Pathfinder or D&D group for 15 yr old

Looking for a group of teens that meet regularly for D&D or Pathfinder for my creative 15 year old. He's tried Games of Berkeley (welcoming and kind, but a much older crowd). Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga is ideal but Berkeley and Oakland work too.

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My son is a devoted DnD and Pathfinder kid.  He's been playing for years and years.  We found that Games of Berkeley was a welcoming for younger people--he went in middle school--but it was a stretch for his maturity to be playing with adults.  He is a senior now and runs the role playing games club at Berkeley High School.  If your son is at BHS, he could get involved there.  They meet several times a week after school. Contact me directly to get connected to my son for that info. whitneybmorris [at] There is another game store in Oakland where there is likely to be games he could join:  They seem to have some summer camps focused on role playing, which might be a good fit.  My son has also been very involved with Trackers Earth, a summer program, where lots of the kids and counselors are role playing game enthusiasts.  Your son might find his people there.  Good luck!

I don't have a group to recommend,  but if he gets a group of interested boys, my 19 y.o. son teaches and leads groups in D&D. We are in Lafayette. If you are interested, please contact me and I'll give you his contact info.

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