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I'm so sorry that you have to go through this! I'm so glad you are looking for professional support in this tough situation. No matter where you end up regarding therapy, this group here has a reputation of offering wonderful support overall: www.wcrc.org - womens cancer resource center.

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So sorry you are dealing with breast cancer.

Women's Cancer Resource Center have a program that offers 12 free sessions of psychotherapy for low-income persons and families. http://www.wcrc.org/get-support/counselingpsychotherapy/

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Hi there -
Do you know about the nonprofit "Women's Cancer Resource Center"? www.wcrc.org? They offer 12 therapy sessions free of charge to low-income women and also refer to other therapists. Hope you will find qualified help soon!

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Feb 2008

Re: Navigating breast cancer as mom of two
Hi, I was in your position almost 11 years ago, running around panic stricken until I had a plan. One thing to do is check out the Women's Cancer Resource Center. Another is to find a friend who will organize two weeks of meals for you after surgery. Someone did this for me, and it was a life saver. ...

Start with the Women's Cancer Resource Center on Telegraph Avenue -- they have binders of doctors, and also people who will talk to you about their cancer experience. They will also print out research articles for you (which can save a lot of money because the medical websites all charge to download articles.)

I don't know if you are interested, but they also run support groups, and have a binder with support groups for your family as well. I like/liked some of these support groups, particularly the Writing In Other Words one at the Markstein Center at Summit Hospital. ...

The Women's Cancer Resource Center in North Oakland is a good resource, they have an extensive library and support groups. ...

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your mother's cancer that you and she are facing. Here is a link to support groups from the Women's Cancer Resource Center that includes ones for friends and family. http://www.wcrc.org/support.htm (Women's Cancer Resource Center is a GREAT center for many things related to cancer). YOu can also call the American Cancer Society at 1/800-ACS-2345 and they can tell you about any other support groups at local hospitals, etc. Wishing you strength on a difficult journey

Oct 2007

Re: Mom dying of cancer, need support group
... You might also contact the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Oakland; they are a phenomenal place for information and I think they still actually have support groups for people caring for a loved one with cancer. ...

Sept 2007

Re: Therapist for cancer/loss issues
The Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley may be an excellent resource for you. They offer an information and referral line for resources and therapists throughout Northern California, an extensive resource library, support groups and peer support networks, forums and workshops, as well as a multicultural outreach program.
Contact Information: Office Hours~ Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM and also available by appointment. Women's Cancer Resource Center 5741 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94609 Helpline: 510.420.7900 ~~ Toll Free: 888.421.7900 Website: http://www.wcrc.org ~~ Email: wcrc [at] wcrc.org
I have a close friend who has been on staff there for 15+ years and other friends who offer their services through their agency. Hope this helps! Maya

April 2007

Re: Oncologist at Kaiser for breast cancer
1) Go with your friend to the Women's Cancer Resource Center on Telegraph Avenue. They have binders full of forms that women have filled out with reviews of doctors/hospitals. They will also be able to give your friends the names/numbers of other women who have had similar surgeries, and are willing to talk to someone who is going through it. They also have interns who will look up various forms of treatments and send you copies of articles from medical journals evaluating the treatments (very expensive to do on your own because you have to pay for each article.)

2) Encourage your friend to join a support group. The emotional support is helpful, and you can also get an idea of the best places to have treatment with a particular form of cancer. It is worth travelling to work with the best medical teams (depending on how contained the cancer is.)

3) If you are a primary support person for your friend, consider joining a support group for yourself. There are some where the person with cancer/illness goes to one meeting, and their caregiver goes to another that are scheduled at the same time. WCRC has information on this as well. anon

Jan 2006

Re: Supplementing cancer treatments with alternative therapies
The Women's Cancer Resource Center (Telegraph Ave, Oakland), has a library and a number of support groups including one on alternative treatments. They will also match a woman with cancer to someone else who has had a similar type of cancer, so you can get more information and learn what questions to ask. They also have volunteers who will research questions you have -- so you don't have to pay for the med-line articles.

Sept 2005

Re: Resources for mom of 5-year-old dealing with breast cancer
The American Cancer Society is a wonderful resource for all things related to cancer. There are many incredible support groups for women with breast cancer (including Look Good, Feel Better and Reach to Recovery) and a plethora of information for you as the patient as well as your family. There is also an event coming up at the end of October called Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Golden Gate Park. It is an awe- inspriging morning and very educational. Log onto the American Cancer Society website at www.cancer.org. There you will also find the closest field office to your home where you can walk in for additional information and help from volunteers. In addition, there is the Women's Cancer Resource Center on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. The best of luck to you! :)Dana

If you haven't checked out the Women's Cancer Resource Center, dash on over! They are great and have an answers to my questions or they get the answers.

Really, though, it sounds like you need a good one-stop shopping place for cancer resrouces. I'm assuming you're a woman and would encourage you to check out the Women's Cancer Resource Center. You also don't say what kind of cancer you have. If it's breast/reproductive cancer there tends to be a lot of resources. If not, it's harder to find what you need. But Women's Cancer Resource Center (in berkeley) is not a body- part specific cancer place: it's useful for what ails your body, head and heart.

Start with the Women's Cancer Resource Center on Telegraph Avenue 601-4040. They have interns who will help you research various topics, and resources in the community. They also have various support groups which are facilitated by women who have recovered from cancer.

Please try the Women's Cancer Resource Center: great resources (both standard and alternative) and support. They're on Telegraph. Bonnie

The Women's Cancer Resource Center can be a good place to start to get recommendations for local resources. There is a support group at Alta Bates, and also a younger women's support group at Alta Bates that's run by a woman who had breast cancer at age 35.

April 2005

Re: Cancer support group for mom with young child
Try the Women's Cancer Resource Center at 510 601 4040. They can tell you about the various support groups and services available to you. It's a terrific place to start. Best of luck! Cari

If you are under 40, there is a support group for women under 40 with breast cancer there.