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  • Hi parents! I pick up my son from daycare at 5 and often have a few hours with him before he goes to bed. He is 9 months and I often get stumped on what to do with our time together other than play at the house or go to the park. I live in San Leandro, so could you offer me suggestions for activities or places you like to take your kids in the few hours before bed? Thanks for sharing your experience!

    I also live in San Leandro and I plan activities at home from Pinterest for the week. Today's activity: Jello Dig!! I made jello last night and put some of her rings in there for her to dig out.. She's 6 months. Tomorrow? We are doing hand painting inside a ziplock bag.

    https://www.jumpitybumpity.com/home.html Is a new place in Hayward.. When she's crawling, we are going to try there. 

    Try Pinterest for activities. If you want to meet for play dates, email me! brittanyhines777 [at] yahoo.com 

    At 9 months old, your baby will just go where you want to go. Where do YOU want to go after you pick him up? Do you go home for dinner or do you go out? Do you need to run errands or do you enjoy a leisurely stroll through Costco or Target? Does your local library open late? Is there an art show you'd like to attend? Do you like browsing book stores? Your baby will not be immobile for much longer, so this is pretty much your only chance to do what YOU want to do. So make a list and do it now. Once your baby walks he will no longer suffer to be toted around wherever you want to go, and you will probably want to stick to the park, the library, or stay at home. Early walkers are exhausting so it's hard to chase after them and sometimes it's just easier to stay at home. Once he gets a little older and starts dropping naps, he'll also need to go to bed earlier, so your evenings will be shorter. 

    From the San Leandro Library website:

    FAMILY STORYTIME: Stories, songs and play for families - Wednesdays at 7:00pm

    Based on our preschool storytime, this evening program offers terrific books, songs and rhymes for kids of all ages to enjoy. We explore a different theme each week with books and crafts to help with emerging literacy and fine motor skills, followed by a play time. Wear your pajamas if you’d like!

  • Hello, My wife had to return to work after 8 weeks and we are looking for some baby activities that are not during the workday. Ideally mom and baby yoga. Does anyone have suggestions? Everything seems to be in the middle of the day during the week. Thanks

    you may want to check out 510families for weekly events around town (they list out yoga, music, etc) along with special events as well as an app called Winnie-- it gives ratings of parks/restaurants/places to go locally (as well as nationally) with kids with extra info about changing table availability/areas to nurse... in case you want to mix it up!

    Square One Yoga in El Cerrito has a Saturday morning Family Yoga class. It's not specifically baby oriented but rather for parents and kids of all ages. Very welcoming. I sometimes take my 3-year old and have definitely seen much younger children there. 

    If she mostly is looking for a weekend workout class, Mamaarmy does fitness classes with babies and toddlers on Saturdays in Berkeley. Not sure if there is a minimum age for babies: http://mamaarmy.com/about.

  • Hello! I am interested in joining a playgroup/story time/music class etc with my 9 month old, but seems like everything is only during the week, which is not an option for me given my work schedule. Any parents find any good options for weekend activities? (North Berkeley - Albany - El Cerrito). Thanks! 

    The Berkeley Library WEST offers a Baby Story Time on Saturday mornings (30 min reading, 30 min playing). It's really fun! The downtown library also has a Saturday morning story time for older kids (but you can come with your baby). I think the La Pena Cultural Center  offers a bilingual story time on Sundays, but I am not 100% sure. And Rain or Shine often does some special event on Weekend mornings (magician, animals, etc.). Books Inc in North Berkeley does a Sunday story time for older children. Hope this helps.

  • After a wonderful seven and a half month long maternity leave I've headed back to work, but am feeling sad that we're having to give up all our fun maternity leave activities! We've been doing mama group hiking, mom and baby yoga, baby bounce at the library, etc -- but it's all during the work day! Are there any activities in the late afternoons (after 4pm) or weekends that folks know of? 



    I'd be very interested in this as well! Just got back to work myself.

    East Bay Music Together has afternoon and weekend classes. You can sign up for a free trial class! www.eastbaymusictogether.com. The classes are a wonderful way to meet other families who enjoy the same types of activities are your family.

    I hear you! I experienced this exact conundrum. One option that worked great for us was the late afternoon Music Together class (there's often one that starts at 4:30 or 4:45 p.m.). 

    I was in the same boat as you. Music Together on Saturday mornings is great, excellent for a 7 month old. The downtown Berkeley public library often has Saturday a.m. readings and other activities. As your child becomes a toddler, gymnastics at Golden Bear Re on the Cal campus. Have fun!

    Kindergym in Oakland has some Sunday Playdates:


    It is a great space for kids - tons of toys and activities, all in a large indoor room (great for these cold, wet days!). Dawn is an amazing teacher and is very engaged with the kids.