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Nov 2007

Re: VW service in Berkeley or Oakland?
Griffin Motorwerke in Berkeley on San Pablo is very good for both VW's and Audi's. Terry Griffin is good but expensive. I had a Passat that was purchased at McNevin in Berkeley. Broadway VW seemed better until they replaced brakes and sent me back onto the street without bleeding the air completely out of the line - - Pedal went to the floor... Griffin's shop is competent and will offer affordable options when available! Motorwerke convert

Dec 2003

RE: Where to service an Audi
Try Griffin Moterwerke on San Pablo in Berkeley. They are big into VWs and Audis, and I think perfer Audis since they are more of a performance car. They are honest, good people. Not necessarily the cheapest, but will give great advise/service (to help make trade offs if there is more work to do than budget). Totally know their stuff. We even take our new VW Passat there for maintenance over going to McNevin. Their number is 524-7447. anon