been very involved with Trackers Earth, a summer program, where lots of the kids and counselors are role playing game enthusiasts.  Your son might find his people there.  Good luck!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2011

RE: Looking for Dungeons and Dragons group for 10-y-o

you might try Games of Berkeley. They have game afternoons/eves for kids. Also, the Berkeley Public Library (at least the downtown branch) has games for older kids like yours. Good luck! Mom of 6y/o Pokemon enthusiast

Nov 2009

RE: Dungeons & Dragons Meetup in Berkeley or nearby?

Hello! Games of Berkeley has standing drop-in D on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They're next to the Downtown Berkeley BART station, a couple blocks up from Berkeley High, at the corner of Shattuck and Center. Kari

April 2007

RE: Where to buy a nice chess set for eager child

Try Games of Berkeley at Shattuck and Center (southeast corner). I've never bought a chess set there, but I have been in the store many times and seen they have a large selection of chess sets. anon

Try Games of Berkeley on Shattuck. They should have a wide variety. 

Oct 2005

RE: Games for 7yo Monopoly Maven

For board and card games, go to Games of Berkeley or one of the other excellent game stores in the area, and ask for recommendations. Be sure to tell them how precocious he is. He might even be ready for a serious strategy game like Settlers of Catan. For video and computer games, I'm told that ''real time strategy games'' require you to use your imagination and not just your reflexes. Examples include Civilization, Sim City, Age of Mythology, Never Winter Nights, Final Fantasy 7 (my resident expert tells me some of these may be outdated). jenny_guy

Jan 2005

RE:  Cool chess set for girls?

Have you checked Games of Berkeley? They have a nice variety of chess sets, some sure to please your daughter. G

Dec 2003

RE: Nice chess set for my husband

Games of Berkeley on Shattuck across from Berkeley BART. They have all kinds. --

Have you tried Games of Berkeley, on Shattuck & Center? anon

Try Games of Berkeley across the street from the downtown Berkeley BART. Parking may be a challenge. Anon