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Oncologist - Hill Physicians

May 2008

I am looking for recommendations for oncologists available through Hill Physicians Medical Group. My oncologist recently retired and I'd like to start assembling names of alternative oncologists for future reference. Thanks. Anonymous

Ming Kuan is an excellent medical oncologist. She is bright, up to date, thoughtful, and will give you time to discuss your condition. I appreciate her kind care. anon

Alternative cancer treatment - Ozone?

April 2008

My Dad has melanoma cancer and just had brain surgery to remove two tumors. He has tumors in other areas as well and I'm interested in exploring alternative treatments for him. I've started reading about Ozone therapy. I'm trying to find a practioner who uses Ozone to find out more information. He lives in Colorado but we'd be willing to fly him somewhere as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! S

There is no scientifically peer-reviewed data on ''IV ozone therapy'' for cancer. I suspect that it is a scam. Do not waste resources on such treatment unless there is good peer-reviewed data concerning its safety and effectiveness.

Most ''new'' treatments are supported by clinical trials, and these are usually free.

Caveat emptor. Robert

Colon cancer alternative treatment?

March 2008

My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer that had already metastasized to the liver last year. She had chemotherapy, colon surgery, more chemotherapy and then liver surgery. Unfortunately, they could not remove all of the liver tumor. When we went back to the oncologist at Kaiser and the oncologist at UCSF for a 2nd opinion, we found out that chemotherapy would only extend her life by an average of only 2 months. My mother had never been sick before in her life, had no medical problems and had been on a 12 mile hike only weeks before her diagnosis. We are devastated and want to pursue alternative treatments. We are flying to see a healer in Anaheim next week to try herbal therapy. Does anyone have any other suggestions? My mom has an active life with lots of friends and family that love and support her. She exercises and eats a healthy diet. We will do anything we can to help her. Judy

Please don't waste your time and energy on a ''healer.'' Instead, find the best oncologist in the country who specializes in colon cancer and go there for a definitive opinion. Try M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, which I believe is in Texas. They are used to scheduling appointments for patients that urgently need an expert opinion. been there
I lost my father to colon cancer when he was 44, which was 16 years ago, so what I'm offering is dated. I am from Houston, home to the highly respected MD Anderson Cancer Center. People go there from all over the world for their cancer treatment. It's worth considering. In addition, as a ''last resort'', my dad participated in a trial for a new cancer treatment- while it was too late to help him, it sounds like it's had a big impact on treatment. He participated through the Stehlin foundation http://www.stehlin.org/index.asp. They're another great resource. I don't know what the best options are for your mom since her cancer has already mesastized- but I wish you the best. If it boils down to 2 months, then just go have a ball. Sometimes I think 2 months of great quality time is worth more than two years of a horrible battle. If you decide to go to Houston and you need a local resource, let me know. c

Liver cancer specialist for 2nd opinion

Oct 2007

Hello, a member of my family has just been diagnosed with liver cancer, at a rather advanced local stage. Although they like their providers, for peace of mind they are looking to get a second opinion on treatment options. If anyone has a recommendation for an oncologist with an interest in liver cancer or other liver cancer specialists either at Stanford or UCSF, I would appreciate it. anon

My father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer 2 years ago with a next to nothing chance of surviving. He lived in Florida and we had him come out here to go to UCSF for treatment. Dr. Timothy Davern is the man to see. He is a liver specialist at UCSF and they used chemo-embolization to treat the cancer. My father-in-law beat the cancer...after many doctors said there was nothing left to do but go to hospice. We now call him ''miracle man''. Hope this helps. Thankful
Dr. Fisher at Stanford was the oncologist and Dr. So the surgeon for my family member who had liver cancer last year. He's doing great 1.5 years later, so that's the best recommendation I can give. Hang in there!! Good experience w/Stanford

Cancer treatment in Tijuana?

June 2007

Has anyone had success treating advanced cancer in Tijuana? We recently received a recommendation for a consulting doctor at Oasis. Is this guy for real? Desparate but (hopefully) not Stupid

I am so sorry to hear that you are in this situation, and I wish I didn't have to share my own story. 8 years ago I researched the alternative cancer treatment clinics in Baja as I sought a place where my mother could receive treatment for her advanced melanoma. We visited Oasis and several others in Tijuana; she eventually spent almost 3 weeks at Hospital Santa Monica in Rosarito Beach.

I have a hard time speaking objectively about them, and perhaps would feel differently (of course) had the treatment worked and had she lived. The Hospital was very expensive. Some of the doctors and nurses were very kind and attentive (to be honest - the director gave my mother and I the creeps) - the treatments made some kind of sense to us (as much as chemo did; and we both used alternative therapies before). So coffee enemas, weird magnetic things...One downside - the quality of the food was horrible (all bought at Pack and Save). But the place was pleasant. There were a lot of really sad, desperate, ill people - this was both hard to handle, and for my mother - it was also helpful. She felt she could relax in a way being around others in the same situation she was in. She made a really good friend (a short friendship, albeit) and laughed a lot.

I know she didn't regret going there - if for no other reason, it was a break from the nasty chemo/radiation/family drama - and she could die feeling like she'd tried everything. She needed this. Had she not gone I know she would have felt that nagging at her.

Knowing what I know now - that it didn't work - I sometimes wish we'd taken that money and just traveled somewhere that she'd always wanted to go to...I also have horrible nagging wonderings about whether it's a big scam. The director was making tons of money. It was hard to get a sense of how many people actually recovered - Partly because when people got there, their cancer was really advanced. Not good odds anywhere.

It also seemed that the treatments were more effective for some kinds of cancers. My mother's friend had uterine cancer - she'd been going for years and was keeping the cancer under control.

It's a nasty disease, and a nasty place you're in. Visit the hospitals first - we saw a couple in Tijuana that were just horrible. I think about this quite often - I do know that in the end it really was important for my mom to die feeling like she'd tried everything - that was her personality. She was able to die with some kind of peace knowing she'd put up a good battle and had tried the entire range of treatments.

Good luck to you. (That sounds trite but it's heartfelt). e

Hi- I am sorry that you are facing cancer. I know nothing about the physician/facility you mentioned, but wanted to share an experience. I had a friend who had breast cancer. As a highly visible public personality, she didn't want to risk loosing her hair on camera and didn't want the unpleasantness of chemo. She researched the internet and found a place in Mexico that looked legitimate with a large medical staff and gave hopes and visions of a cure. She visited twice, enduring herbal treatments, coffee enemas and soul searching. My friend died of cancer. Her family and physicians all said that she could've made it had she stayed here and fought.

I don't want to scare you. Really. But please look at the options around you. UCSF, Stanford and John Muir all have amazing cancer programs with the latest technology. Why go to another country with a less-skilled oncology staff, when you can be treated here, at home, near your family, with the best?

I lost my friend for what I believe to be a foolish decision. Her vanity over her hair and breast took her down the wrong path. Each person is different, I know, and the struggle is personal, but please look at the programs around you and reconsider.

Best of luck to you and your family. Sending you good energy. don't want to loose another

Oncologist for friend with leukemia

Feb 2007

My friend is possibly diagnosed with leukemia. I could not find anything on the BPN. What we need is a good recommendation for an oncologist or therapy center. We also welcome some good advice how we can support him and his family in this difficult time. What is now important? How to prepare the kids? How to live with it? lk

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your friend. We are dealing with cancer in our family also, and while I cannot recommend a particular oncologist for your friend's type of cancer I can recommend going to UCSF for second opinion on diagnosis and treatment. Also, Alta Bates has a Comprehensive Cancer Center. I've included some links below.



You don't say where this family is located, but there is surely a non-profit in their area that can provide support for children and families dealing with chronic and/or life threatening illness. I can highly recommend Circle of Care in Oakland. There are support groups for each member of the family scheduled at the same time. Services are free. Your friend can contact Sarah Marsh at Circle of Care @ 510-531-7551.


The moderator can pass on our name and email if you or your friend would like to get in touch. We have been going through something similar and I would be happy to talk to you about what has been helpful to us. In the same boat

When I had cancer, my family and I went to the support groups at Circle of Care , a publicly supported program in Oakland. The phone number is 510-531-7551, they provide support for children and families going through illness or loss.

As to an oncologist, I do not recommend Dr. Larry Strieff, he is a nice enough guy but his staff is neither responsive nor caring.

One way you can help your friend is to organize meals for his family. Ask your friend's family for their food preferences, get the email addresses of their friends, and send out a message setting up a schedule for meal deliveries. This was a wonderful way to feel taken care of.

Good luck to your friend and his family. anon

Oncologist for rectal cancer

Sept 2003

My husband was just diagnosed with rectal cancer and is in the process of getting a slew of tests to determine exactly what stage it is, etc. His doctor is okay but I am concerned that he doesn't seem very up to date with his information. Any recommendations re a doctor (a surgeon, most likely) who deals with patients with colorectal cancer would be extremely appreciated. anon

If it were I, I would go to the very best teaching hospital around--Stanford or UCSF. Upon contacting the oncology department,ask for the GI cancers clinic, or, contact the chief of the dept's. secretary to ask for the name of the best colo-rectal oncologist who has a special interest in rectal cancers. Academic medicine can provide you (your loved one) with the very best, state-of-the art protocols. The two best oncologic institutions in the country are: Sloan Kettering (NY) and MD Anderson (Houston, TX). Rectal cancer, caught early, has a great prognosis.