Baby Activities for Working Parents?

After a wonderful seven and a half month long maternity leave I've headed back to work, but am feeling sad that we're having to give up all our fun maternity leave activities! We've been doing mama group hiking, mom and baby yoga, baby bounce at the library, etc -- but it's all during the work day! Are there any activities in the late afternoons (after 4pm) or weekends that folks know of? 



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I'd be very interested in this as well! Just got back to work myself.

East Bay Music Together has afternoon and weekend classes. You can sign up for a free trial class! The classes are a wonderful way to meet other families who enjoy the same types of activities are your family.

I hear you! I experienced this exact conundrum. One option that worked great for us was the late afternoon Music Together class (there's often one that starts at 4:30 or 4:45 p.m.). 

I was in the same boat as you. Music Together on Saturday mornings is great, excellent for a 7 month old. The downtown Berkeley public library often has Saturday a.m. readings and other activities. As your child becomes a toddler, gymnastics at Golden Bear Re on the Cal campus. Have fun!

Kindergym in Oakland has some Sunday Playdates:

It is a great space for kids - tons of toys and activities, all in a large indoor room (great for these cold, wet days!). Dawn is an amazing teacher and is very engaged with the kids.