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June 2012

Re: VW Mechanic in Oakland
I highly recommend AVS in Berkeley. We have been taking our Jetta there for years. Prices are reasonable, work is done well and in a timely fashion. They came highly recommended to us and we have not been disappointed. Here is their website: http://www.avs-auto.com/ They specialize in Audi and Volkswagen repair and are located on the corner of Dwight and 10th (just below San Pablo) VW Owner

April 2012

Re: Highly recommended Audi mechanic?
Look no further than AVS Specialists on 10th at Dwight (510-981-1837). I have an Audi A6 and I have it serviced there regularly and very happily. The staff are truly experts on Audis; they know the mechanics, electronics and systems inside and out. I recently had a problem affecting the performance of my car but could not figure out what was causing it. I took it to AVS and they diagnosed the problem and were able to fix it and have my car back to me in a day. Their pricing is fair and they won't do additional repairs unless its cleared with the owner. I wouldn't trust my car to anyone else! Call AVS at 510-981-1837. Audi Owner

April 2012

Re: Audi Auto Service for 2007 Audi R3
I have a 2004 Audi and always take it to Audi-Volkswagen Specialists (AVS) at 2501 10th St (across from Dwight Way Nursery). The staff there is friendly and really know their stuff! Their service is tip-top, and they are very ethical and fair dealing. They check before doing a repair that we haven't discussed and fix my car within a day or two of bringing it in. My car always feels better going on than it did coming in! They are the best-call 510-981-1837. Happy working with AVS

Aug 2011

Re: reasonably priced VW mechanic
AVS Specialists at Dwight and 10th. Eddie is the owner. He and Matt offer the best service around. The consistently go above and beyond. I wouldn't take my VW anywhere else. Anne Marie

March 2010

Re: Mechanic for 2002 Audi A4 wagon
Regarding Audi service, for 5 years we've been more than happy with AVS Specialists at 2210 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley; 510.981-1837. Our Audi has also been serviced in Walnut Creek, Stamford CT, Paris France and Stuttgart Germany. On a comparative basis, AVS is definitely very good at what they do. happy Audi driver

I've been taking my cars, both Audis, to AVS Specialists for the last five years and get great service! AVS works only on Audis and Volkswagens and their technicians know them inside and out. They are efficient and careful and you get an explanation of what's going on without being condescended to, which I always appreciate. The owner, Eddie Delgado has about 20 years of experience with German cars and seems to be able to diagnose just about any problem you might bring to him. AVS is located at the corner of 10th and Dwight at 2501 10th St, and the phone number there is 510.981.1837. They've moved in the last year or so to this new location from their previous spot on San Pablo Ave. Call AVS, you'll be happy you did. Grateful Audi Owner
Oct 2009

Re: VW Service in Berkeley
Hi, I have an older Passat wagon and I take it to AVS Specialists at 2501 10th St., at the corner of Dwight Way and 10th, kitty corner from Dwight Way Nursery. They always do a great job on my car and are knowledgeable and helpful. The owner, Eddie Delgado always patiently answers my questions and gives me tips on how to keep my car running well. I've been taking my cars to AVS Specialists since they opened about six years ago at their old location on San Pablo. They consistently give me great service at a reasonable price. I am always very happy with the way they care for my car! Their phone number is 510.981.1837. Happy AVS Customer

May 2008

Re: Mechanic for 1999 V6 Passat
I know a great shop for Volkwagen repair-its on San Pablo by Omega 2 and is called AVS Specialists. I have a 2000 Passat station wagon and they always do my service. The owner, Eddie knows all about Volkswagens and can tell what's wrong in a drive around the block. He explains what I need and gets my car back to me in a day or two. Their prices are good and Eddie goes through the bill with so I know that I'm getting what I pay for. The shop is terrific! The phone number is 981-1837. Volkswagen fan

May 2008

Re: Mechanic for 1999 V6 Passat
We have been taking our Passat and Audi to AVS on San Pablo for several years, and as far as I'm concerned, they are the best around. They only work on VW and Audi and they really know their stuff. Eddie Delgado, the owner, is always there and provides amazing customer service. They don't overcharge, don't do work that doesn't need to be done, and always try to look for options that will save money if possible. When we were less than thrilled with a recent interaction with an employee (who is no longer there), Eddie bent over backwards to make things right.

It's such a pleasure to deal with someone who really stands behind their work. I highly recommend you go to AVS. Their number is 981-1837 and they are at 2210 San Pablo, a few blocks south of University. Happy to have found AVS

Nov 2007

Re: VW service in Berkeley or Oakland?
I\x92ve been a Volkswagen owner since the mid 80s and spent many years trying to find a reliable and capable mechanic for my cars. I think I\x92ve really found a gem in AVS Specialists on San Pablo at Allston. I\x92ve owned a Jetta, a Golf and now a Passat and I have never had such great service. The owner, Eddie is a younger guy but he has experience beyond his years. He knows everything about Volkswagens and is great at diagnosing problems quickly and efficiently. He can work on older cars as well as new ones and does a great job. His prices are very reasonable and he always gets my car back to me the same day. I\x92d call AVS Specialists the next time you need service-510.981.1837. Finally found a great shop

Nov 2006

Re: Where do you take your Audi?
Hi, I saw your message asking about where to take your Audi for repair services. I have owned Audis since the mid 1980s and have finally found a repair and maintenance business devoted to them. AVS Specialists on San Pablo works only on Audis and Volkwagens and is a great shop. The owner, Eddie, loves Audis and knows everything about them. They have very skilled and experienced mechanics and can diagnose any problem. They are reasonably priced and have a good turn around time. AVS is at 2210 San Pablo Ave and the phone number is 510.981.1837 Long Time Audi Owner

June 2006

Re: Where to take my Passat with McNevin gone
I am a long time Volkswagen owner and I wouldn't take my car anywhere but AVS Specialists on San Pablo by Omega 2. The owner, Eddie Delgado, works only on Volkswagens and Audis and is a true expert on all aspects of them. He is honest and reliable and is really good when it comes to helping you make decisions about when and why to make repairs. The phone number is 510.981.1837 and the address is 2210 San Pablo. Happy Volkswagen Owner

Re: Local VW repair shop? (June 2006)
Hi, For people looking for a great Volkswagen shop, you couldn't do better than to go to AVS Specialist at 2210 San Pablo next to Omega 2. The owner, Eddie Delgado has about 20 years of experience with Volkswagens and Audis and his mechanics are dealer trained. He will explain what's wrong with your car in terms you can understand and will help you set priorities for what needs to be fixed. They only use high-end parts so when your car gets fixed, it stays fixed. They also send you reminders so you know when to come back for service.

Last time I was there Eddie told me some ways to drive better to improve my fuel comsumption as well. I can't recommend AVS highly enough. The phone number is 510.981.1837
Happy Volkswagen Owner

Re: Mechanic for 1999 Audi (May 2005)
Hi, If you need service on your Audi, you should go to AVS Specialists at 2210 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley (they are next door to Omega 2). I have been having my Audis serviced by the owner, Eddie Delgado, for the past 15 years and I couldn't be happier with the work he has done. He diagnoses the problem using both computer technology and plain know-how and manages to get the car fixed in a day or two. I have never had to take my car back to get a repair ''repaired''.

Eddie explains what the problem was and gives me advice for how to maintain my car better myself. He also sends me reminders for when standard maintenance should be done. I think he's great.

The phone number at AVS is 981-1837.
A Happy AVS Customer

Re: Looking for good and honest VW mechanic (Nov 2005)
I just took my VW Cabrio to AVS Specialists (510-981-1837) on San Pablo next to Omega 2 in Berkeley. Two weeks before that I had my 30,000 mile check up at McNevin and was shocked by what they wanted to charge me for some break repair. So, I tried AVS for the first time. They diagnosed the same brake problem (without me telling them anything) and charged almost $300 less to fix it. The owner, Eddie, also explained everything to me clearly and respectfully. My husband took the car back the next day as planned to have the interior light fixed while he waited. On his way he noticed a slight rattle. Eddie checked it out and found something slightly loose from the day before. He fixed it immediately and refused to let my husband pay for the light or the labor to install it. I felt well taken care of at AVS for a reasonable price in an honest way. I will definitely return again and can certainly recommend them. anon
Re: Good repair shop for our out-of-warranty VW's (Feb 2005)
I can recommend a new shop that I had a wonderful experience with. It is AVS Specialists (510-981-1837) and is in Berkeley at 2210 San Pablo a couple of blocks south of University, next to Omega 2.

They only work on Audis and Volkswagens. The owner, Eddie Delgado, has been working on Audis and VWs for over 15 years. He did a thorough inspection of my car and figured out what was going on with it and what needed to be done. He made sure I clearly understood what work needed to be done now, as well as what could be postponed, helping me save money. While Eddie was explaining all this to me, he treated me like I was an intelligent person who didn't need to be talked down to because I am not especially versed in the inner workings of cars.

He fixed my car the same day I dropped it off! He even gave me a ride and picked me up from the BART station. Their number is 510 981-1837. I highly recommend AVS.

finally found a great auto repair shop