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Math Camp for Rising 1st Grader

March 2014

My 5-year old son really wants to go to a math camp this summer. He is pretty good at math, probably a couple years ahead, and likes it. I have no idea why he is so fixated on math camp, but he is. The camps we've contacted have been for older kids, and maybe more intense than he is ready for. Are there any camps for kids going into 1st grade? It would be ideal if we could send his 9-year old brother with him to smooth his way. They don't have to be in the same group, but the younger one would be happy to have the older one at the same place and the older one has just started being really into looking out for his younger brother. The 9-year old isn't so keen to go to a math camp but is happy to do it to help out his brother. He is excellent at math. He was probably a dozen years ahead in school when he was in 2nd grade and spent about 5 hours a day doing math in his free time, but now he isn't so into it. It would be great if there were really good teachers there who could work at his level if he decides to get back into it, but won't push him if he doesn't want to. We are in Berkeley. Close is good but we would travel for the right place. Anon

Check out the Fun with Math! class offered through the ATDP program: My daughter really enjoyed it last year.

College Calculus over the summer

Nov 2012

A few years ago I wrote BPN regarding high school algebra II over the summer and got wonderful recommendations. Now I'm looking for college calculus over the summer. Has anyone had experience with the junior colleges, UC Berkeley, Stanford or another college in the area? My daughter wants to take college calculus over the summer. She took AP calculus senior year but couldn't fit calculus in her freshman year of college out of state and she will be home for the summer. Thank you! Mom of a kid who wants to take college calculus over the summer

Dear Mom, I strongly recommend you read the article in the October issue of Time magazine. If your daughter is self motivated she might be interested in taking on line courses and avoid the hassle of finding a spot in community colleges. Some of these courses give you college credit. I think that Birmingham University does. But according to this article YouTube courses are getting really good. many of them are put together by MIT, Stanford, or Harvard professors like Udacity, Cursera and edX. Much luck Gladys

Advanced math class for freshman this summer

March 2011

Hi my son is taking geometry honors in his freshman year in high school. He is planning on taking algebra 2 honors next year. He wants to prepare for this in summer. We live in Fremont. Any suggestions about intensive summer math classes. Thanks in advance. Mona

The Head-Royce School Summer Program offers a 6-week Algebra 2 course for credit or just for prep. Check out the website:, click on Summer Programs.

Summer math camp for struggling 3rd grader

Jan 2011

Hi, my 3rd grader needs some extra help with math over the summer. He struggles with math as it is...he has some mild dyslexia that makes symbols hard for him. Anyway, he needs to continue doing math over the summer or I fear 4th grade will be very hard for him. I am seeking some kind of a math camp that he can do throughout the upcoming summer. I've heard about ''making math real'' program and am wondering if there is anyone out there in Berkeley who is doing somethink like this? We're open to other math programs as well. Looking forward to hearing from you! needing summer math

Aurora School in Oakland had a math camp last summer, and will have it again next summer. My own child did not attend, but I've heard great things about it from people whose children did; some even decided to go for an additional session because they enjoyed it so much. anon

Summer camp or after school enrichment for Math?

Nov 2010

My kid is really great at Math, which is something that I struggle with. I want to make sure his passion and talent is supported. Is there a math-based camp or after school club in the east bay I can sign him up for? Mom of math enthusiast

You don't say where you live or how old your son is, but our daughter likes this program that is for middle school kids in Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga: The Moraga Math Circle
Parent of Math Whiz

Algebra II over the summer?

Nov 2009

My sophomore is taking Geometry this year and is doing well. She is thinking about taking Algebra II over the summer. She wants to take more math in high school than the next two years will allow if she doesn't. I think she should enjoy her summer and dad is in favor of our daughter taking Algebra II this summer (it is okay to disagree on this). My question is has anyone had experience positive or negative with your high school student taking this course over the summer at a junior college in this area? Please let me know is Laney, Contra Costa, DVC, Chabot, Berkeley preferable? Any advise is welcomed. Many thanks!! summer free???

My daughter took geometry over the summer at Ohlone College with English 101A (basically, college English) - it was very strenuous because it was the first time she'd ever taken a college-level course set, but she stuck with it every day and got A's. The next summer she took chemistry 101B with lab (2nd semester college chemistry) and pre-calculus at the college and handled them well, since she was now used to the rigor and expectations of college (she aced both).

So I'd say that if your daughter is mature and motivated, she can do very well in such a course if it's understood that college courses are *not* high school courses - she'll have to go to every class (the summer schedule allows no slippage or vacations), do every problem set and likely go to office hours, plus she'll have to deal directly with the professor for any issues on homework, grading, etc. Finally, it is part of her college record, so the grade matters.

On the plus side, it's a great way to get ahead on math in high school to get on the most advanced track, and that makes a big difference on the Math Level 2 SAT subject test - all the kids said that to do well on that exam, which they usually take end of junior year, it really helps to have completed or be enrolled in trig/precalc, which is *after* algebra 2. And it also exposes your daughter to college-level work and processes and helps level-set expectations *before* the college application process begins. Good luck. Lynne

Head Royce school in Oakland offers intensive math classes during the summer. My son took an algebra I class the summer before he entered high school which enabled him to take geometry his freshman year. The class was all morning, 5 days/week for 6 weeks. It was not inexpensive but it got the job done. They also offer algebra II (when last I checked). Jane

As long as you daughter wants to take classes over the summer, it's fine. Taking Geometry in 10th grade means that she is a little behind a lot of the other kids on the college track. Taking extra courses over the summer does help on the college applications.

If your daughter is willing, then the question is where. The Peralta district--Laney, Merritt, etc. have online math courses. One of my son's friends took Algebra II online--Laney, and he was fine. You should also check out ATDP at U.C. they are way more strict about attendance and tardiness than the CC's. Without a scholarship, ATDP is also way more expensive. I suspect however that ATDP looks better on the transcript than Laney. Math Dad

Summer math catch-up class for 8-year old

January 2009

I'm looking for a math summer course for my 8-year old. He goes to a Montessori school and seems to have missed out on a lot in terms of math facts and numbers sense. Is there a math camp that would make sure that he has had the equivalent of a conventional second-grade curriculum and would be ready for third grade in public school? Most of the camps seem to be for kids who love math and are really good at it (for example ADTP) or for kids who have the public school curriculum down and now need something a little more inventive. He doesn't like math and has had relatively little exposure (there's no way they do 5 hours of math a week in his school), so I worry that something for kids who love math would just make him feel worse about the whole thing. Should we try Kumon? Any recommendations for tutoring would also be appreciated. sigh

Check out Head Royce 's summer program.

The Academy , a K-8 private school on Benvenue Ave. in Berkeley has a summer math program exactly geared for children in situations like yours (i.e. aimed at children who need to catch up). The Academy itself is an academically accelerated school and many people assume the summer program is accelerated & for math whizzes, but in fact it's not the same as the regular academic curriculum and Academy children do not generally attend the summer program (sometimes children do who are switching into The Academy for the fall & need to catch up). Contact them and see if it fits your needs. Very happy Academy parent

Summer math camp for young girls

January 2007

Hi. Anyone know of some good summer math camps for young girls (aged 7-10?) I'm especially interested in Singapore Math instruction, but will gladly consider others. The recommendations on the site are a bit old, so I thought I'd see if anyone could recommend something more recent. Thank you! Maryanne

While I don't know about summer math for younger students, I thought I'd mention that Mount Holyoke College, the first of the Seven Sisters, has a summer math program for girls I think starting in 10th grade. They have a decent amount of financial aid. See the website at MHC is still for women only, and is located in Western Mass about 10 miles by 5- College bus from Amherst and Northampton. Maureen

We liked ATDP (Academic Talent Development Program). It is a half day camp put on by Cal -- they hold it at a school in Point Richmond. The math was interesting and my daughter definitely gained confidence. The emphasis was on developing thinking skills. It is also a great experience to learn with other kids who like learning. You can add activities/sports for the other half day, if you need a full day of camp. The camp is aimed at strong students, and the teaching is at a high level. The application process is long, but worth it. Lawrence Hall of Science also has a number of camps like Storybook Math and Storybook Science that tend to appeal to girls. Her favorite camp there was called something like ''Architecture.''(the math was mostly geometry) The Bees camp for younger kids was also very good. My daughter had varying success with the other camps -- I signed her up for a science class that was something like ''Chemistry for Girls,'' and they allowed a couple of older boys to sign up for the same session. The teachers didn't seem to have the skills to get everyone to participate, so the boys ended up dominating the class. Otherwise, her experiences there were pretty good. math teacher

My daughter's fabulous math tutor, Michelle Liotsakis, had a math camp last summer at her home in Alameda. My daughter was then 10 and enjoyed it a lot, and it really brought her up to speed for the start of fifth grade last fall. Contact Michelle at (510)769-6842. Lorraine

Math classes for teen who wants to accelerate

January 2005

I looked around last summer for courses that would allow my child to accelerate. My search, which was not exhaustive, turned up Head Royce, which offers regular college prep math classes for credit during the summer and Berkeley's Academic Talent Development Program, which offers regular courses as well as prep courses that get students ready to take a particular course. Your high school may or may not accept the ATDP courses for credit, but if your school offers placement exams for kids who want to accelerate, they are good prep for that. You can also try local community colleges, but I found actual course availability to be iffy. My son did summer school at Head Royce last year and I thought the quality of instruction was excellent. Nina

Summer review of Algebra II

April 2004

My (soon to be a junior) daughter needs to take a review course this summer in Algebra 2. She had it as a freshman and got a good grade but it was so poorly taught that she does not feel ready to go on to Math Analysis. She is now in Geometry at BHS. Any suggestions ? Alexa

I know that Salesian High School is offering summer classes in many subjects including Algebra II. Some are limited to current students only and I am not sure if this is one of them. They are located in Richmond, a few blocks from the San Pablo Dam Road exit. You can call the school at 234-4433 and ask. Susan

Summer math camp suggestions


I am looking for a one or two week camp in August that focuses on math for my 10 year old daughter (going into 5th grade). I would really appreciate any referrals and am open to any camp that includes math skill development. I prefer a camp in Oakland, Berkeley, or other nearby east-bay locations. Also, any suggestions for ways to improve my daughters math skills (and have her enjoy it!) are appreciated. Thanks! Todd

Have you tried Lawrence Hall of Science? They have a number of math camps and programs in the summer including Math for Girls.

about the math camp: I'm pretty sure Lawrence Hall of Science offers a math camp this summer. Their camps are typically 3 hours a day and last one to two weeks. Ellen

Taking High School Math over the Summer

April 2004

My (soon to be a junior) daughter needs to take a review course this summer in Algebra 2. She had it as a freshman and got a good grade but it was so poorly taught that she does not feel ready to go on to Math Analysis. She is now in Geometry at BHS. Any suggestions ? Alexa

I know that Salesian High School is offering summer classes in many subjects including Algebra II. Some are limited to current students only and I am not sure if this is one of them. They are located in Richmond, a few blocks from the San Pablo Dam Road exit. You can call the school at 234-4433 and ask. Susan R


Does anyone know of options for a 7th grader (in pre-algebra class at King Middle school) taking Algebra over the summer? This would be in lieu of taking the traditional 8th grade algebra class at King next year. With the new requirement that all 8th graders take algebra next year--ready or not-- we are thinking it might be a good idea for students who are prepared to look for a summer algebra class. The Academic Talent Development Program (secondary program) at UC Berkeley has one that is 6 weeks long, 1/2 day (8:30 to 12:30) and costs $500. We were wondering what the other options might be? Does anyone have experience Thanks, Kathy

We went to Head Royce for the Algebra program. We didn't do it in-Lieu of, but it gave my son a huge amount of confidence when taking algebra in 8th Grade. It's only a 6 week program and the cost was pretty reasonable. Also, there is a bus from (64) from Berkeley Bart that takes them about 3 blocks away from the school. Elizabeth

Piedmont High has full-year algebra and geometry over the summer. It's very good. Last summer my son took geometry there because he was a year behind in math at BHS. PHS was hard work - intense, homework every night, he had to get up early in the morning for 6 weeks and catch 2 buses to get there. But he did very well! It was about $300.

Math enrichment classes for 6-year-old

April 2000

I would appreciate recommendations for math enrichment classes for our 6-year-old, who is just completing first grade. He is very advanced at math and is interested in working on concepts that are well beyond the school curriculum. Are there any after-school math classes, camps or tutors in the Berkeley area? Cheryl