10 year old seeks dungeons and dragons game

Where is your 10 year old playing d&d? Can my 10 year old join? I want to encourage this burgeoning interest :) Are there d&d camps?

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My 10 yo is also interested in D&D. Games of Berkeley tried to do a kid/tween Saturday camp this fall, but didn’t get enough interest to run it. (I think it was just me and one other family that replied.) I know that if at least four of us expressed interest they’d try to run another Saturday camp in the spring. 

Check out Its Your Move in Temescal. That’s where my son, who is now 15, got started. They have summer camps and periodically have weekend classes for kids.

I’ve just started my 9-year-old in D&D and we’ve had a couple of initial games with another friend who’s 10. They’ve been fun! Happy to let you know when we’re planning our next game.

It's Your Move Games on Telegraph in North Oakland has adult Dungeonmasters who run games for kids: http://www.itsyourmoveoakland.com/

My 11yo did a regular game with Jake for a couple years and loved it. 

this is mostly but not only virtual: https://gamingtogether.net/

super kind, respectful, responsive folks. my kid at age 10 and 11 did a small weekly virtual game that she super loved. 

Several Oakland Public Library locations offer D&D for tweens and teens - maybe you could talk to your local children's librarian about starting a group for younger kids? (See the Events links at https://oaklandlibrary.org/gaming/). Or check with one of the local game stores like It's Your Move, Games of Berkeley or Dr. Comics & Mr. Games - they might let you put up a flyer recruiting other players if they don't already have an ongoing program. My last suggestion would be to see if their school would let them start a club and put the word out. I'll bet there are lots of younger kids in the same boat just waiting for someone to organize it!

To add: I just got an email from Teddy at Games of Berkeley that there’s a D&D camp over the winter break. It’s for ages 11 and up, but exceptions can be made for slightly younger kids.