Breast cancer patient seeks therapist who accepts Medicare

After a recent diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer, I'm looking for a therapist with interest and experience in helping women cope with illness.

I prefer individual therapy over groups, and I need someone in the Berkeley area who takes Medicare. Thank you!

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Dear Friend- I am not a therapist...worked years ago as a children's therapist in my school district...but I have have Stage 4 breast cancer for five years now and am doing fine (except for having cancer) If you ever feel frightened or have any questions about treatment, please feel as though you can email me. We are all here to support each other :) Susan McReynolds  susan2804 [at]

I don't know if he accepts Medicare, and his office is in Oakland, but Dr. Burton Presberg exclusively works with cancer patients (and their families).  He is a psychiatrist, so if medications are something you and he decide would be helpful, he can prescribe.  Several women in my breast cancer support group have seen him (and I still do, even five years after the end of treatment).  His office is on Santa Clara Avenue in Oakland.  Phone number: 510-597-0536.  Wishing you all the best in your treatment and recovery.

Hi there -
Do you know about the nonprofit "Women's Cancer Resource Center"? They offer 12 therapy sessions free of charge to low-income women and also refer to other therapists. Hope you will find qualified help soon!


So sorry you are dealing with breast cancer.

Women's Cancer Resource Center have a program that offers 12 free sessions of psychotherapy for low-income persons and families.

Best wishes,