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The Aurora Creators and Explorer's Camp is great as is the theater camp. I highly recommend them both!

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April 2016

RE:  One-week camp for a 5-year-old?

Depending on which week you need, you might consider the Creators and Explorers camps at Aurora School in Oakland. They are small, sweet camps with lots of fun activities including plenty of time to run around AND they happily take kids entering kindergarten in the fall. (You don't need to be an Aurora student to attend Aurora camps. They're open to everyone.) Here's the link: Happy Summer

April 2014

Re: Doug's Drama Camp vs Aurora Theatre camp for 10yo
My child has attended both the Aurora Drama Camp and Doug's Drama. If it fits into your schedule, budget, and location, I highly recommend the Aurora camp. At Aurora Camp, the campers create all the sets and costumes. They participate in theatre games and build a supportive community around the production. Every child is engaged and involved and supported. Younger children do not get individual speaking roles, but your child is old enough to receive a speaking role. Aurora Drama Camp is an empowering and joyful experience. My child loved Aurora drama camp and was lukewarm for Doug's drama. He did not get as much support and encouragement, and he often sat on the sidelines. Anonymous

Feb 2013

Re: Camp for 1st grader that lasts more than 2 weeks
Aurora, the school where my son goes, offers a wonderful theater arts camp where they put on a great musical at the end of a 4 week session. I think they are doing Annie this year. It's a K-5 school and the camps are for the same ages, so it's great for younger aged kids. Many of the staff at the summer camp come from the school too. They also have before and aftercare. Keri

Feb 2013

Re: Camp for 1st grader that lasts more than 2 weeks
My son attended two summer camps at Aurora school last summer, and while they were each one week long, we had the consistency and convenience of having them both at one place. Aurora offers a variety of camps with themes to interest a variety of kids, including a theater arts camp that lasts one month. My son loved both of the camps he attended, and looks forward to returning this summer, including the theater arts camp. Happy Aurora Mom

Jan 2011

Re: Summer math camp for struggling 3rd grader
Aurora School in Oakland had a math camp last summer, and will have it again next summer. My own child did not attend, but I've heard great things about it from people whose children did; some even decided to go for an additional session because they enjoyed it so much. anon

April 2010

I found the Aurora School summer camp online, and wanted a reference. They have half day classes, and I am interested in two of them for my 9 yo daughter. The Environment and Poetry, and Film and Animation. Does anyone have any experience with this summer program in general or these classes specifically you can share? Thank you! Alameda mom

Our 4 year old daughter went to Aurora for Winter camp in 2008 and she had a blast. The teachers and students alike were kind and welcoming. It seems to be the culture there. The art projects she came home with were of impressive quality and workmanship. There was a high teacher to child ratio and generally a very loving environment. We did not go there for summer camp but could imagine it to be very similar. angela

You and your child will be very happy with the summer camps at Aurora School. Your child will be relaxed, confident, engaged, and well-cared for. The summer camps at Aurora have the same philosophy of inclusion and kindness for all children as the school. There is never any bullying allowed and the camps and playground are monitored very closely. The counselors are professional and chosen for their ability to work with each child as an individual. Open communication is encouraged with parents. I highly recommend the Aurora Camps. going to aurora camp