Musical theatre training for middle schooler

I have a 6th grader who is interested in more musical theatre training. She is a strong singer and recently began private voice lessons. She has performed in 6 local musical theater productions (with increasing lead roles that required auditioning) but is aging out of that program.

I am interested in reviews of the Advanced Performers program with the Bay Area Children's Theater and the Youth Musical Theater Program (but they only audition students in 7th grade and older). I'd appreciate any advice from parents with experience in supporting their child's musical theater interests. We are not a performing arts family. We also don't aspire our child to perform professionally but are happy to support her interests. 

Parent Replies

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If you're willing to go to Alameda, check out Tomorrow Youth Rep. They offer audition-based classes for post elementary kids (and classes for elementary kids). Great group! They also do summer camps. Berkeley Playhouse is another good option.

My daughter has been participating in ymtc for 4 years now and we all love it. The shows are really really well done, the training is excellent and the camaraderie is priceless.

My daughter has had a good experience with Berkeley Playhouse, but they do seem to play favorites a bit in regard to casting.  But, the production value is high and friendly and supportive rapport among the kids.