Weekend playgroups/story times

Hello! I am interested in joining a playgroup/story time/music class etc with my 9 month old, but seems like everything is only during the week, which is not an option for me given my work schedule. Any parents find any good options for weekend activities? (North Berkeley - Albany - El Cerrito). Thanks! 

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The Berkeley Library WEST offers a Baby Story Time on Saturday mornings (30 min reading, 30 min playing). It's really fun! The downtown library also has a Saturday morning story time for older kids (but you can come with your baby). I think the La Pena Cultural Center  offers a bilingual story time on Sundays, but I am not 100% sure. And Rain or Shine often does some special event on Weekend mornings (magician, animals, etc.). Books Inc in North Berkeley does a Sunday story time for older children. Hope this helps.