Singing or performance opportunities for anxious 7 year old

Hi everyone, 

My 7y old son is an anxious kid who is scared of talking to others, public speaking, performing etc. Basically anything that involves others, he needs a lot of encouragement and warming up. However, he is very good at expressing his feelings and really wants to get rid of his fears by singing and performing for others. I was wondering if you know any group, person, place that would be good for an anxious kid to get more confidence? Someone who is really patient and/or has experience with anxious kids? TIA! 

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I cannot recommend more highly Aurora School's musical theatre summer camp (typically a 4-week session in July). Both of my children -- including my shy, anxious, empathetic but sensitive older daughter -- have participated in the camp for several years and it's the highlight of their year. My sweet introvert excitedly landed one of the lead roles this past summer and totally thrived. The counselors are wonderful and the show is put on in a way that's comfortable for all kids, regardless of their feelings around public performance. Registration usually opens (and fills!) up in mid-January.

My kids were extremely quiet and anxious and both had great experiences with local theater programs. One started with Bay Area Children's Theater, and the other with Tomorrow Youth Repertory. Each program was happy to have kids who just wanted to be in the chorus and have only a line or two - they have plenty of kids who want the leading roles. Both kids both gradually took on bigger roles, and they are now much less socially anxious than they used to be. I highly recommend looking at youth theater programs. Good luck!