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Re: Good repair shop for our out-of-warranty VW's (Feb 2005)
I've been using Steve Nechodom and Karmakanix in west berkeley for a few years for my VW. They seem extremely honest and don't recommend unneeded repairs. Phone # is 510-558-0111. Steve is brilliant about VWs and has diagnosed problems in very detailed, thoughtful ways-- instead of just saying, ''your xxx needs to be replaced'' he breaks it down into parts so I completely understand what the problem is, how it might have started, what would happen if I kept driving without fixing it, etc. So I've been happy with his work. al
Feb 2002

Steve Nechodom is Karmakanix's main person. They have moved next to German Auto Salvage (Makes it very handy for him to get parts).
1453 4th Street Berkeley, CA 94710 510 558-0111
My experience is that he is thorough, honest, resourceful, knows quite a lot about VWs and Audis. He has my total recommendation for these two makes of cars. Ron

A couple of digests ago, someone wanted info on VW repair. I used to go to Roger Ramirez (Berkeley Audi Volkswagen, on San Pablo) and still think he's great. But last time I needed work done ASAP (got towed off the Bay Bridge....), Roger was completely booked. He recommended Karmakanix on 10th Street (548-4494). I believe the owner's name is Steve (he WAS memorable, it's just post-baby brain cell loss on my part.) Anyway, he rents space at Charlie's Garage, and I highly recommend him. He is more like a car physician than mechanic, does a complete check-up the first time you come in, prioritizes repairs, takes your budget into account, tells you more than you can absorb about the inner workings of your car... I believe he works on Audis, too. MM