Looking to hire a DM for in person D&D game for middle schoolers

Hi - I have a 12 year old who is very interested in D&D and we're trying to find an in person game for her.  If you know of one in the east bay, please let me know.  Otherwise, we'd be interested in hiring someone to DM a game and then we'll find other middle schoolers who would be interested in playing.  If you know of anyone interested in DM'ing (we're happy to host and pay of course) or if you know of any middle schoolers interested in playing, please let me know.  She is somewhat advanced (has read all the monster guides and played quite a bit).  We have tried all the game stores (games of berkeley, roll20 in alameda, dr comics, place on telegraph) to no avail.  



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There is a camp happening this summer in Berkeley, run by some people out of San Rafael. When I recently chatted with them at a camps fair, they said they would be happy to do an afterschool club in the East Bay with some minimum # people. Sorry I don't remember the business' name but maybe this rings a bell!

Hi Danielle, 

My daughter is very much into DnD. She’s 18 and a senior at Berkeley High School. She is very interested in this. She has a ton of references (not for DnD, lol, but personal references) and has a lot of experience DMing, including for new players. Feel free to contact me.

My son, home from college this semester, is a wonderful DM and has been playing DnD since he was about 8.  He is also an experienced camp counselor and loves working with kids. I"m sure he'd be happy to DM for a group of kids you bring together. His schedule is pretty flexible right now as he is job searching. Reach out to me directly if you are interested.  

Hi - I have a 19yo (student at ucsc) who is an expert DM and would love to play with your kids this summer - he has been playing d&d plus magic the gathering for many many years and is the DM for all his friends.

Hello!  My 12-year-old daughter has been playing D&D/similar with Jake Gelender for years -- he's a star.  Here's his website:


The Game Academy has an in person DND session on Fridays 4:30-6:30 PM in Berkeley.


Hello!  I replied earlier and then noticed later that It's Your Move (maybe the "place on Telegraph?"  :)) just posted its list of summer camps:


Hope you find something good for your daughter!

My teenage daughter is VERY into D&D, also has all the books and has spent many hours watching an online youtube show called Critical Role.  She and her friends get together to play and also take turns being the DM every weekend.  She loves creating campaigns and during the summer she might be very interested in getting a little pocket money to do this for middle schoolers.  She has also done some projects in school where she has been helpers to middle schoolers (more generally or through school programs).  We are based in Albany.  Let me know if this of interest or if you don't find anyone. I'm sure she would also be happy to teach someone how to create a campaign if that was of interest so your daughter and friends could do it for themselves at some point.

Hi😀 I have an 11 year old who is also really into dungeons and dragons 5E, and other roleplaying. They currenly play weekly with a group they  met online with a group they met through our local library. We have also gone on games of berkeley and have enjoyed that too. But... what they really want is some friends they're own age to game with. I could DM if everyone wanted to try a few sessions to start. We live in Vallejo but could potentially travel a bit. ... Either way I hope your kid finds a great group.