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May 2008

Re: Mechanic for 1999 V6 Passat
I like Berkeley Auto Service on San Pablo. Good rates, very trustworthy and experienced folks. It is possible that you could get a slightly cheaper rate and slightly cheaper parts elsewhere, but not with the same peace of mind. Much better than any dealer by far. ( Pamela

Nov 2007

Re: VW service in Berkeley or Oakland?
I just love Roger at Berkeley Auto Service (VW & Audi specialists) on San Pablo Ave. My Family has 3 VW's, all serviced with him for about 2 yrs now. He always seems to know his stuff and he'll fess up if he doesn't. He's honest about what work is necessary vs what can wait (ie, he doesn't make up work). His rates are in line with other mechanics (and certainly a much better deal than the VW Dealer). Call for an appointment cause he's a busy guy. Happy customer

Dec 2006

Re: Reliable VW mechanic in Oakland/Berkeley
I take my Jetta to Berkeley Auto Service on San Pablo Avenue, just north of Ashby. They are very reasonable, honest, and I always know exactly what's happening with my car. Wouldn't take it anywhere else! anon

Re: Reliable VW mechanic in Oakland/Berkeley (Dec 2006)
I would highly recommend Roger Ramirez of Berkeley Auto Service on 2809 San Pablo Ave., 841-2568. He took care of my often ailing 1986 Audi for years and my newer 2000 VW Passat for a total of 10 years! He's personable, timely, thorough, and really honest. He tells you like it is and never tells you to do more than you really need. He does great work and knows what he's doing. long time happy customer
Re: Where to take my Passat with McNevin gone (June 2006)
I kind of don't want to share him, but Roger at Berkeley Automotive (on San Pablo btwn Dwight and Ashby) is great. He understands a budget and how to realistically but safely prioritize repairs. He can sometimes locate used parts for me. In general, he makes me feel like I have a mechanic in the family. He works only with wolkswagons as far as I know. I'm happy to say that I haven't sen him in over a year; for someone with a 10 year old european car, that's a good recomendation right there. Oh, and he's always got the car done, or at a minimum driveable, when he says he will--that's a courtesy the dealers can't seem to pull off. Katie
Re: Local VW repair shop? (June 2006)
We've been taking our VW to Roger at Berkeley Auto Service for a few years now. He has always been very reasonable and timely. He's the kind of guy who will work on the problem until he has it figured out, but still just charge you only what he estimated, even if it's way below how much time he put into it. However, he won't try to fix something that is beyond him - he will give you an honest assessment of the problem and tell you if it is beyond his limitations. KN
Re: Mechanic for VW Passat (June 2004)
I love my mechanic, Roger. He is fair and very nice. I know lots of friends who also use him and are very happy. Roger is at Berkeley Auto Service, 2809 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley. 97 Jetta owner
Re: Mechanic for VW Passat (June 2004)
My boyfriend used Roger Ramirez at Berkeley Auto Service (2809 San Pablo Ave., 841-2568) for years for his old (and I do mean OLD) VW bus. He was always happy with the work Roger did, the timeliness of it, the cost involved, the honesty/integrity stuff... If you do take your car there, tell Roger that ''Mr. Mitchel sent you.'' Alison