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Maintenance shop for Acura MDX

Nov 2009

I am looking for a reliable, honest shop to take my 2004 Acura MDX for routine service. It has 87,000 miles on it and has never had a problem. However, I have been taking it to the Oakland Acura dealership and while they are very nice, I am tired of paying their fees. I am also weary of the possibility that they sell me services that the car really may not need. Thank you! anon



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    Considering buying an Acura MDX

    Jan 2005

    Greetings to all, I am considering purchasing an Acura MDX. If there are any MDX owners out there please let me know how you like the car. thank you erika

    We love our MDX. It's roomy, and rides like a luxury car. We have three kids, so we use the third row, which is nice. Our only complaint is that it is hard to get back to the third row (ie on road trips- when the kids are complaining, it's not as convenient to get to them as it would be in a minivan). Also, gas is expensive, but better than most SUV's. By the way, it's excellent for driving in the snow. Kelly

    2003 & Earlier

    Quality, independent Acura shop?

    April 2003

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a quality independant shop for Acura maintainance? Or positive/negative experience with the local dealers in Oakland/Berkeley? Stewart


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    Acura mechanic, not a dealer

    Aug. 2002

    Can anyone recommend a reasonable, trustworthy mechanic who works on Acuras (other than the dealer)? I'm looking for someone in Oakland or Berkeley. Thanks. mef


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    Car seat for small backseat in Acura Integra

    Nov 2002

    I'm looking for an infant carseat with a relatively short length, so it will fit in the back seat of my Acura Integra and still allow reasonable use of the driver and passenger front seats. I've already called the Oakland dealer - no luck - and also left a msg for the helpful El Cerrito police officer recommended recently on this network. There are a lot of small cars out there - has anyone else out there found a car seat which works in small car backseats?

    Our Century SmartFit fits quite well in our 8-year old, 2-door Honda Civic Coupe. It was inexpensive and highly rated for safety by Consumer Reports. Gen