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Audi Service for Audi Q7

July 2012

Can anyone please recommend a place where I can take my Audi Q7 to be serviced? I do not want to take to the dealership for service. Anywhere in the Alamo, Walnut Creek or Danville area would be great. But I am open to other areas nearby as well. Thanks! Monica

Recommended:  Kahler's Dublin

Highly recommended Audi mechanic?

April 2012

Looking for a mechanic with experience with Audis, particularly a S4. Looking for that extra care and attention but at a reasonable price. msc

lots of great Audi mechanics in Berkeley... but an S4 is NOT a cheap car to maintain. But so fun to drive!


  • Auto Alpina W. Berkeley
  • AVS Specialists W. Berkeley
  • Karmakanix Berkeley

    Audi Auto Service for 2007 Audi R3

    April 2012

    We just purchased a 2007 Audi R3 and we are wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good auto service mechanic in the Berkeley or El Cerrito area. I have checked the archives but there have been no posts since 2006. Thanks for any advice! New to Audi



  • AVS Specialists W. Berkeley

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    Mechanic for 2002 Audi A4 wagon

    March 2010

    I have a 2002 Audi A4 wagon with 135K miles and need a recommendation for a good trustworthy mechanic to help fix my leaking radiator in Berkeley, Albany or Oakland areas. zolabird



  • AVS Specialists W. Berkeley (2)
  • European Motors San Pablo, Berkeley

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    Where do you take your Audi?

    Nov 2006

    I am considering using Oakland Audi for maintenance on my car. Has anyone used them? What was the experience like? Are they any good? If you don't use Oakland Audi, where do you take your Audi in the area? Thanks for the help. east bay audi driver

    Hi, I saw your message asking about where to take your Audi for repair services. I have owned Audis since the mid 1980s and have finally found a repair and maintenance business devoted to them. AVS Specialists on San Pablo works only on Audis and Volkwagens and is a great shop. The owner, Eddie, loves Audis and knows everything about them. They have very skilled and experienced mechanics and can diagnose any problem. They are reasonably priced and have a good turn around time. AVS is at 2210 San Pablo Ave and the phone number is 510.981.1837 Long Time Audi Owner
    We bought a used Audi Allroad last year and I took it to Oakland Audi to get it checked out and serviced. The customer service was quite good, they actually gave us a full 50,000 mile service for the car at no charge (even though the car had 43,000 miles on it they realized that the factory warranty would expire before we would be due for that major maintenance). Since it was raining, they also offered me a lift to BART, and when the car wasn't ready at the end of the day, they provided me with a rental car (again at no charge and on the premises) so I could pick up my son from daycare on time. As a result of their good service, we took the car back several months ago to have them replace the tires. Audi keeps all of their records on a data server, so they just enter your VIN and can get all the maintenance history for your vehicle at their fingertips. I've found them to be very responsive and professional in my interactions with them. One word of warning, they do get busy and backed up in the mornings with many people dropping off their cars before work, so if you end up using them leave yourself enough time Fellow EB Audi Driver

    Mechanic for 1999 Audi

    May 2005

    Any recommendations for a good Audi mechanic in the East Bay? We bought our 1999 Audi A-6 from Sonnen in San Rafael and have been using their service department because the car was still under warranty. The warranty expires in a few months and we will need a good Audi mechanic to service the car, preferably in the Berkeley/Oakland/Albany area. Any suggestions? Jessica



  • AVS Specialists W. Berkeley
  • Berkeley Auto Service W. Berkeley

    Where to service an Audi

    Dec 2003

    Any recommendations for places to go for service for an Audi? Thanks! My warranty is over

    Try Griffin Moterwerke on San Pablo in Berkeley. They are big into VWs and Audis, and I think perfer Audis since they are more of a performance car. They are honest, good people. Not necessarily the cheapest, but will give great advise/service (to help make trade offs if there is more work to do than budget). Totally know their stuff. We even take our new VW Passat there for maintenance over going to McNevin. Their number is 524-7447. anon