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Tomorrow Youth Repertory currently runs several weekly theater production classes every fall and spring, at a variety of locations in Alameda, CA. Many classes begin just as school lets out, and TYR is an excellent activity that keeps kids both entertained and challenged. Most of our classes are associated with a production, and at the end of the class term (generally somewhere around 10-12 weeks) the kids get to perform their show for friends and family, with lights, sets, costumes, and the full magic of theater. TYR also offers some more challenging ‘by-audition-only’ classes, as well as daily classes during the summer. Plus, TYR offers theater tech classes, for those who want to learn the backstage arts!

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My kids were extremely quiet and anxious and both had great experiences with local theater programs. One started with Bay Area Children's Theater, and the other with Tomorrow Youth Repertory. Each program was happy to have kids who just wanted to be in the chorus and have only a line or two - they have plenty of kids who want the leading roles. Both kids both gradually took on bigger roles, and they are now much less socially anxious than they used to be. I highly recommend looking at youth theater programs. Good luck!

If you're willing to go to Alameda, check out Tomorrow Youth Rep. They offer audition-based classes for post elementary kids (and classes for elementary kids). Great group! They also do summer camps. Berkeley Playhouse is another good option.

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May 2014

RE: Cheap beginner's drama camp for 14 yr old?

Look at Tomorrow Youth Rep in Alameda. This summer, they are offering week long half day classes, including an acting class. They also have full scale productions, but I believe those classes are full. The staff is first rate , the productions are amazing, and the costs are much, much lower than Stagedoor Conservatory or YMTC.